News: tusk terrabite on pavement

I actually am selling cause I took them off when we sold the Ace. I have been running the same size in Rage Storm tires with no clutch work and they do good I like the extra clearance. I just picked up a set of 30” mongrels from RMATVMC. If your apparel doesn't fit right, you'll get FREE SHIPPING on the first exchange! The truck style tread pattern and premium rubber compound provides excellent multi-surface performance and high mileage wear. Love them and no clutch work needed.

I'm heading to Coral Pink sand dunes in southern Utah this weekend with a mix of sand, trails and desert.

Select options above to check availability, Give us a call or chat. High load ratings for today’s larger machines. Aggressive shoulder and sidewall tread add protection, and bite in dirt, sand, and rocks.

I like the look of the sidewall on the TUSK better, but I got them to match the deal I was getting from discount tire direct on ebay… brought my per tire price (for a set of 5) down to about $108 per tire, so I went that way instead. I ran the rear springs down an inch and have the compression adjustment in 12 clicks and very rarely ever rub now .. and when it does it's not enough to hurt anything.. you can trim if you want but I don't think some rubbing once in awhile will hurt anything. Be better off just getting the Crawler XG imo, You would be much better off at Sand Hollow for the short rides, lots of different stuff from sand to trails to rocks. 737 Posts #3 • Jan 6, 2018. ... Got the tires and rims today, put em on and took a little rip around the neighborhood on the pavement and WOW these things ran very smooth and straight with no bounce or wobble whatsoever. I think it would be the perfect tie for the 570 if there was a 6 ply version of it. Yea these tires are great despite the nonagressive look. I am in need of new tires and liked the look of the Terrabite, but I think they do not run true to size, they are a little smaller then the bighorns. I did get all 4 the same size and will rotate them as needed. Tusk is a staple in the UTV community due to excellent quality, adequate performance, and reasonable prices.

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Very family freindly. I run those on my rzr. Am planning to either go to Coral Pink sand dunes area, or Sand Hollow just outside of St. Gearge. 9's on the front and 11's on rear. Their Terrabite model is one of the favorites of UTV drivers who use their vehicles in dirt, sand or rocks. Truck style tread for smooth ride on hard surfaces. I do quite a bit of asphalt riding and they seem to hold up well. Have you been happy with the ride quality?

I think the XRS and XDS have the better suspension than mine, and have a slightly longer wheelbase that alleviates the rubbing on the rear. Thats all i would ever need. Those look like awesome tires.

The 2 inch lift and these tires really made a difference on bottoming out. What lift did you install? A great place to find rides, meet people, and exchange ideas / parts/ rzrs! The Tusk Terrabite® tire is the ultimate all-terrain tire for your UTV or ATV.

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