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Kim, is a priestess of both Bastet and Sekhmet, the twin Cat goddesses that were said to have been the 'creators' of the Mai. It just left me a little unsatisfied. Chloe Audrey King is the Uniter of the Mai, introduced in the first season of The Nine Lives of Chloe King. He tells her that he will help to arrange for a big meeting with all the Mai, where they will perform the official ritual to make her the new leader. The character development sucked. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. The Mai and the Tenth Blade are going to persist in their dangerous rivalry. I mean, maybe I'm just tired of being the good girl. I devoured this book. There was a problem loading your book clubs.

At times the resolution felt like it was too easy/too simple, however it was exactly what I was looking for in a fluffy read.

Unfortunately, one of the Mai who wasn't present for Chloe's speech, had already gone off to do a vengeance killing on a member of the Tenth Blade. ABC Family and Alloy Entertainment finally reveal the conclusion to 'The Nine Lives of Chloe King' by posting the screenplay for the wrap-up film online. What about the Mai? In this book Amy's attitude changed so much and you could really tell how much this entire experience affected her. Unfortunately she ends up with Brian :( I was sooo disappointed when I read the book because I want her to be with alyec with all my heart! Chloe undergoes the Mai rituals of inheriting her new role and makes a powerful speech that convinces the Mai that the only way for them to live in happiness and prosperity is if there is peace between the Mai and the Tenth Bladers. Jasmine arrived and helped Chloe just in time. The Nine Lives of Chloe King: The Fallen; The Stolen; The Chosen. Throughout all the books, I just wanted more and this third and final book didn't deliver. So, I already reviewed the first book in which I was not impressed in the slightest. Chloe is in the store telling Amy what happened with her and Brian as Paul is looking at a homeless boy thinking he is going to steal a watch. What I really did like about this book was that it had a lot less fighting, and it was mainly about Chloe deciding if she wants to be the leader of the Mai. Upon discovering that Mai can’t be intimate with humans, Chloe became worried about Xavier. Meanwhile, the news that Sergei was a "criminal mastermind" shocks the Mai community and it is imperative that Chloe becomes the new Pride leader right away and take charge. As she's reaching to find one in her pockett, she accidentally loses balance, and falls from the tower. The plot twist wasn't a twist at all because the author had told in the previous book what was going to happen. I wanna take a risk.

Alek walks in and sees Valentina and Jasmine dead, and tells Zane, "I'm going to kill you". After only a few minutes of the first episode, I was hooked. Who was going to help her mom? I was crushed. To see more on Brian and Chloe's relationship, see. All my questions and more were answered. All the character were out of wack and you’re telling me that in FIVE THOUSAND YEARS no Mai has ever died for a human, Great ending to a very intriguing series. Chloe fought with Jesse until he was knocked out by Lana, who later rehired Chloe. This act reveals to the Mai that she is the One, or the true Pride Leader, as only the true leader has nine lives. It was a cute story, but just left me feeling like it could have been so much better if the books were longer and the s. The one went back to being only okay, and sorta mediocre. Alek warned Chloe to be careful with her abilities, and just a moment later, Chloe heard Amy saying that she may had to look out for a new best friend, hurting Chloe. This was the third book in the series The Nine Lives of Chloe King. Maybe 2.5 stars. Amy and Paul realize where Chloe’s plans to meet her dad, and rush in to see Brian laying on Chloe's lap, while she tells them, "He's dead". As Chloe bleeds to death, Brian rushes in, hearing the gunshots. Family original series The Nine Lives of Chloe King, based closely on the original novels, premieres in June 2011. It is much darker and more real than the teeny bopper sabrina the teenage witch type show that was being shown on tv. Sometimes I get nervous with book series, especially trilogies when it comes to YA, because some stories just shouldn't be told over various novels. According to the original book covers, her hair is very much opposite to her mother, Anna's hair. But no, not good. In the screenplay, Brian returns to college so him and Chloe remain friends.

