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Good corrosion protection and rust prevention for longer component life. These engines will also take 30 psi all day everyday with no side affects a few of ours are near 70 psi and still happy after years of use for example, is it okay if i install this engine in a Ford E150. Reduced oil leaks. It’s also has 2 valves per cylinder which doesn’t total 10 valves, as it is only a 4 cylinder, not a 5 cylinder. 3.5 / 0.5. These cookies do not store any personal information. Now with ultra refined molecules for protection you can see, hear and feel. Quieter operation. You can't see this sludge build-up but it can damage your engine's performance and cause premature engine failure. Where is egr on 2002 Prado engine 1KZ-TE? qt) With oil filter change: 7.0 L (7.4 US qt, 6.2 Imp. Your email address will not be published. Thanks for the awesome write up, when does Toyota recommend to change em? Head tightening procedure and torque specs: SPECIFICATION SHEET AND SERVICE DATA (JPG) (182 Kb). The 85 is not readily available, and I would like to knock out at least the rear diff before my trip up to Colorado. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. So whether it uses 2.2 or 2.3 litres you still have to buy 5 of them. Excellent wear protection. Most Hiluxes takes between 2.2 and 2.3 litres. from bajan. Superior oil film strength for excellent protection. Used pb blast and eventually even got out my electric heat gun to heat up the front plug. j’ai un Toyota année 2000, moteur 1 kz-te, j’ai pas de fuite d’huile, mais il manque d’huile, a chaque semaine je dois ajouter d’huile.

Do NOT mix Castrol coolant with other brands of antifreeze, coolants or corrosion inhibitors because of possible incompatibility of inhibitors. Better low temperature performance. Log in. We do not recommend using provided information for engines repairing engines or spare parts ordering, use only official service manuals and spare-parts catalogs.

Please enable javascript and refresh. * As tested against the industry Sequence IVA wear test. Intake duration is 218° and exhaust duration is 236°. Quick Service Express Maintenance Periodic Maintenance General Repairs Commercial Service Tire Services Book an Appointment Road Side Assistance Body & Paint. Model: Toyota Hi-Ace (1988 – ) Engine. A mineral based fluid suitable for most power steering systems where the following specifications are nominated: Dexron®, Dexron® II & Dexron® III, SAE 10W or 10W-20 engine oil, ISO 32 or 46 hydraulic oil, Ford M2C-33 F/G, Ford M2C-138 CJ, Ford M2C-166H, Ford Mercon, Ford SQM-2C-9010A and Mitsubishi Power Steering Fluid. Hi-Ace 2.0 (1988 – 1990) 3Y. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Hiace tough, … Years 1996 to 2017 The 1KZ-TE has an aluminum alloy cylinder head with a cross-flow configuration which is mounted on a steel laminate type head gasket and had plastic region tightening bolts. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible.

Extreme pressure, multi-purpose gear oil designed for the protection of heavily loaded steel gears. TURBO DIESEL 3.0 LTR, hi, looking for 1KZTE for my supper custom 2WD, from Zambia central Africa. Smoother gear changes. Number of piston rings (compression / oil): Compression differential limit between cylinders, Toyota Land Cruiser Prado (KZJ 70/90/120), Toyota Hilux Surf / 4Runner (KZN 130/180/210). Fitting Note: Reduces gearshift baulking in cold temperatures. JDM USED CARS & ENGINES SAE 80W90, API GL5. Fitting Note: Excellent high temperature stability to withstand extreme operating temperatures. Meets and exceeds API SN/CF, ACEA A3/B3, A3/B4 requirements. About Toyota Contact Us Ebrahim K. Kanoo Group Service Centre . It is recommended for use in differentials, gear boxes and steering gears of passenger cars, light trucks, farm tractors and earthmoving equipment. Differential Service Refill Capacity: 2.2 Litres ... SAE 10W or 10W-20 engine oil, ISO 32 or 46 hydraulic oil, Ford M2C-33 F/G, Ford M2C-138 CJ, Ford M2C-166H, Ford Mercon, Ford SQM-2C-9010A and Mitsubishi Power Steering Fluid. Example: for gasoline engines Toyota Hiace (H200) 2005, suitable multigrade semisynthetic oil 10W-40 quality SH. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. Ditto on always removing the fill plug first. Skype: dos.sentos Manual transmission and differential fluid providing improved gear shift over a wide range of temperatures, particularly cold shift performance.

Do you know where?. more information Accept. I need a engine 1kz-te turbo intercooler, year 2006. Superior wear protection. has been updated, please, Pressure Washers & High Pressure Cleaners, Workshop Fluids, Sealants & Fluid Transfer. Please help me with information on where I can get a remanufactured Toyota 1KZ-TE turbo/diesel 3.0L engine.I will be very grateful to get a positive response from you. Longer service life. 2017 Crewmax / 1794 / TRD Off-Road / 4x4 / 5.7 / 5100's / AAL / TRD Pro Duals / 275-70 Duratracs, Toyota 4Runner Forum - Largest 4Runner Forum, Classifieds - buy & sell (no commercial ads please), Engines / Suspension / Wheels / Tires / Audio / Accessories, European T4R & Hilux Surf Clubs (click to view), Asia & Oceania T4R & Hilux Surf Clubs (click to view), Africa & Middle East T4R & Hilux Surf Clubs (click to view), Latin America / Carribbean T4R & Hilux Surf Clubs (click to view),, Modifications, Write-Ups, Quick Links, and FAQ's, Front/rear differential fluid, trans fluid and transfer case fluid change 88. High thermal and oxidation stability for longer oil life. Fitting Note: Reduced friction and wear. May also use CASTROL TRANSMAX TYPE F or CASTROL ATF DEX III. Any1 with detailed info on th 1kzte injector pump, please help me if what is the correct or best ATF for Hiace Regius 1KZ TE engine… thanks. Protect your car from harmful sludge build-up with Castrol GTX. An automatic transmission and power steering fluid for use in GM automatic transmissions pre 2005 and in many automatic transmissions where DEXRON® (II or III) or MERCON® performance is required.

Express Body & Paint Green Workshop Book an Appointment Parts & Accessories. Superior oil film strength. Export Manager For types made in 2014, for the cold season, well suited synthetics 0W-40 \ SM. There was a fair amount of metal paste on the magnets. My job was more difficult because i had to remove bb skid plate and diff plate. Does anyone know what is the factory flange size of the Turbochager? Flywheel (M/T) or Drive plate (A/T) fixing bolts. Related Searches: toyota hiace kelpro engine mounts, toyota hiace engine mounts, race harmonic balancer. It's more than just oil.

If fitted with limited-slip differential, use CASTROL AXLE LIMITED SLIP 90.

Also straight forward like the diffs are? Fax:+66-820-124-403 Next oil change I'll likely do it. qt) Without oil filter change: 6.4 L … It has been produced since 1967 and since that time on five generations have succeeded one another. Best Regards, M. Wtges.

We do not provide advice on technical issues related to the engines operation or repair.

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