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Access. The Globe/Mail and Empire/Globe and Mail 1844-presentThe Globe and Mail we know today is the product of a number of mergers, most notably the one between The Globe and The Mail and Empire in 1936. It was a time when every man wore a hat, or as one historian described it, “silk toppers for the privileged, cloth caps for working men and straw boaters for the younger rakes.” It didn’t matter which one Canadians were wearing, 100 years ago this week, since most of them were airborne during the first week of August. In short, it was exactly a century ago that Canadians learned their nation of eight million citizens would follow Mother England into a war to end all wars against Germany.

Annotations or “captions” often include information about why the photo was taken and whether or not it was used in the paper.

These values were so pronounced at and in the paper that Atkinson is credited with helping to develop Canada's modern welfare system in 1916 after publishing countless articles about the successes of Britain's welfare system. Colonial Advocate 1824-1834In its early years, William Lyon Mackenzie's newspaper was printed in Queenston/Lewiston and distributed in Toronto before it moved its offices here in late 1824. And when Col. Sharpe took his message of serving King and Empire in the Great War to towns and villages across what is now Durham Region, he couldn’t keep up with the flood of enlistment. From its humble beginnings, Internet Archive Canada has worked with more 250 institutions, in providing their unique material(s) with open access and sharing these collections the world over. Offsite Request via Finding Aid. Toronto newspapers of the past (and present). But there were more than there are today! (more…). Toronto Telegram fonds, image no.

The Upper Canada Gazette 1798-1849This is first newspaper that was published in Upper Canada, though its purpose was a bit different than how we understand papers today.

While many others – the luminaries of the Canadian jazz scene – performed on stage, perhaps the country’s best studio and jazz concert drummer of the day was absent. With a focus on foreign news shooting in through the telegraphs across the Atlantic and a sense of irreverence borrowed from American tabloids, Toronto eventually fashioned its own style of reporting that stood in contrast to sister publications in other Canadian cities.

Sharpe himself committed suicide, it’s said, unable to face the families of his county. In 2017, when he retired from teaching journalism and broadcasting, Ted Barris’s colleagues at Centennial College offered him a unique retirement gift. Much of the early writing focused on protecting the Toronto treasury from "crackpot schemers" If you haven't already clued in by the use of the word "crackpot," yes it is true, the Telegram unofficially became the Toronto Sun in 1971.

In Winnipeg, demonstrations resulted and they led young men to the local military barracks to enlist. Typical was teenager Lyman Nicholls. Clearly the Canadian male population was either bored or eager for a fight. Important moments stand out.

As I discovered when I researched my book about the First World War battle at Vimy Ridge, (thanks to files at the Uxbridge Historical Centre) local lawyer and MP Samuel Sharpe had no trouble getting Parliament to give its blessing for the formation of the 116th (Ontario County) Battalion in 1916. Organization and access is through assigned headings used by the Telegram staff, the result being a practical but sometimes inconsistent list of subject headings handwritten on envelopes and folders.

I discovered, for example, that instead of reporting events surrounding the assassination of Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie, the archduke and duchess of Austria-Hungary on June 28, 1914, Canadian newspapers quite unabashedly fomented public opinion in support the war. Why? Published at the behest of John Graves Simcoe, the region's first Lieutenant-Governor, its primary mandate was to print the decisions and activities of the government, thus giving it "semi-official status." JRR was heavily influenced by the American editorial style and adopted it for his own publication and swiftly introducing Canada to news as entertainment.

Read Rob van der Bliek’s Report on an Investigation to Digitize a Selection from the Toronto Telegram Photograph Collection.

The star attraction was not in the house that night. Perhaps most significant about this publication is that it's back! You’ve got to type it yourself!”, I nodded, not really understanding what had just happened. It just looked like a pile of paper from the outside. For the pilot project, it was decided to select about 1000 photographs since this seemed to be a number that could be handled by a student during the course of a summer. He owned the first modern printing press in Ontario and by 1860 was printing 3,000 copies of his paper every day.

The images were selected based on four themes: Ethnic Groups in Toronto, Toronto Streets and Architecture, Labour, Ships and Shipping. The ongoing history of newspapers in Toronto is as rich as it is diverse, so here are a few snippets from our publishing past. At first it was a struggle to get a decent readership, and it wasn't really until 1899 that the paper took off. All those clichés applied. And if you looked inside that bag, you’d have seen a number of famous people – John F. Kennedy, Winston Churchill and the Apollo 11 astronauts – all captured on the front pages of old newspapers with headlines such as: “Kennedy Assassinated,” lamented the Globe and Mail in 1963. Load Toronto Telegram fonds, image no. What started as a four-page sheet of "serious news" — made in order to teach The Afternoon News a lesson, grew to be Canada's largest daily newspaper. Authority record; Toronto Telegram; Identity area. Not only that, but the papers quite literally beat the drum of war in Canadian city streets. Leave a comment. Dean Black awarded the RCAF Association NORAD Trophy to Dam Busters: Canadian Airmen and the Secret Raid against Nazi Germany and its author, Ted Barris. ASC02637. Published by Sir Francis Bond Head, it was fiercely conservative publication, which was nothing new at the time. For more information about the “150 Neighbours” doc and a short feature about the invitation to join, go to:, Ted Barris writes Foreword to new book Syncopated: Black Stories. Eleventh hour.

In the Toronto Streets and Architecture series, for example, it became clear that there was a need to focus on pictures that were recognizably Toronto, with some bias towards pictures that document Toronto’s growth and development. The idea was to select photographs that would be of local interest or at least have some social or geographic component. Taking advantage of Mackenzie's frequent trips to New York, in 1826 a group young Tories broke into the empty newspaper office one night and destroyed the printing press. Your Account.

Debris along Hwy 400; dePeuter House; Ellens' Store interior; Farmers return home; Holland Marsh ... Springdale from above; Wooden clog; Toronto Telegram.

Hats were in the air in celebration because Canadians had heard the news from Europe. Authorized form of name. For the pilot project, it was decided to select about 1000 photographs since this seemed to be a number that could be handled by a student during the course of a summer. Only one race now exists, united by the closest bonds in a common cause.”. Items must be requested in advance and viewed on-site. Atkinson reigned until 1948 and to this day is still revered by many old-school print journalists. Monday night I was driving. The signal faded momentarily just as play-by-play announcer Joe Bowen’s voice rose in intensity describing an up-ice pass from Mitch Marner to Patrick Marleau. And by 1914, statistics showed that Canada’s regular army had shrunk to only 3,000 men. And even though his parents withdrew him that night because he was underage, Nicholls joined legitimately that summer when he graduated from high school. A big hand-made sign greeted us. This social-media driven and crowd-sourced campaign has featured 150 Scarborough community and nation builders—past and present—over 150 days, from Saturday July 1st to Tuesday November 28th. The images were selected based on four themes: Ethnic Groups in Toronto, Toronto Streets and Architecture, Labour, Ships and Shipping.

“Be careful,” he said. Why? For more on the history of our newspapers, check out Early Toronto Newspapers. And I guess because it was paper, it sort of weighed a lot. What an enormous goal!” With that goal, the Leafs won the game, 4-2.

As part of their formal send-off, Uxbridge residents erected arches and banners over the downtown streets with religious and patriotic slogans, including: “God bless our splendid men” and “Send them safe home again.” Except that the recruiting of young men, tossing of hats and shouting of slogans did NOT keep them safe. “Our teacher went out of the classroom for a few minutes and I stood up and started for the window.

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