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Hello, I could probably find this out by researching quite a bit but I can't be arsed so just wondering if it's possible to put looting 3 on a completely bare bones trident, no other enchantments just looting 3 because I cannot for the life of me it just won't let me. 1.16.2 btw, Hey OP! The walls around the spawning platform should be at least 8 or 9 blocks tall to guarantee sufficient darkness on the floor after the transparent roof is in place. The farm becomes operational as soon as the glass-bottomed pool is filled and you descend to the killing platform.

It isn't automatic, however. A tower to climb, from which to build structures at high altitudes, A drop platform; a small water platform some distance (like 20 blocks) above the killing platform to funnel drowned to fall into the drop shaft and onto the killing platform, A spawning platform at least 24 blocks above the killing platform, You need cobblestone blocks not only for building, but for making stone pickaxes to harvest cobblestone from the farm, and to make stone stairs for getting around the top of the farm, as well as stone slabs to prevent mobs from spawning on exposed horizontal surfaces, a landing block onto which the drowned fall; if this is a hopper, it feeds into the chest. One needs at least 6 blocks of space (including the glass) under the water for the light level to be sufficiently low on the platform to let drowned spawn during the daytime.

Instead, they fall through the trapdoors. no comments yet . Go down into your collection room. Be the first to share what you think! This works fine if you are the only player in the world, but if there are other players in the Nether, they need to be within the despawning radius of the killing platform to prevent the drowned from despawning in the Nether. The shaft doesn't have to be tall, but if you want to kill the drowned with one hit from your sword, ideally the drowned should fall 21 blocks before landing on the hopper in your killing platform. For example, In Bedrock Edition, only five naturally spawned drowned can exist at any given time. This is a small room at the top of the drop shaft. In survival mode, building over the ocean offers safety in falling, unlike building over land. In practice, a trap using a two-block water channel held up with two signs, with two landing blocks (or hoppers) below the channel, works sufficiently well. Hoppers are needed only to collect drops and move them into the chest. Or, with a bit more materials and time, you can build a sea-level path from your land base out to your build location, and start building a tower out of any material, as high as you need. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. Break the torch on the mob spawner. Comments that break this rule will be removed without warning. The detailed instructions in this tutorial explain how to use a flooded dungeon that converts zombies to drowned. 1 block of stone wall (excluding the slabs on the top edge of the wall) should extend above the top of the glass, to form a shallow pool that you must fill completely with water source blocks (no flowing water). Make it too tall, and the drowned die from the fall, and you don't get the experience or drops. In most cases, it's a good idea to kill the drowned manually to obtain the more valuable loot. Ideally the water should just reach the edge of the hole, but if water flows into the hole, your drop room below should be configured so that drowned are swept into the drop shaft. 1.16.2 btw There are three main ways to farm drowned, depending on the Edition and which drops you desire most.

The slabs under the glass blocks prevent them from escaping, and also prevent them from attacking you (although they can still hit downward if you get too close). save. The zombies are funneled into an underwater chamber where they drown. One way to speed things up is to find a turtle egg. This gets into more exotic farms.

