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to the player, as the screen transitions to the credits. After obtaining all the candles, relight them. Guardian of the baby TattletailsToy Unused Voice Content. The player is supposed to receive one as a present on Christmas Day, but they open it five days early in the basement. Mama returns as the main antagonist of the DLC expansion. Mama Tattletail's official model is available on Steam Workshop, along with Baby Talking Tattletail and his box.

The 3 voice clips above all seem to be rest-related. The Offical Game Called Tattletail™ a Indie Horror Game made By unity.The voice actor of mama's voice was pitched down and the tattletail voice actor is pitched Up. Tattletail:, Mama:, now all we need are the flashlight sounds, I need food!, Uh oh..., Bunny fur needs a brushing!, No!, Mama's almost here!, Yes!, NO! The Tattletails are throwing a "party" for Mama Tattletail, which is in fact an attempt to banish her using the VHS tape from the previous night. After the ritual, the Tattletails are wrapped back up, the lights return to the Christmas tree and the cupcakes and candles disappear. Mama Tattletail also gets a different jumpscare in this dimension, in which she spins around incredibly rapidly and her eyes flash multiple colours. Educational Tattletail with Mama in the Kaleidoscope Commercial. She is the only Tattletail that tries to harm the player. His voice, while still maintaining the childish robotic voice, is significantly deeper than other Tattletail toys and he has a slight southern accent. Tattletail making train noises. Evil-doer PC / Computer - Tattletail - Tattletail - The #1 source for video game sounds on the internet! "Shut the door!" Mama looks similar to the Tattletail children; a Furby-like toy with tall ears, a muzzle, and no arms. Its a very thin iris.Her tail is limp and very fluffy. They share the cream-colored underbelly and muzzle of their younger kin, but are larger in size, have brown eyes and fur, a white tuft of hair on their heads and a tape-deck in their stomachs. After turning off the washing machine and grabbing her eldest son, Tattletail, the player should head to the nearby room, where Mama Tattletail can be seen congratulating Butternut and Dewdrop for having fixed a vase with bandages. Do the ritual with Tattletail. They may have been intended to be used for Tattletail's repackaging/rewrapping, or even in relation to their charging/battery status. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The player must take care of Tattletail's needs every night before they can return to sleep. Unlike them, she has a small, white tuft of hair and brown fur. after the main objective of this chapter is complete. Likely never intended to be placed in the game, if we're hearing it right. When one of the Tattletails play hide-and-seek with the player, Mama comes out and the player has to avoid her.

The player receives more letters that say that their memories have been tampered by someone, and must enter a warped dimension known as The Kaleidoscope, where all memories are stored.

This might prove that the Mama Tattletail present in the game is a prototype.

Keep away from the Kaleidoscope... Press J to jump to the feed. This is the only time a Tattletail actually "tattles" on the player. The player will wake up to a grinding noise. Additionally, the highlights in his eyes more closely resemble those of the Waygetter Electronics logo. Educational Baby Talking Tattletail's "facts" have many errors: 2 + 2 is a mathematic exercise, not a math problem. An interesting fact that this unused model perfectly connects to the titular character's early concept sketches by the game's creator, as shown from this tweet. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Monster

Waygetter ElectronicsPublisher:

and he describes himself laughing instead of actually laughing. ", indicating that the player never left the dimension. The player's Tattletail will say "Mama scary!" Mama in the trailer, featured in the Tattletail advertisement commercial. The tapes seem to have been accompanied by books for the children to read along with, judging by the inclusion of "turn the page" in the tape heard in-game. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Goals After the player responds "Orange who?

So Contract Us if you want to

This page was last edited on 6 July 2019, at 21:57. Unlike them, she has a small white tuft of hair and brown fur. "Why you do bad?" ", the screen blacks out, and Mama jumpscares them, finishing the joke with "Orange you forgetting someone?! Banishment and Defeat - Christmas Eve Ritual. For example, "Chickens lay eggs, almost everyday." Mama Tattletail's sole appearance in this segment is as an inactive unit (like she was on Night 3 of the regular campaign) but in the kitchen-looking area rather than the basement. The player must care for their virtual pet toy, Baby Talking Tattletail, while avoiding the pursuit of its recalled predecessor, Mama Tattletail (commonly referred to as "Mama"). This could prove that the Mama Tattletail present in the game is a prototype.

The VHS will begin levitating, so destroy it when prompted. He speaks in a robotic monotone. He also has purple spots in his fur. Little Flag SoftwarePlatform: Cutting a rock in half is incredibly difficult, but it would indeed make two rocks. The player wakes up on Christmas Day and opens the present with a familiar wrapping. Mama Tattletail's attack kills the Protagonist instantly. While hunting the player, Mama has glowing red eyes, long, thin, sharp teeth, and torn ears.

Educational Baby Talking Tattletail Species Tattletail Gender Male Family N/A Eye Color Green Fur/Hair Color Grayish purple Voice Actor Ryann Shannon.

Tattletail Has Green Eyes and mama is friendy. The rumored reason behind her being recalled is because she ate a kid's eyes out. There are some unused (or /some/ possibly undiscovered) voice lines in the game from Tattletail. The first ever subreddit for an interactive horror game known as Tattletail!


For some reason, when the player goes on top of the house, Educational Baby Talking Tattletail's voice changes to the regular Tattletail's line for the occasion. This game has unused sounds. - We don't seem to do anything "bad" throughout the game as the player, so this is an interesting one. Mama Tattletail's head would rotate while the tape was being played. Ashfire is an ash gray Tattletail with red flames. How Does it Work? Mama Tattletail can be seen comforting him. The player and Tattletail are then sent back to The Kaleidoscope's distorted version of the house, and Mama returns to her malevolent persona. When Mama Tattletailsteals the candles, break the vases in the basement until all the candles are retrieved. Mama Tattletail was designed to read stories to children via the use of various pre-recorded cassette tapes. Educational Tattletail smiling while being held. Maintaining a deep voice, She has a feminine voice as well. During the first attempt at the ritual, Mama steals the candles so that she can stay forever.

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