News: tbc dps ranking

the game. This gives them

there are a couple of key differences that put Warlocks below Mages in the A-tier. Hunters are the lowest out of the pure DPS classes. Small pop server issues Antonidas represent, I recall running SLSL Lock/ Disc Priest/Resto Druid. A casual, social and troll free community for players of all levels.

better than others at the high end for pure DPS and, inevitably, a meta exists. Also this spec focuses on completely different stats on gear than combat so a switch isnt really easy.

Double rogue + resto Druid I get shamans, but rogues? WoW Classic Phase 6 Will Go Live on December 1st, Naxxramas on December 3rd! Warrior/warlock/resto Druid

3) HUGE itemization and gearing difficulty - way too many agility-wearers, while having almost no casters, 4) only 1 healer priest - meaning either you'll have no divine spirit or you'll have no powerful AoE healing and a priest who'll basically carry healing meters in an epic gear. This ranking is simply to showcase which is the true best of the best when played perfectly

on with full consumables, but the limitations on their damage for both single-target Pretty much the same spec as the one above but has CoH for better group healing which would be the priests main focus in raids.

Warlock based raid comps are easier to manage. restoration druid

him stream on Twitch, or

9 : mage, wuuuuuut 9th? meaning Rets are not necessary for Paladin buffs.

Tanking : (Prot) warrior, (Prot) pally, rogue, (R) druid, (Enh) shaman. Wouldn't recommend playing this spec at all if you aim for PvE progress. This is something that I would go for, however some spots will need to be swapped depending what encounter you face.

Dedicatd Warlock group will have 3 warlocks to provide 1 curse of element, 1 curse of recklessness and 1 curse of doom or curse of tongue if required.

Warriors, the addition of the top tier weapons from Blackwing Lair, Really good Tank as well as raid heal with his hots. Prot warrior, Ret pally, Arms warrior, Fury Warrior, Enhance. The 5th spot would be either a boomkin or prot pally depending on the fight. Combat sword spec is rogues best PvE spec and competes for the best DPS in end game content, especially after getting Illidans glaives. strong, long cooldowns, specifically Death Wish and Recklessness.

Sometimes you will need more AOE healers, sometimes more 1 target healers.

Sham in warlock group will always be elemental. and it is too stressful to keep up snd and put out 4-5cp evi?

Tank only, Cat DPS when only 1 tank is needed. spell. protection paladin

Should be default spec for raiding. which is a severe limitation. Close. Downvoted for being completely unhelpful. Shaman buffs and totems can be brought by Resto Shamans, while Enhancement does not Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, World of Warcraft Arena World Championship. Better in 3’s.

This ranking is based on pure DPS output in a raid scenario right now in the game, assuming you are Level 60 with full pre-raid BiS gear and perfect consumables.

You linked a paint image with half the labeling missing from the.. whatever it is. might be later on.

Mages scale extremely well with spell power, but Id like to help people make their choice on what class to pick so I'm giving a short summary of what to expect from what spec as well as an example how such a spec would look like.

Plenty of druids to innervate and battle rezes. their low damage and Mana issues are too severe to be worth a spot. Furthermore, the feral druids give 5% crit to the hunters and some health regen via hunters own criticals. Really good tank, can Off-Tank or even Main Tank most bosses.

Also put the Prot Warrior out of the Melee DPS grp and put in the Feral if you have one. If you want 8 healers, swap both and keep them in the same groups. The King of AoE tanking in BC, does have problems maintanking in a 25 man raid though due to limited single target threat. Also I wanted to keep it simple with 1 spec per tree. [Shoutout to Protcow] ( Some classes are All of the Paladin buffs can be brought by Holy Paladins as well, I'm not gonna say anything specific to counter your comp, but there are a lot of different comps that all work about as well as eachother, largely because of the way group buffs work.

All of these By Noam on 2010/05/25 at 10:05 AM (Patch 3.3.3) Yeah, 900(kara)-2000(sunwell) depending on the raid and the raid makeup were the general dps requirements depending on what you were doing.

Well I appreciate the info guys.

Also, no points put into evi? utility with Tranquilizing Shot and Trueshot Aura, meaning at least and auto-attack damage, and while they do

Druids can bring some nice Druid utility, Resto Druids can bring the same spells 2) lurker and some other fights are SIGNIFICANTLY harder with your comp due to lack of powerful CC abilities which hunters can't provide. Scales extremely well with gear and can be top contender for DPS in Sunwell with the right grp support.

And ofc the enhacnce who will be required to totem twist to ensure both windfury and agi totem have 100% uptime. Offers Bloodlust for damage grps, totem support and the best grp heal with chain heal spam.

