News: the suite life of zack and cody season 2 episode 22 dailymotion

It's International Appreciation Day at Zack and Cody's school and Zack decides to ask Moseby's hotel guest, Kumiko, the famous Japanese Opera star, to be his "show and tell" for his school project.

Zack and Cody try to keep their favorite park from being turned into a parking lot by using the historic "Boston Tea Party" for inspiration. To impress a girl Zack takes her mini golfing. Moseby makes the twins find Tippy before he does or their mom is fired. Inspired by a motivational speaker who emphasizes to people to "Be the pilot of your own life", Cody sets out on a mission to get his friends and family to pilot their own lives, throwing everyone into turmoil and chaos. The boys open a nightclub at the Tipton. Cody helps Chef Paolo lose his calories; while Maddie and London compete in a fashion runaway. Zack and Cody travel to Hollywood to become sitcom stars. So, just when Zack is ready to quit while they're ahead, surprisingly it's Cody who wants to "Risk It All" and unfortunately they end up losing everything. The Tipton employees compete against the St. Marks' employees. Mr. Moseby leads the twins on a camping adventure in the woods, while London and Maddie fight over a guy, preventing Carey from getting her R and R. A baby falcon hatches at the Tipton and pandemonium ensues. To impress a cute academically-minded boy, London tries to pass herself off as brainy with help from Maddie.

Esteban tries to win $1000 for his sister's Quinceañera by entering the Tipton Hotel dance competition, and recruiting other Tipton employees. Also, Maddie is doing a student film for a school project and enlists the help of the Tipton employees to help her make movie magic. A competing mini mart across the street challenges the Paul Revere Mini Mart to a bagging competition. Zack and Cody audition for a school play to meet girls. The Tipton's chef walks out (again), leaving a more-than-willing Cody to do all the cooking. (Part 1), Zack and Cody travel to Hollywood to become stars in a sitcom modeled after their life at the Tipton Hotel. This fame causes London some jealousy. Cody, then Zack become the objects of desire of a girl that neither boys are interested in. The twins hide Tippy in Arwin's shack, but he gets loose in the hotel. London and Maddy have to write a short story for school. London's father is making her attend public school until she can get her grades up, but Maddie is worried that if London goes to her school that she's going take away what popularity she has and steal all the attention as usual. Zach and Cody take an aptitude test. London has Maddie test her new cosmetics line. Maddie is trying to help Raven by getting London to wear one of Raven's original designs, but London refuses. Zack is a great bowler and could lead them to victory, but he gets into some trouble and his mom kicks him off of the team. Esteban is upset because in the process of trying to save London from a Bag stealer, he gets beat up and London knocks the bag stealer unconscious. The Suite Life of Zack & Cody: Raven Baxter "That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana" (episode 20, season 2) 2007 Cory in the House: Raven Baxter "That's So in the House" (episode 16, season 1) 2008 American Dad! He tells Zack to pay up, "or else." Zack has nightmares after seeing a scary movie without his mother's approval. After Cody and the bully become the final two contestants, the bully offers Zack another out: get Cody to lose, "or else." Zack and Cody are both crushing on the same girl, the French Ambassador's daughter Jolie, who is staying at the hotel. Meanwhile, neatnik Cody moves out of the room he shares with sloppy Zack and transforms a closet into his very own bachelor pad. In the end, Bob gets her though. Zack ends up using the bike more than Cody even though Cody put up most of the money.

The hotel owner’s spoiled daughter, London, and the candy-counter-girl turned part-time babysitter, Maddie are unknowingly along for the ride as the boys cause mischief, mayhem, and various catastrophes in their elegant new digs. Meanwhile, Maddie and London compete--no holds barred--for a Trendy Teen title. So Zach starts trying to study more and become a math whiz and Cody just starts to simply not care about anything. Maddie needs to earn extra money and opens a day care center at the hotel, but when a family emergency pops up Zack and Cody have to step in and try to wrangle the out of control kids. Meanwhile, neatnik Cody moves out of the room he shares with sloppy Zack and transforms a closet into his very own bachelor pad. Zack and Cody show a young prince visiting from another country how to be an ordinary kid; Maddie and London pull an all-nighter waiting for visitors from outer space. When his mom won't give him money, he borrows from everyone else in the hotel. London and Maddie throw their sweet 16 parties on the same night. So Zack, Cody, Maddie, London and Esteban decide to sneak the real mummy out of it's sarcophagus and return it while replacing it with a fake mummy - all without getting caught. London meets a boy she really likes and acts poor in order for him to ask her out. Cody on the other hand does not. The fun continues in season 2 as twin brothers Zack & Cody live with their single mom in Boston's swankiest hotel. Zack and Cody are overrun by a group of unruly little kids after they volunteer to help out in the hotel's daycare. Since Zack's team has virtually unlimited financial resources for his campaign--while Cody tries honesty to win over votes, it's naturally a landslide in Zack's favor. Zack and Cody go on a game show to win cash and prizes, but Cody makes Zack promise that their game plan is to quit if they get ahead on not get greedy if they want to bow out. Cody wins. Also, the employees of the hotel compete for Employee of the Month. The hotel owner’s spoiled daughter, London, and the candy-cou… The twins overhear the man on his cell phone saying that he is using Tippy as a workhorse. Cody wins. On top of that, she plans a spectacular party at the Tipton, with gifts for the guests (like plasma TVs) and great food, while Maddie, know Maddie. A con-artist father and daughter team arrive at the Tipton. London soon changes her tune when pop star, Hannah Montana, checks into the Tipton and asks Raven if she can wear one of her designs.

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