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Several quick checks by the ship based on the period of roll after damage indicated a GM of 8 feet which was considerably greater than the value of 5.5 feet for the condition of loading just prior to the damage. Starboard side looking aft showing completed patch.

2 fireroom was closed.

2 main switchboard through bulkhead 80. The constant steam supply line from the after engineroom was clamped off by using C-clamps and blocks permitting steam to be cut into the galley for cooking. 3 fireroom showing patch on forward side of bulkhead 90 in way of No. Steps shall be taken accordingly to insure that the report will be seen by those persons responsible for design, construction and repair of naval vessels, as well as for their operation, but by no others.

No. 2 Evaporator Distiller circulator pump and motor Copyright © 2020 1 shaft at a faster rate than in the forward engineroom.

Plating at the periphery of the opening was deflected inboard and somewhat upward; deformation extended from frame 90 to 109 and from about 15 feet from the keel on the port side to about 3 feet above the lower edge of the armor belt on the starboard side (Photo 1). The location of the point of impact at frame 99 was such that only transverse bulkhead 97-1/2 sustained blast and fragment damage. 3 fireroom into No. Personnel who escaped estimated that the space flooded full in about four minutes.

1961 – 1962 His best friend.

CA70/A16-2(10-cdw), Serial 0036 of 30 November 1944 (Battle Damage in Forward Engineroom).

29, USS San Francisco CA38 War Damage Report No.

12. Considerable ingenuity on the part of the ship's force was displayed in returning the evaporators in the forward engineroom to service, particularly auxiliary motors for pumps in the evaporator system. (a) C.O. USS Canberra (LCS-30) will be an ‹See TfM› Independence-class littoral combat ship of the United States Navy.

Nos. With regard to making up of the towline on CANBERRA, as described in paragraph 23, it is pointed out that each towing hawser is supplied with a shackle, and had the shackle been attached to the hawser received by CANBERRA, no difficulty should have been experienced in making up the tow. [Note: The above USS CANBERRA (CAG-2) history may, or may not, contain text provided by crew members of the USS CANBERRA (CAG-2), or by other non-crew members, and text from the Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships] Vietnam Vets Click Here. 94. Note bend in No.

Go Navy, Came aboard in San Diego.

6-inch portable electric pumps obtained from CURRENT proved to be the most satisfactory equipment for this duty.

1 and 2 turbo-generators and the forward and after emergency Diesel generators furnished power for general service and guns. 2 switchboard which showed signs of seepage of water from aft. 1 evaporator in the forward engineroom in order to prevent salt water from entering the evaporators from aft. [1][3] She will be the second US ship to be named Canberra, after the ship HMAS Canberra which in turn was named after the Australian capital city. 42. I am in awe of the men that my father spoke so highly about. CANBERRA (CAG-2) at - Specs & Deployments - Crew Roster - Photos - NEW -> ALL HANDS - Internet Links - Reunion Info - …

Retired …

Operational Crew: 1983-2004. The port chain was finally shackled to the wire with two spare shackles after about 2-1/2 hours. The stability characteristics of CANBERRA after extensive flooding were excellent.

1 shaft which caused damage to bulkheads 90 and 105, resulting in the flooding of four major spaces, can be attributed to the location of the point of impact, which was almost directly beneath the shaft and adjacent to a steady bearing at frame 100 so that the force of the detonation was transmitted directly through rigid structure to the shaft. 4 fireroom looking aft showing distortion of No.

For a book proposal I am writing, I would like to hear from sailors who were aboard the Canberra during the Vietnam War. NOTE: Below is a PARTIAL LIST of what we have in inventory. He's currently living in Yountville, CA at the Veteran's Home, and still strong at the grand old age of 95.

There are photographs, documents and objects in the collection from both CA-70 and CAG-2 eras. 331569 entries available online.

Search for a command's Crew List | 1 and 2 evaporators and the emergency evaporator were distilling to potable water bottom tanks. The U.S. aircraft torpedo in use during the last years of the war contained a warhead charge of 606 pounds of torpex which has an explosive force approximately equivalent to 900-1100 pounds of TNT. The damaged bulkhead shaft gland, the shaft revolution counter gear box and foundation for same, the sheet metal guard over the shaft coupling, and electric cables in the vicinity of the hole in the bulkhead were removed. The pumps were reconditioned and the electric motors washed in improvised tanks on the main deck with hot water heated by live steam. 19, dated 1 July 1945, and the experiences of other vessels, notably HONOLULU, indicate satisfactory operation under similar circumstances on the part of pumps of the same make as those used by CANBERRA.

