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In 2003, Roussel founded the "GMT Multi-Strategy Fund of Funds" with the participation of numerous international banks [6]. "The Onassis name sometimes comes with a cowboy asset-trading mentality, but this is hardly the case," says Matthew McCleery, president of Marine Money.

Thierry Roussel (born February 16, 1953) was the fourth husband of Christina Onassis, and the only man with whom she had a child, daughter Athina Onassis Roussel.Roussel is best known as the controversial former co-trustee of his eldest child's famous fortune and for having been involved in a number of legal entanglements with the four Greek trustees of that fortune. We wondered how well Onassis was faring given that the bulk of his fleet was in the so-called "spot market" business; that is, they rented for single voyages. After her mother's death, she was raised by Roussel and Landhage, whom Roussel later married. TEXT for a pint! Roussel formed his first company at the age of 22 and went on establishing publicity space rental companies such as; AEA, Super-média and Média Center (sold to the Carat Group)[citation needed]. The two older children were born during Roussel's marriage to Christina—Erik in July 1985, and Sandrine in May 1987. [29] The divorce was finally settled in November 2017. Roussel denied the claim. But in the early 1970s it suffered from diminished travel and rising costs. She will probably join our billionaires list at that time, and likely not before. [citation needed], He has two sisters: Patricia Roussel and Christine Roussel, the duchess of Luynes (widow of Jean d'Albert, 12th duc de Luynes). It is claimed that Roussel has held business interests in a Paris modeling agency [3], a boat building corporation in Morocco and a horse breeding company named "European Horses" [7].

Roussel had at least one extramarital affair during the marriage, with former Swedish model Marianne "Gaby" Landhage, who gave birth to their elder two (of three) children while Roussel was still married to Christina. [10], The most legendary failed investment is claimed to be a strawberry farm in Portugal.

It's worth noting that Christina Onassis, who took over Olympic after her father's death, also faced criticism for the declining state of the business, as well her decadent lifestyle. When Athina Onassis was seven years old, The New York Times cited a report from the Associated Press, naming Onassis one of the year's new billionaires,[30] and even though she is often credited as a "billionaire heiress" throughout the media, the true extent of her wealth remains unknown.

They divorced after Roussel had two children with his mistress, Swedish model Marianne "Gaby" Landhage. "The Battle Over the Golden Girl".

A source close to Mr Roussel said: "He could not bear to see her marrying that man.". "The Onassis name sometimes comes with a cowboy asset-trading mentality, but this is hardly the case," says Matthew McCleery, president of Marine Money. Onassis has three half-siblings, via her father's relationship with Landhage: Erik Christopher Roussel (born July 1985), Sandrine Roussel (born May 1987), and Johanna Roussel (born July 1991). [19][20][21][22] The couple reportedly asked for their guests to donate to charity. Should you take a voucher? The lore of the island, let alone the Pink House (Jackie's villa), tennis courts and lavish gardens, could garner a $200 million price tag, according to John Greer, president of Unusual Villa Rentals, a luxury real estate broker. Example: Christina Onassis co-owned with the foundation Manhattan's Olympic Tower, a Fifth Avenue office and luxury condo high-rise that housed the New York shipping offices.

), "Nobody thinks Onassis is down to his last penny," we reported. Generally, the story is reported the same way, with the strong suggestion that theirs was a marriage based rather on convenience or infatuation than true love.

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