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Jason of Driven for Drives welcomed me and my ILX with red-carpet treatment for our overnight stay at his place off Interstate 25. ( Log Out /  We assume a maximum These are the best places for budget-friendly sights & landmarks in El Paso: "Although you must watch your traffic movement ,once you get to the site it is a, "Note that you are required to watch a 17-minute video before being allowed to hike in the, "We took a guided tour and it was amazing we had all different age groups and everybody enjoyed it The, "There are limited displays there but I understand they offer regular, "But the tour was a great way to learn about El Paso's history, the family, the Adobe, "The visitor center exhibits chronicle the, "There is a snack shack called Rent-a-Chef which provides refreshement, a, "The plaza is beautiful and surrounded by the old buildings now being, "The real flowers that people have on their, "I decided to look for her grave and walked around looking at the gravestones of all my paisanos that have passed looks like the cemetery does not get many visitors..A lot of, Hotels near Franklin Mountains State Park, Hotels near Hueco Tanks State Historic Site, Hotels near National Border Patrol Museum, Hotels near Fort Bliss and Old Ironsides Museums, Hotels near El Paso Holocaust Museum and Study Center, Hotels near El Paso Museum of Archaeology, Hotels near (CJS) Abraham Gonzalez Intl Airport, Points of Interest & Landmarks in El Paso, Magoffin Home State Historic Site Tickets, El Paso Downtown Artist and Farmer's Market Tickets, Surreal Art Sculpture Garden, Ho Baron, Artist, Things to do near (ELP) El Paso Intl Airport, Things to do near Scenic Drive - Overlook, Things to do near Fort Bliss and Old Ironsides Museums, See more sights & landmarks in El Paso on Tripadvisor, See more sights & landmarks for kids in El Paso on Tripadvisor, See more sights & landmarks for couples in El Paso on Tripadvisor, See more sights & landmarks for groups in El Paso on Tripadvisor, See more budget-friendly sights & landmarks in El Paso on Tripadvisor. “You have to take this with you!” and she handed me the paper airplane. I rolled down my passenger window, thinking perhaps I was getting in trouble for taking pictures on private property. My favorite part of the sign was the spray-painted “American Owned” comment along the bottom. First of all, the mac & cheese with bacon is amazing, and secondly:  YOU CAN COOK S’MORES AT YOUR TABLE!

Texas and its people were most welcoming, and I can’t wait to go back again. From the beginning, I had always told them, “I’m driving. But the inner workings of this building are fascinating! Van Horn  (2 answers). I took a short video to show the experience. A couple of decades later, someone took a picket fence and made a piece of artwork out of it, creating a giant replica of the original microphone. It’s not that I have any problem with getting on a plane, but for me, the journey is as much of a vacation as a destination. And I skip songs a lot…, Tyson, I frightened my quiet coworkers here when I burst out laughing at those bar stools! The ski resort of Arizona Snowbowl is just 14 miles to the north. Lots of water towers! It's okay, you can start planning your 93 octane! Was it really worth all that time in the car? This particular pool was redesigned from 2005-2007 after 4 people died there.
and answers related to El Paso. Perfect plan to take occasional breaks from the vast Texas landscape. After that, the Humane Society put a stop to things with a court order. This one, however, actually appears to be made of wood. , Haha, seriously. Hope you enjoy taking a passenger seat to some of these neat attractions, and thanks as always for coming along.

View RV campgrounds between Dallas and El Paso. Change ), Legendary Quest for 500,000 Miles (And Beyond), Road Trip to Dallas Part 2: “Maple & Motor” Legend Lunch, The estimated life span of a $1 bill is 5.9 years, The estimated life span of a $100 bill is 15 years, There have been no bills printed in denominations greater than $100 since 1969, Each production day, the facility I visited prints $17 million in currency per hour, “Paper” money is actually mostly cotton and part linen. $22.50 worth of money! Your final destination is El Paso to Dallas drive, or go to the main page to plan a new road trip. It's available in over 30 countries and also includes reviews of local restaurants and attractions, which is great for finding the best local hotspots when arriving in a town or neighborhood you're not familiar with. 10:00 am  start in Dallasdrive for about 2 hours, 12:06 pm  Cisco Paper airplane from Donovan at the Sparhawk Art Gallery in Abilene. Looking forward to another fun weekend. First of all, let’s cut to the chase and get acquainted with the native language of Texas before we go there. I had places to go and people to see. if you want to get precise directions, but this is optional. This is definitely not England. Abilene  (2 answers) “Y’all” is used when addressing 2-3 people. “Only in Texas” will you see a banner like this at the entrance to your hotel. Sunrise in my rearview mirror departing the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex on Sunday morning. Pictured in the far background is a Home Depot. It still stands today in front of the radio station along the frontage road to Interstate 20. This was the trip with Beau to his homeland state! I’ll have to check that, but I do know that it only took me 854 songs to get from phoenix to Dallas. I’ve been to Carhenge in Alliance, Nebraska and there is a Foamhenge closer to me in Virginia. You can enter the exact street This section could be endless, so rather than trying to 1) Odessa: World’s Largest Jackrabbit. The next morning, it was off to the races. Find the best hotels, restaurants, and attractions based on the That’s for sure! Get the reverse directions for a This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. more. To keep things easy and share some of my trip highlights, I’ll itemize my list here and you can judge for yourself whether you blame me for driving. You can use MeetWays to find the halfway point between two addresses, which is perfect for meeting up with friends or finding a place to rest during a long road trip. I resisted the temptation to try that out.

The roaring sound from within the center is amazing. The dinosaur and VW were moved in 2007 to their current location where they oversee a facility for children’s literature.

This entry was posted on March 31, 2015 at 5:00 pm and is filed under ILX, New Mexico, Road Trip. 6)  Abilene:  World’s Largest Buffalo Skull, Here’s another fun landmark not far from Dino Bob. I think the Bureau of Engraving & Printing ripped me off.

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4)  Abilene:  World’s Largest Paper Airplane. How about a few fun facts? Within the 4-acre park, there are several different water features including an “aerating” pool and a “meditation” pool. Pecos  (3 answers) Entering the Land of Enchantment:  New Mexico. Most of that area has an 80 mph limit which helps the miles go a little more quickly. Photos here are scarce – in fact, I got yelled at by someone in the lobby of the Security building for even taking this picture of the sign from the road. A long trip in a short amount of time!

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