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cold butter cut into small pieces. Men should wear clean trousers and collared shirts. Absolutely my type of tea party. It was mine for awhile, but I live in earthquake country and have entrusted it to a niece. tea parties for classy women are a must! Another beautiful lens by you! But again, not for porcelain, just glass. Atmosphere is important at a tea party. More hearty foods such as beef cottage pie, sausage rolls, Welsh rarebit and Cornish pasties make more of a meal. I love English tea. While still an elegant affair, tea party attire and decor can be modified to fit a particular theme, making it a perfect activity for a baby shower, a birthday, or any gathering of friends. I also enjoy having tea parties with my friends. I just need to figure out how to print this off! Having an elegant tea party or taking tea is an occasion that allows you to feel that you've taken a step back in time; tea time is where you feel pampered and things are slower and more simple. Still on a big learning curve, lol. Conversation should be light and fun-filled at a tea party, no gossip or deep subjects that can be disturbing to others.

Hosting a Tea Party: Styling Tips and Etiquette Rules. Love sending beautiful invitations to my tea parties.

The Chinese are credited with discovering tea as a beverage some 4,000 years ago. , I have a question for you. Leave your napkin on your chair when excusing yourself from the table.

Sit up straight and enjoy your tea elegantly, sip by sip.

Your tea party will focus a lot on the serving of tea, so be sure you choose your tea cups wisely. Preheat oven to 425F. I've featured this lovely tea set you want right here. Fantastic lens though. Dress appropriately. The Easiest Way to Clean Stains From a China Teapot. Add the cream first, and then the jam (the Devon way) or add the jam first and then the cream (the Cornish way). Don’t dunk your biscuits or scones. Be gracious and friendly throughout the party. The Do’s & Don’ts of Afternoon Tea Etiquette. I love tea parties. That’s a common mistake as most assume it’s being fancy. Though my precious niece does have an electric teapot.). Use cutlery or be tempted to eat the sweet course first. These tea party theme printables are perfect for a little girls party or even a bridal shower for adults.

Give party favors at your tea party. However, it is perfectly acceptable to put the sugar or lemon in the cup before you pour the tea.

This is such a nice and elegant lens. My grannie used to read the tea leaves for us. The occasional blunder is fine and all will be forgiven. They are so charming!

It would make the world a happier and more peaceful place! Add milk before adding tea to a tea cup. Cream tea—The occasion that involves tea being enjoyed in the afternoon, with clotted cream or scones is often referred to as the cream tea. Cut the scone with a knife or just take bites out of the whole thing. Even a casual tea commands more respect than that. When enjoying an English tea, you should enjoy it in a leisurely manner and not gorge like it’s your last meal.

Thank you for enlightening my tea party knowledge! This will create a lot of noise and possibly damage the delicate cup. Eat the savouries and tea sandwiches first, followed by the scones and then the sweets. Makes about 18 scones. I love tea parties and small get-togethers. None of that tea bag nonsense you get normally! See more about the difference between high tea and afternoon tea here.

This is an awesome site! Serving tea or having a tea party at home is a gracious, yet inexpensive way to entertain. From afternoon tea to a formal tea party, knowing the proper way to serve and drink it is essential. Cynthia is a fashion editor and beauty consultant. Home > Quizzes and Fun Tests > General Etiquette Quizzes > Tea Etiquette Quiz Tea Etiquette Quiz Welcome to the QuizMoz Tea Etiquette Quiz . Even the most casual tea party requires either a dress or nice slacks and a top you might wear to an office.

Elsie Hagley from New Zealand on April 14, 2012: Nice lens, love the Royal Albert old country rose set, I have had one for 50 years, still my most favourite. This pretty teapot is certain to have your guests compliment you on your elegant taste, for sure. This recipe makes about 18 scones.

Feel free to request specific milk. Proper conversation is essential at an English tea party. I'm a tea enthusiast and writer based in Ontario, Canada. Be loud and gulp or slurp your tea. I’ve been perfecting my Classic English Scones recipe for a while now.

Ha ha I can’t wait! Blessings.

Cut in rounds with a 1 1/2 inch fluted or plain cookie cutter. I remember having tea with scones when I was in England a number of years ago. Leave the teaspoon in your teacup or stir the tea in a circular motion, banging the teaspoon inside the teacup.

Decorate with fresh flowers and add the quiet, melodic background music of a harpist or pianist. Do you put pinkies up or pinkies down?

Would you please let me know by contacting me? It's fun to buy a variety of cups and saucers for your tea party. Tea, of course, is the cornerstone of any tea party. Barnes & Noble used to carry it, but sold out. The tea in the teapots went so quickly and new tea made to fill the pot, that it wasn’t even a worry. Thanks for the comprehensive info. Whatever else you serve at your tea party, be sure to have scones. Great photos and info. Split and serve warm with butter.

There are few things Aunt Mollie loves more than serving a hot cup of tea to guests (note the profile picture). We don't get this kind of tea party in Malaysia. Love it, and happy to bless this tea party! Thank you so much. Place your tea set on a laced table or a tea cart and create the perfect tea time atmosphere. My tea was laden with cream and sugar, the best part was the cookies that accompanied it. Nice!

Stir in sugar. I love anything British, Scottish, or Irish especially the special goodies for tea.

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