As an additional facility for rapid utilization of casualty power, the ship had installed connections from the lower terminals of risers to distribution boards with suitable switches and circuit breakers so that risers could be energized quickly. Retired DKC, USN, on November 28, 1962. USS Canberra (LCS-30) will be an Independence-class littoral combat ship of the United States Navy. No. 1981 Commissioning Crew Nominal List . 3 turbo-generator, and No. He passed away in Phoenix, AZ 06/18/1980 and is burred at the VA Cemetery in Cave Creek, AZ.

4 boiler furnishing main steam for No.

64. The tow arrived at Seeadler Harbor on 17 November and on 1 December CANBERRA was docked in ABSD-2 simultaneously with CLAXTON (DD571) and KILLEN (DD593), both of which also required battle damage repairs. 4 shaft and its spring bearings in way of the flooded spaces, it was decided to tow the ship to Manus rather than risk damage to bearings from lubrication failure. 1 and 2 firerooms. The final setup of electrical power was as follows: (a) No.

Other ships, including RENO and HOUSTON, reported similar difficulties. 18.

The main deck was buckled slightly in the vicinity of frames 20 and 21, starboard side, (Photo 13); the second deck was buckled slightly between frames 24 and 25, starboard side; and secondary wrinkles developed in the bottom plating on the starboard side near frames 145 and 146. It is illustrative of the major advances in damage control and salvage technique made by the operating forces during the war. She arrived at Boston 17 February 1945 and repairs were completed 15 October 1945. Shipalts calling for cable end sealing for ships in service have been outstanding for some time and are being accomplished on a piecemeal basis.

Installation of the second patch was completed 28 October 1944 and pumping operations were resumed.

Her after 8" turret was replaced by Terrier antiaircraft missile launchers and she was otherwise modernized. New plates were installed flat, knuckled along longitudinal No. CANBERRA was launched 19 April 1943 by Bethlehem Steel Co., Quincy, Mass. 2 and 4 machinery spaces in the CA139 class.



Home Join Now About Hullnumber Before You Register Tell A Shipmate FAQs Related Links Contact Us. 103. Evacuation was via the access trunk to the third deck.




In addition to complete flooding of both enginerooms and the after firerooms, minor flooding occurred in the following spaces (Plate I): (a) Compartment B-317-L, frames 97-1/2 - 105, starboard side, third deck flooded to a depth of about one foot through trunk (B-317-T) leading to No. After further study and consultation with ship's personnel, the existing arrangement of valves was found consistent with the size and general arrangement of the machinery plant and it was decided that additional valves would unnecessarily complicate the plant.

1 shaft which permitted flooding of four machinery spaces. Photo 16 shows the improvised distribution panel installed in No.

Barry Sadler. 3 and 4 firerooms were destroyed, but inasmuch as they were 95-100 per cent full, the flooding had little effect. 58, Summary of War Damage to U. S. Battleships, Carriers, Cruisers and Destroyers 17 October, 1941 to 7 December, 1942, USS Birmingham CL62 War Damage Report No.

It is almost inevitable that a torpedo hit in the middle one-half length will result in the flooding of at least two major spaces. A fresh water tank supplied with live steam was erected on the main deck.

4 fireroom. CA70/A16-3(60-ked), Serial 078 of 27 October 1944 (Action Report). The blast and fragment damage incurred by CANBERRA was consistent with that to be expected from aircraft torpedo warheads with a charge equivalent to 522 pounds of TNT which were standard with the Japanese throughout the course of the war.

The hole in bulkhead 90 was oval shaped, measuring approximately 34 inches on its longer axis. 1 engine stopped immediately as a result of the damage to No.

USS Langley (CV-1) USS Lexington (CV-2) USS Saratoga (CV-3) USS Ranger (CV-4) USS Yorktown (CV-5) USS Enterprise (CV-6) USS Wasp (CV-7) USS Hornet (CV-8) In view of this casualty and the casualty to HOUSTON shafting, the design of improved spring bearings, thrust bearings and bulkhead shaft glands was investigated. CANBERRA returned to the west coast late in 1945 and was placed out of commission in reserve at Bremerton, Wash., 7 March 1947.Reclassified CAG 2, 4 January 1952, CANBERRA was towed from Bremerton to New York Shipbuilding Corp., Camden, N.J., where she was converted to a guided missile heavy cruiser.

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