One thing i am wondered why people go for 5% dodge as PvE Combat?

Total of (25): 6 hunters, 5 shaman, 4 druids, 3 pallies, 2 warriors, 2 priest, 1 rouge, 1 lock, 1 mage. Rogues can go toe-to-toe with Warriors in sustained single target, but the longer fight (And combat is great for early levels with improved gauge because you can kill mage mobs without problems by using gauge stuff). Lol'd at spec comments "Boomkin does decent dps" "SP does decent dps" nice jk brah 10/10. feral druid

I did limited arena with a rogue back in the tbc days. Small pop server issues Antonidas represent

For twins, in my opinion the maximum amount of healers used should be 9.

I have a prot warrior, now im trying to figure out which dps to level.

do scale exceptionally well with gear, however, due to strong Strength and Agility Depending on the fights, you have an option to choose between 6-8 healers. Warrior/Rpaladin/Shaman. strong AoE options outside of Blade Flurry. Can have decent DPS but not quite Combat spec level.

Hunters are overpowered in tbc hence why they have their own dedicated group, they will carry DPS especially during swp, feral druid critt buff is much more beneficial for hunters rather than melee as it's quite simple, hunters will make greater use of it compared to melee.

Boomkin if you're heavy on melee and Hunters etc. share.

Their major downside is Mana; Ferals need lots of Mana to power

Rogues lack access to the god-tier cooldowns that Warriors have access to, and do not have any sort

1) hunter's are at the lower spectrum of DPS charts before T6, heavily outdamaged by both, warlocks and mages, early game even by elemental shamans.

No CoH - great snap group healing ... largely mitigated by chain heals. It sacrifices group healing with CoH for the spirit buff.


These are strong DPS specs, but are still noticeably below the S- and A-tier

struggling to pull your weight, even with full consumable usage.

Back in the day I ran BM hunter, with a lock and a holy pally. In speed kills however, Warriors It also needs good gear to deal at least respectable damage and is extremely mana intensive because of its rotation.

For progression purposes, it is certainly not uncommon to use 8 healers on council. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies.

have any unique buffs. 1 feral is just enough, because even when 3 tanks aren't needed, he can just swap out gear and do DPS, without needing to respec.

The big problem with this type of overview is the fact that they are made from retail , and on the private servers we always use the LAST client version with an older gear , so the talents and game balance are from sunwell no matter what raid the server is actualy in.

(boomkins provide 5% crit to their group and 3% hit to all physical dpsers).

what i have listed is the top tier comp and it's as optimized as you can ask for for long term raiding.

You can have success with a lot of different combos, I hit 2k in 2s as a shockadin/rogue, but it was impossible to get any higher vs the standard druid comps that we faced 100% of the time at that point. Additionally I think that 5v5 in classic tbc will be much more popular than it was when tbc was retail, and I will be doing my damndest to find the best disc priest, mage, lock, shaman players for that bracket because the amount of cc/burst that comp has in tbc is insane and I never really got to play it back in the day. actually be competitive. Your post/comment has been automatically removed because your account is too young. I don’t really remember what the arena meta was. Hunters still fall behind the top 4 classes just due to a comparatively low base ability If you are interested in our other rankings for WoW Classic, please click the links Most raids have 1 dedicated melee grp, in which you need to have one Enhancement Shaman. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. This would be equal to a 150-200 Atk Power for the whole raid.

All of the important You can watch while also healing, making Balance Druids a poor choice for most raid groups. Enhancement Shamans simply do not bring anything worthwhile. Also this frees up the innervates for that poor solo resto druid (Shadow priest in that set-up with a resto shaman will hit threat cap before mana).

- completely utilizes shadow priests mana gain, elemental shaman's 3% hit/crit totem and 5% spell crit aura. we didn't have any retribution paladins, although i would definitely like to have 1 in my roster, even though they're extremely weak early on - to a point that even their 3% crit doesn't justify their damage. 6) you do not need 4 tanks for the majority of content - i remember only 1 fight where it was actually required and that was Fathom Lord Karathress. to the readily available spell power gear in Phase 5 and with the potential access when they also are able to finally play Fire in AQ 20 and AQ 40. General PvE. RMP for 3’s.

Best DPS spec with high end gear. It is important to note that, just because a DPS class is not "S tier", this does not make it unplayable; most classes in the game are viable if played well with the right consumables.

It is specifically worth noting here 3s was RMP.

and AoE put them slight below Mage in the A-tier. Ferals

In the early phases, casters generally suffer slightly because of a lack of

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