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Symbria Wright (m. 1984–1988) Edward Norton.

(Four-time Family Affair guest star Pamelyn Ferdin also starred). In 1970, Whitaker played the part of Willie in a Green Acres episode titled "The Confrontation". Johnnie Whitaker (sometimes credited as Johnny and now preferring John) had a busy acting career concurrently with Family Affair and in the years immediately following its cancellation. 10+ Years of Quality. Whitaker was married for four and a half years to Symbria Wright, whom he met at a Christian Young Adult group at Pepperdine University. Since their divorce, he says he has been engaged twice but is now unattached.

Whitaker also was Dana Plato's manager. Keith urged his casting on Family Affair, and his resemblence to the already-cast Anissa Jones led producers to make Buffy and Jody twins. Buffy, Jody & Mrs. Beasley from Family Affair, “Yes, I know,” Slate Burly said. In recent years, has worked behind the scenes, including in an office job at CBS in Hollywood. In 1965, Whitaker originated the character of the young Scotty Baldwin in the soap opera General Hospital. John Orson Whitaker, Jr. (born December 13, 1959)[1] is an American actor notable for several performances for film and television during his childhood. Family Affair aired from 1966 to 1971. Johnny Whitaker Net Worth.

Johnny Whitaker was born on December 13, 1959 in Van Nuys, California, USA as John Orson Whitaker Jr. Whitaker's last series was Mulligan's Stew in 1977.

After Family Affair, he appeared in a two-part episode of Gunsmoke in 1971. It co-starred Whitaker playing the role of an orphaned boy named Jody Davis, living in a high-rise apartment in New York City with his twin sister Buffy (Anissa Jones) and older sister Cissy (Kathy Garver), his bachelor uncle Bill Davis (Brian Keith), and Bill's gentleman's gentleman, Mr. French (Sebastian Cabot).

While a regular on the show, Whitaker also starred in the Hallmark Hall of Fame production The Littlest Angel alongside Fred Gwynne and Tony Randall, and an episode of the long-running western The Virginian in 1969. Johnny Whitaker was born on December 13, 1959 in Van Nuys, California, USA as John Orson Whitaker Jr. As a child actor, Johnny Whitaker aka Jody from Family Affair, originated the role of Scotty Baldwin on TV's General Hospital in 1965.

He played the title role in Tom Sawyer, opposite Jodie Foster again as Becky Thatcher. He then worked as a computer consultant. “Mrs. Raymond Burr Net Worth.

Started 1966 and ended 1971. His most prominent feature film role during this period was the lead in the musical version of Tom Sawyer (1973). He also originated the role of Scotty Baldwin on General Hospital in 1965, played the lead in Hallmark's 1969 The Littlest Angel,[2] and portrayed the title character in the 1973 musical version of Tom Sawyer.

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