The basic flooded-dungeon drowned farm described in this tutorial is quick and simple to construct in survival mode. The main components of an aerial drowned farm are (from lowest to highest elevation): The climbing tower is your access to the killing platform in the sky. More posts from the MinecraftHelp community. Bedrock Ocean-based Trident Farm Tutorial for 1.16! You can build a temporary infinite water source off to the side to work with as you fill the pool. The turtle egg doesn't hatch unless it's on sand. In this case, just dig a 1-block trench next to these stone blocks so that you can fit underneath the overhead slabs, to get close enough to the dropped items to collect them yourself. Place a wooden button or a sign on the wall just above the hole to keep the water from flowing into it. The purpose of this tutorial is to teach the basics of drowned farming in survival mode. The room should be large enough to move around in, and contain the trap described below. Digging out two layers allows mobs that spawn upstream of the spawner to be be swept underneath without getting stuck. You can build a ladder up one side as you build the tower, or if you have enough material and time on your hands, your tower can be a staircase. In an underwater farm, naturally-spawned drowned are attracted to a location and funneled into one area where the player can kill them. If you forget some materials, simply jump into the ocean and replenish. Hoppers and a couple of chests also aid collection but are not necessary. A sign on the wall holds up the bottom of the water block, and solid blocks enclose the water on all sides. Simply kill these when they appear. The water attenuates the sky light by 2, and each block of space under the glass causes further attenuation. With a one-water-block trap, zombies just crowd into that one-block space, making it difficult to target the drowned zombies with your weapon. If the Nether dimension is unusable for this purpose, then the bubble columns can transport the drowned up to the player's AFK spot, typically high in the sky. The farm still works without the turtle egg although the drowned are slower about falling through.). This does not affect drowned spawning, but expect to see an occasional raw cod or salmon appear in your chest. Ransack and collect the chests for later use. While the aerial farm (described second) doesn't require exotic materials, it does require large amounts of materials and is more time-consuming to build, although it produces tridents as well as the other drowned drops. The simplest way to start a survival-mode drowned and zombie farm is to locate a dungeon room that contains a zombie mob spawner. Zombie villagers also spawn occasionally, and can be killed immediately because they don't drown. The chest fills quickly because weapons and armor each occupy their own inventory slots. The first platform you build from this tower is the killing platform, and this is where you wait for the drowned to fall from above, so the minimum altitude must be out of the spawning range to the ocean floor or nearby land. Also, if playing an island survival game with few resources, there may not be any villages available to poach. In Bedrock Edition, mobs spawn in the range of 24-44 blocks from the player.

The water should completely fill the room, sweeping you toward the entrance. In the last step, you flood the dungeon with water and dig a hole in this location for the mobs to fall through. If your channel is 3 blocks long, you need only two water blocks; the center block fills itself in. Simple Drowned/Trident Farm for Bedrock 1.16+ Close. Drowned are not automatically attracted to turtle eggs; they must happen to look in the right direction first, but once a drowned sees it and can find a path to it, the drowned goes for it and falls through the hole.

1. Your spawning platform should be completely covered with flowing water to sweep the drowned into the drop platform room below. One long side of the channel can be bounded by the wall of your room. You may also optionally expand the room to 4 blocks horizontally from the monster spawner block (a 9×9 room). However, getting a turtle egg requires a tool enchanted with Silk Touch, which may not be readily available to a player in survival mode. Some farms incorporate innovative ideas such as bubble-column elevators to bring items to surface level, and devices to sort items. hide. A flooded dungeon works by spawning zombies from the monster spawner in the dungeon. Make the ceiling completely from glass blocks, with at least six blocks between the floor and bottom of the glass. In Java Edition, this farm produces the usual zombie drops as well as experience (XP), but it doesn't produce the tridents and nautilus shells specific to drowned. In Bedrock Edition this farm also produces nautilus shells dropped by drowned. The turtle egg doesn't hatch when not on sand. The best bait is a villager, but in a survival build, it is impractical to transport a villager high in the sky to the spawn platform. If you have expanded the room and the water doesn't cover the whole floor, you may need an additional water block on each side wall, or build a stone structure in the far corners for the water to cascade down and spread more. Minecraft Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. Whack at the drowned legs with your sword, and start collecting loot and experience. An underwater farm is another way to farm tridents. After preparation, exit through your opening. Please remember that all top level comments must be helpful and support related. You can seal it with glass blocks as shown in the illustration, to let you see into the dungeon. At the most basic level, the trap consists of a single water block that the zombie falls through from above, landing on a block (or a hopper) so the zombie's head remains in the water and drowns it. Head underwater and look for zombie mobs called Drowned. Unfortunately, once you find a turtle egg, retrieving it requires a pickaxe enchanted with Silk Touch, which may not be available in survival. As zombies fall into the water-trap channel, they wander back and forth across the tops of the hoppers with their heads in the water channel. Like the flooded dungeon above, the most basic survival-mode aerial drowned farm doesn't require exotic materials, but it requires a large quantity of common materials such as cobblestone, water, and glass. Use a trident killer and you can get looting effect while holding the sword. An aerial spawning platform offers a way to farm naturally-spawned drowned, which can drop tridents when killed. The walls of the shaft need not be solid for the whole distance, it's enough to close off the sides of the shaft and leave 6 blocks of space open in the front, if you want to view the drowned falling. The illustration on the right shows a side view of a basic survival-mode drowned farm, showing the dungeon above and the trap / collection room below. - YouTube Sort by.

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