In Book two, Brian disobeys his father and tries to convince Chloe that he didn't mean for her or her mother to ever be in danger. I hope the show won't follow the books. Unable to add item to List. She then calls Whit Rezza, the leader of the Order of the Tenth Blade to tell him that The Rogue was a traitor and had been working with the Sergei. It was an OK read. The idea is fantastic, the framework for the plotlines is great, but it just wasn't ramped up enough for me. Alek tried stopping her, but Chloe went to search for Gabriel anyway. I then went online to find out when season 2 was coming on only to devastatingly find out that there would be no season 2. Really enjoyed Chloe's adventures - shame no longer running! Poor guy. Please try again. What an awesome ending to this series:) After I finished watching the TV show, I decided to read the books. I hope the show won't follow the books. Start by marking “The Chosen (The Nine Lives of Chloe King #3)” as Want to Read: Error rating book. Chloe is also the main character in the The Nine Lives of Chloe King book series by Liz Braswell. Alek and Jasmine walk in the store as they the boy and chase him along with Chloe. Oh, and cults. I did enjoy this book because it had a lot of good choices that chloe had to make. i would personally like her to end up with alyec..but thats how it ends :(. Later on, Chloe meets with Sergei who seems to accept that she is now the rightful heir of Pride leadership. The development of the Alyec-Amy connection in particular seemed kind of sudden and a bit unnecessary.

Please try again. I was especially affected by the character development. To even out the "blood-for-blood death toll" incurred by one of the Mai making a vengeance killing for Sergei's death, Chloe offers to give up one of her nine lives to the Tenth Blade in exchange for truce. The 10th Blade seemed to accept peace very easily also, without a whole lot of convincing. Reviewed in the United States on June 9, 2018. i would personally like her to end up with alyec..but thats how it ends :(. This was super boring comparatively. I originally picked the first book up, because I liked the idea of a cat girl, and I ended up enjoying it quite a bit. The vigilantes are not a good thing and always end up badly was fantastic Also some scenes were great. I get the feeling that the author was going to write more, but never did. Any normal person would have the same reaction that Chloe had and thats what I really appreciated in this book. I saw the tv shoe before reading the books and I guess I was expecting a little more action and plot. The plot twist wasn't a twist at all because the author. Reviewed in the United States on September 12, 2012. Get your answers by asking now. An example of this is when she felt responsible for Xavier's death from her Mai kiss. The rogue who pushed her off of the tower earlier that day, kidnapped Paul, in order to meet Chloe.

More focused on the supernatural plot. I was introduced to Chloe King on netflix. Meanwhile, Zane goes to Valentina’s apartment, and shoots Valentina with a poison arrow, which kills her slowly. She was found and told by Jasmine and Alek that she was a Mai. Over the next few days, Chloe notices that Brian's condition doesn't seem to be worsening. Man, these were not good. Alek taught Chloe how to control her hearing abilities, and later that day, Chloe went on a date with Brian, who talked with Chloe about a mysterious key. THE WORST CHARCTER IN THE BOOK.?

Like many others, I saw the tv series they did of this awhile back and enjoyed it. The Nine Lives Of Chloe King Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Which is a theater with a train on display. I really didn't like how the book was titled the Nine Lives of Chloe King but the author only wrote about two of them. By the end of the first book she is told she is Mai which means she has catlike abilities. I'm not sure if there will be another book since it's been so long since this one came out. Yes, it's a mess. Afterwards, Chloe tells Valentina, Alek, and Jasmine that she was going to take Kai back to his family and Alek and Jasmine are ordered to go with her. In chapter one of the first book, a day before her sixteenth birthday, she decides she wants to skip school, and instead go up to Coit Tower with Amy and Paul. They sure did. Chloe King is a normal girl. Chloe was brought back to life, completely terrified of what had happened. ¿Haz leído el libro de "padre rico y padre pobre" que opinas al respecto te gusto o cual me recomiendan? There was an error retrieving your Wish Lists. Chloe learns of her many responsibilities as the Uniter. Interesting read.

Chloe was told by Brian he was going to be leaving for college, so she tried to severe their relationship in order to protect him, hurting Brian in the process. I get the feeling that the author was going to write more, but never did. I … This may be because of her role as the Uniter. After he leaves, Chloe gets a text from her "dad" saying to meet him in "Hannah’s last stop". Chloe doesn't want to bring Brian to the hospital because they might ask difficult questions, so she brings him to Firebird Mansion, which is Sergei's mansion and the Mai headquarters.

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