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When detecting multiple signals, how should the R7 prioritize which signal is treated as the primary signal?

His non-biased approach makes it very, easy to trust what he says. I love the comprehensive testing of products. I keep suspecting the port. Notifies you when you approach speed cameras. Detailed unbiased reviews, comparisons and responds to his viewers questions. K Band: On (If you drive in CA, you can typically turn this off. 0 will totally silence the detector altogether for any signals muted by quiet ride. Best instructional and detailed videos ever. I confirmed I can do Mute Memory with K band but not MRCD. Legit MRCD is always super close range so if you have that in your area, choose an option that prioritizes MRCD.

Definitely very knowledgeable and knows his stuff. Adjust the sensitivity of the radar detector. Thanks you sir for your reply, i understand it is not a car detector, but the whole drive i never got alerted not even once, are you saying none of these officers had their radars on? This can be helpful since signals behind are generally less of a threat than signals up ahead so it can be a way to add extra filtering to help quiet down your R7. Then press a second time to confirm. Find them more convenient than suction cups, which can fail.

Everything is conveyed in simple form, and. Do you have the proper video on How to Program your Escort Redline 360c? Keep getting a “No USB cable” error.

I’ve gone ahead and updated the post accordingly. jammers and dash cams.. As a technician I recognize good testing methods and appreciate the unbiased reviews of the products featured... Top notch SME. Read this post on RDF to learn which Ka segments to enable in your area. My original R7 has had repairs twice and the same detector came back. I found that I had to delete everything and start over.

Nope, with the R7, you can only do it through the detector.

I love the comprehensive testing of products. Adjusts the volume of the initial alert before the detector is muted with quiet ride. Is there a setting that would make my R7 stop detecting? Radar detectors must be able to scan a range of frequencies to detect it. Im still undecided on which radar detector is right for me. Wonderful tutorials and a wealth of knowledge! Unit will not power up with just the USB cord. Definitely pull good deals together and gives you options. Stand up guy ! To say it’s unable to filter BSM’s at all though, if you try using an older gen detector, it might help put things better into context. This can preserve your sanity during extended radar encounters while continuing to notify you of the presence of radar. I'm so glad to of learned about the different brands and what performances they have. Great source of knowledge, Best videos to learn about old and new radars. I drive a lot after dark and don’t like when a LEO is behind me and can see the RD lit up. With built-in GPS you are able to mark geographical points where you may typically encounter radar alerts. I cannot upload the Db bin file. Cobra Road Scout Dash Cam and Radar Detector. With built in GPS you are able to mark geographical points where you may typically encounter radar alerts. Software is up to date all setting are correct. This is slower than quickly pressing – or + buttons to get to where you want, but it is a small new option here in this latest firmware.

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