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Next product. Most comfortable skates, almost no breaking in needed! The USD Aeon has been designed from scratch to be affordable while being perfect right out of the box. If you stay on this website, you agree to the use of cookies.

Very good skates, fit nice and snug but it might just be me but I do get numb feet and toes after 45 mins of skating but like I say might just be me, other than that skatepro always the best for getting products to you fast and safely, highly recommend buying from them and also from USD.

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USD Aeon 60 Nick Lomax III Pro Skates The modern classic of street skating.

Everything we hoped for in our first aggressive park skate.

You'll find more information on cookies at. If you’re worried about not being able to change the frames, complete unibody shells including soulplate and frames will of course be available straight away. But since its creation, larger wheels such as 72mm have become popular again, a wheel size that reminds us of the popularity of OG blading roots, allowing better roll while enabling great control and space to grind.

Blader from the 90's, getting back into it at 36 y old. Nothing was missing. Copyright © 2018 UNIVERSAL SKATE DESIGN. Happy customer. Aeon 60 Lomax. Highly recommend! USD Transformers are fully functional adjustable aggressive skates for kids.

This time they keep it tight in white, with Kizer Fluid V Frames and 57mm wheels (max 61mm). All unisex skates are included in the men's section. Consider this: UFS was invented as a standard mounting system many years ago and is optimized for a maximum wheel size of 60mm. Highly recommend!From: Matthew, Flushing, NY, 10/12/20, Comments: Inline warehouse really delivered this one. The USD Aeon skate is therefore a one piece, lightweight and comfortable skate with the lowest profile ever made, allowing for a whole new level of advance performance for street skaters worldwide. It is completely innovative, groundbreaking and offers high performance whilst remaining affordable.

The Aeon has broken every …

Strategic padding and straps makes carrying even loads a breeze and the UBC compatibility means you can clip other UBC bags on and off with ease. When USD decides to design a new skate, you can be sure it will be a game changer. For USD, the Aeon would be about performance, the key word in the creative project. They are built to jump, grind, slide and of course skate. 2016 .

It can skate aggressive AND as a freestyle urban skate. You’re gonna catch sometimes, especially on ledges(even with the huge grinding area). We designed an affordable, high performance skate that combines the boot and soulplate (unibody), minimizing hardware and moving you closer to the ground, enabling perfect control while at the same time maximizing the possibilities of larger wheel use with all the benefits of this new, low center of gravity. These models are sized in men's sizing, but target both men and women skaters. Previous product. Overall the Aeon skates are low weight and in this version ready for some ground hugging action. It was on time and intact nothing more to say but, lets skateFrom: Marlonjohn, Long Beach, CA, 10/12/20, Comments: Love the skates and the quick shipping.

Low profile shin protection that's perfect for park skaters and derby players alike. Honeycomb technology allowed wall thickness and weight to reduced, for a sleek, lightweight, revolutionary fit. Packaging was great. Powerslide Sportartikelvertriebs GmbH - Esbachgraben 1 - 95463 Bindlach - Germany.

The USD Aeon skate is therefore a one piece, lightweight and comfortable skate with the lowest profile ever made, allowing for a whole new level of advance performance for street skaters worldwide. I got a pair of Them 908 skates which I ride anti rocker with 58mm 88a wheels on the outside and topside with no issues. Remember when USD made the first ever carbon skate for aggressive skaters? More. Works and fits nicely now, once we needed to make a switch, got too small ones first.

Nothing was missing. Given the boots and frames are in a graded, the skates are very light and very low to the ground. Related products. Product of the year: USD Aeon 60. This AEON is with Spinner 80mm 88A Wheels (ABEC7 bearings), so it has both speed and grinding ability. I haven't skated in 9 years and decided on a whim to hop in and get rolling again. Actual sales may not have occurred at this price. If your focus is grinding and you want aeons You might want to try 58mms flat. Our expertise. Love the skates and the quick shipping.

Some skate brands and/or types have limited women's specific models, with manufacturers instead offering several as 'Unisex.' Other Sports Warehouse Websites Tennis Warehouse // Tennis Warehouse Europe // Running Warehouse // Running Warehouse EuropeSkate Warehouse // Tackle Warehouse // Racquetball Warehouse // Riding Warehouse  // Total Pickleball. All rights reserved.

Would definitely buy with Inline warehouse again!


The price continues to make the Sway a favorite for beginning aggressive skaters, but the comfort and performance keeps Pros coming back to them.Sizing, frames and even the liners are a little different from the previous model, so what are you waiting for? We decided to break the rules that have been abided by for the past 14 years, and think outside the box – why does a skate need so much hardware? This skate is not UFS Compatible.

Loved the new skates.

This can make it a bit overwhelming when knowing which to get – should I get the USD 80, USD 60, USD 72 USD 60 Lomax, USD Aeon 60 XIX, USD 60 Sam Crofts, USD 60 Basics? Is UFS really the best solution? The arrival date shown is an estimate that has not been confirmed by the manufacturer. Once the decision to create a new aggressive inline skate had been made, we had to be sure that it would stand out from the crowd. Also, riding flat 61mms makes the frame seem larger. What we do. Wrist guards I thought will be better quality but they are okay, one of them broke quickly when I felt but it did the work as protected my wrist really well . What's so good about the USD Aeon again? Only women's specific models are included in the women's section.

The price got many skaters to try, and their performance has kept them coming back so that it has become one of the most popular aggressive skates from USD.�.

Blader of the year: USD’s Eugen Enin. So pleased with my purchase I had my brother in law buy the exact same pair.

Aeon's unibody design lowers height for control, and lightens by eliminating mounting hardware. The Sway is a simple, yet effective shell that offers a lot of support and shock absorption. I had high expectations to ride flat(comes with 8 61mm wheels) and not catch wheel bite on grinds.

We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Dual-fit liners make sizing easy and the price is nice too! Micro Adjustable Cuff Buckle, Velcro Powerstrap and Laces, Injection Molded Glass-Fiber Reinforced Plastic, 9.7R01D (36-38), 10.1R01D (39-42), 10.6R01D (43-46). The worlds best skates.

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