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We provide our guests with guides and dogs so all you have to bring is your gun and gear. October 29 - February 26Prices are per person.Observers welcome. Established in 1883, Y Bar Ranch has over 20,000 acres of a mixture of lush irrigated farmland, native south Texas pasture and with Klein and Buffel grass fields scattered throughout. We only hunt Quail during the months of Jan and Feb, ( after deer season closes ) so that deerand quail hunters don't have to compete for opportunity and space. My dog’s are veteran guide dogs and will find, hold, and retrieve your birds. Our number one goal is to provide a safe and enjoyable Texas quail hunt.View the Quail Photo Album here.

Hunting in the Texas Panhandle - Deer, Turkey, Quail, Aoudad Sheep, Predators, and Wild Hogs. The Chaparral and Daughtrey Wildlife Management Areas provide public quail hunting opportunities. Your evening would be the same as day one with the only exception being a new dinner menu.On day three, after a full breakfast, you will load up for a morning hunt. With low breeding stock from last year and a shortened nesting season this year, bobwhites in the Rolling Plains were never able to gain momentum in 2020. Our new lease has over 2,000 of irrigated alfalfa giving us a total of nearly 10,000 acres of the best whitetail, turkey and quail hunting, not only in Texas, but in the entire country. We enjoy walk hunting as well. Statewide surveys were initiated in 1978 to monitor quail populations — Historical survey data, 1978 to 2020. Let Ranger Creek Ranch provide you with a Upland Bird Hunting memory of a lifetime. We believe that strict management practices are the key to having a successful hunting operation.

To date, this is the only error we have identified. The entire Rolling Plains region of North West Texas experienced the same poor hatch results. The 15-year mean (average) is represented by the blue line. Not a high fence hunt, free ranging conditions. We provide our quail with supplemental milo, corn, and wheat lower to mortality rate during stress periods and hatching season.

The mean (average) number of bobwhite quail seen per route for each year is represented by the black line. account_circle  You will be hunting with professional dog handlers and well-trained pointers from one of our late model customized 4x4 quail hunting vehicles and ATV hunting rigs.

Big Trophy Adventures, LLC offers some of the best wild quail hunting in the Panhandle of Texas. Before You BookPlease verify the availability of your desired hunt dates by sending us aHunt Date Request or giving us a quick call. Guest House: We provide Guest House accommodations for hunting parties that consist of 2 or more hunters and their guests. Deluxe accommodation for 3 days and 2 nights, Day two hunt: breakfast, lunch and dinner, Deluxe accommodations for 3 days and 2 nights, Game processing - all of your birds will be given to you in your own Y Bar Ranch cooler at your time of departure, Any beer, hard liquor or wine you may prefer. We have great water sources, natural feeding areas, and lots corn feeders also. Therefore, a conservation area in a given field is broken down into different zones of habitat. It's true, 100% of your hunting and fishing license fees go to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department for on-the-ground conservation efforts that help make Texas one of the best places in the country to hunt and fish. No 12 Gauges or larger and automatic shotguns (3 shot or more) are not allowed to be used on our Ranch’s quail hunting program. Today, we primarily hunt West Texas Wild Bobwhite Quail. Clothing suitable for the weather conditions. Shortly after, a sit down dinner will be served.On day two, after a full breakfast, you will hunt till lunchtime. What to expect from our Texas Wild Quail Hunts. Youth Hunter age 12 and under hunt free of charge. Our coveys average 20 to 25 birds strong, but you will see lots of coveys with birds exceeding 30 to 50 birds. However, the very next hunting season of 2017-2018 saw a rapid decline in our Ranch’s Wild Quail population. This index uses randomly selected, 20-mile roadside survey lines to determine annual quail population trends by ecological region. The mean (average) number of bobwhite quail seen per route for each year is represented by the black line. Statewide surveys were initiated in 1978 to monitor quail populations — Historical survey data, 1978 to 2020. Comparisons can be made between the mean (average) number of quail seen per route this year and the 15-year mean for each ecological region. The 15-year mean (average) is represented by the blue line.

It has been over ten years since these levels have been recorded. The quail have made an incredible recovery on the farm land and in 2015 we killed a bunch of quail while pheasant hunting.

We hunt for 100% wild quail in the beautiful Rolling Plains and the Panhandle of Texas. The 15-year mean (average) is represented by the blue line. $375.00 per observer, per hunt.

In short, a holistic approach to wildlife management means a balanced ecosystem that helps all native game species flourish. We offer a limited number of Wild and Non-Wild Quail hunts each season. Our quail hunting difference is a combination of proven long-term Quail hunting management and scientific research partnership projects. On Site Covered Protection for Hunting Dogs:FREE. $375.00 per observer, per hunt. Buy your Texas Resident or Non-Resident Hunting license here. Foods / Drinks for kitchen meal preparations. Hunts are Semi-guided for wild native bobwhite quail. Which occurs in late October to around December 1st of each season. a Quail Hunt with the remaining balance payable in full 30 calendar days prior to arrival.

From CRP and agricultural fields to canyons and small mountains, our geography is as diverse as our wildlife. Regardless of your preferred hunting style, you will enjoy hunting 100% wild Texas Bobwhite quail with Roewe Outfitters. You are allowed to bring observers for an extra fee per observer, per hunt. Palo Duro Hunts offers one of the best opportunities to experience free range, Trophy Mule Deer & Whitetail Hunting in the Texas Panhandle. Staff reported frequent calling activity early on but relatively few broods. Multiple Quail Hunting guides are available for larger groups. | See temporary closures and business changes, Texas Farm and Ranch Land Conservation Program, Search for quail hunting opportunities on public and leased land. Twenty-five years ago, Scaled Quail populations were 50% of the total quail populations over our ranch areas. Our hunts are located in the Tulia area, near Amarillo and Lubbock in the Texas Panhandle. He manages his land to achieve a strong and healthy balance between Quail, Turkeys, Deer and other native game species success.

Shotgun and Ammunition ( 6 - 7 1/2 Shot ). Big Trophy Adventures, LLC Despite below average roadside count numbers, South Texas is showing the most promise to buck statewide predictions, at least in some areas. David Coonrod President/Guide Catering to discerning preferences and budget of our guests, we offer different packages for quail hunting in Texas for one day, 2 days/1 night, and 3 days/ 2 nights. This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. Thank you for your investment in Texas' natural resources. The Quail morning hunt starts and at 8:00 a.m. to 11:30, Northeast Texas Panhandle in Hemphill and Wheeler County Near, Hunting Dogs are not permitted in the Guest House. Around 3:00pm you will load up for an afternoon quail hunt. Walk and Stalk or bring your own trained dogs. Texas Hunting at it finest. Postal Service Money Order * Company or Personal Check.

As you depart you will be presented with a cooler containing your processed birds. These hunts are done in the first part of the Quail season. We provide outstanding guides, dogs, and quail rigs. You will be escorted into a variety of hunting area’s and provided with the latest. The mean (average) number of bobwhite quail seen per route for each year is represented by the black line. You can hunt the morning and afternoon or you can hunt all day. Line graph illustration of the TPWD quail roadside survey results for the Gulf Prairies Ecoregion from 2006 to 2020. Farther west/north, ranches have generally been drier. Once you have verified your hunt dates, simply complete the online registrationform, select your deposit / payment method and submit your Booking. in a None Refundable $50.00 pet fee per hunter.

We take great pride in carefully screening for only Top Quality and Proven Hunting Guides and their Gun Dogs. Our ranches quail habitats have the right mixture of weed growth, insects, cover, water and range management necessary to consistently produce top quality wild quail hunting in the Lone Star state.

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