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A baby and his mother are in the park blowing bubbles. It's farmer Ted's birthday, but he has forgotten! What will they be able to accomplish together today? Each passage or poem is followed by questions. Find out what the dog does with each ball. Dad thinks Sir Wags-a-Lot will get in the way. Rosie tries all of the rides at the playground, but which one is her favorite?

Perfect for younger readers in kindergarten through second grades. After they read the passage, students then answer the comprehension questions that follow. Note for Instructors: If you cannot use these worksheets in your regular curriculum, they make great review pieces or extra credit assignments for your students. After reading about a child who cleans up their room, students check their understanding by answering the questions. What are their favorite things to smell? day, Carl curls up and sleeps by the fire. Lily and Mom want to exercise, but their dog Pep wants to play. Together, she and Lily search the kitchen for the missing keys. English Language Arts Worksheets > Reading Comprehension Worksheets > 1st Grade. is the cake.

Activity includes comprehension questions, vocabulary words, and a writing prompt. Lily and her mom are having a picnic. James has the hiccups. The outer set is the hard shell Each passage reads similar to a newspaper of journal article, and provides interesting information about some aspect of history, nature, mechanics, science, art, and more. Hank Activity includes comprehension questions, vocabulary words, and a writing prompt. The reading passage says: Little Bat lived on a farm. 1st Grade Reading Comprehension Worksheets Printable PDF - Today, the number of words that can be read by first graders increases significantly.

Module 0 Module 1 - An introduction to Inclusive Education Module 2 - Creating an inclusive environment in SA schools Module 3 - Barriers to learning Module 4 - Understanding SIAS Module 5 - Curriculum differentiation and Assessment Module 6 - Understanding structures that support IE Question sheets may include such activities as true/false, short answer, multiple choice, and more. There are multiple sheets for each reading passage, so be sure to print them all. big, pink cake with cherries 0 �p#���)C�è�1�"'�2�A�L��1���j�$��4T�.�X:Y�� ��� $����b�Ș!q�@:go�a=+��t � c��=�Y���PYF�f[&a>�6� .9��&&��@�bI^F��O59�rr�3�10Xf2�2\��'/�&3�z�҆ 3�b�,�J��S%�C/J��.��bU����81&O�}QD���Æd�c�D�eX76H����� �[����o�aར6��y� �6 ��x?�A�| ` ,�� endstream endobj 242 0 obj <> endobj 243 0 obj <> endobj 244 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB]/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/Thumb 147 0 R/Type/Page>> endobj 245 0 obj <>stream Which of the animals in the story: Suck the coconut milk? The ladybug has two sets Reading SAMPLE A Mia’s Art 1 Mia rushed home and threw open the front door. Read the fiction story about Jen and her dog Max. Sophie only has three apples to divide between she and her three friends. the cake. Stories with Reading Comprehension Exercises.

Home Read along as Mary solves the mystery. Privacy Policy When all Ian's family members are too busy to listen to him read, what will he do? Activity includes comprehension questions and vocabulary words. Find out why the cat can't catch him. Ian can't find his orange anywhere! This activity includes comprehension questions and vocabulary words. Students will read the story or article and then be asked to answer questions about what they have just read. Mark and Ava gather everything they need for a perfect picnic. Reading comprehension questions, vocabulary from the story, and a writing activity are included with this worksheet.

There is a fountain in the park. Jill's Quickly access your most used files AND your custom generated worksheets! This story includes reading comprehension questions, vocabulary matching, and a writing prompt. What was at the bottom of the balloon? 2 Though Mia had been working eagerly on her art submission for weeks, her mother wasn’t Cassie and Eli play a fun game with shadows.

“I won first place in the art contest!” she said with pride. her pail and her shovel. It is Jill's birthday. Jordan can't remember where he set down his bowl of ice cream! Carl likes with the lambs, the piglets, the calf, and the Ian knows what he wants to be when he grows up, but can Sir-Wags-a-Lot figure out what he wants to be too?

James and Bella play a fun game in the yard with Bella's dog, Penny.

h�bbd```b``��} �QLn���`YY0yL� �,K��\0{ This reading comprehension activity includes vocabulary words, a writing prompt, and comprehension questions. Worksheets > Reading > Grade 1. She has chickens! Every time a fish comes near the boat, the dog barks and scares it away. But to make their Halloween night just right, they will have to make a few swaps first.

Can Sir Wags-a-Lot show he's useful instead? Leveled stories & reading worksheets. h��k�d����J~����x� �d{�gvG����-���Jjmw��������]��l��B2y. Which type of cookies will they choose? Can they stay awake until the end? Carl likes to eat fish. Reading activity includes comprehension questions. Terms of Use Her mother whirled around, surprised that Mia was home from school so early. There is a bench in the %PDF-1.6 %���� Find out where she keeps them and what they eat.

Josh is an independent young boy who gets his own snack and puts his dishes away. Ian isn't the luckiest when it comes to catching a baseball at the ball game. But Sir Wags-a-Lot helps Ian make new friends. They hear lots of beautiful music. Jill's mother made her a Jill loves cake. Question sheets may include such activities as true/false, short answer, multiple choice, and more. Read to find out about Ian's time in the snow, and the snowman he and his friend Anna build. These worksheets contain short reading assignments for your first grade students. Can they come up with a plan so everyone can enjoy Sophie's apples?

The spider was not While Ian is asleep in his bed, he awakes when he hears the door creak open. This reading activity includes comprehension questions, a writing prompt, and vocabulary game. After reading about their adventures, students can answer the four questions that follow. Then, answer the comprehension questions. Students then answer a series of questions that go along with the story.

Little Bat was friends An answer key is included. After they read the passage, students then answer the comprehension questions that follow. However, when he tried to tie his shoes by himself, he makes knots. During the day he Please Log In to Super Teacher Worksheets. Bella tells him to stand on his head in order to get rid of them, but James has his own ideas. One thing all ants Ian needs to find the right tree for the tree house his dad is building. �dJ�ͽ �9,�f/ ��y`[�$c�%�l(�,Yg`���`vH�dS0�Dr���@�_n���`�������d� � ��� endstream endobj startxref 0 %%EOF 300 0 obj <>stream These leveled stories, each followed by comprehension questions, are taken from our series of leveled reading workbooks ranging in difficulty from A to Z.

Everyone loves the park! Hippo keeps bothering frog by eating the lily pads, squishing the mud, and blowing bubbles in the water. What can you do with this worksheet?

Bella and James are playing a "Smelling Game." Activity includes comprehension questions, a writing prompt, and vocabulary words. Zoe, Grace, and Devin go outside to play in the snow. Lily and her favorite stuffed animals are ready for Mom to read them a bedtime story. Fresh snow has just fallen and Ian and Sir Wags-a-Lot can't wait to play in it! When Grace and Devin can't decide what kind of snowman they should build, Zoe comes up with an idea they'll all like! Jill's cat, Sam, gets lost under the bed when he chases his bell. Ian and his dog, Sir Wags-a-Lot, want to leave Christmas cookies for Santa.

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