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Belladeon’s Scratch skill causes defense break on the target. Unlike the other monsters in the team, Darion only has the attack break debuff. . Although he is not farmable in Scenario Mode, you can still get him through fusion. However, it will definitely take time to farm and build the following monsters in your GB10 F2P Team.

DB10 (3/10): Fran has a similar role in Dragon's B10 as in GB10, you really would only use her in some kind of a semi-speed team. It might be a challenge to gain access to such secret dungeon but all you have to do is a little effort in the chatbox. Sigmarus, the Water Phoenix, is the first monster that should be fused. Join our Discord and add to the conversation. His passive skill removes 20% of the damage that your allies received. She decreases enemy attack, reduces attack bar, and provides healing, immunity, and attack buffs to your team. Also, only use natural 6-star runes. This is exactly why he is a must in this F2P GB10 team for beginners. Through his passive skill, he is able to remove a harmful effect on all allies each turn. Your team will badly struggle in GB10 if they’re affected with debuffs especially like defense break. Loren; A typical GB10 team benefits from the following: Offensive: Decrease Def, Increase Atk; Defensive: Increase Def, Decrease Atk, Immunity; Sustain: Recover HP; Utility: Increase ATK SPD, ATK Bar Up, Decrease ATK Spd, Continuous DMG, Beneficial Buff Block, Enemy’s ATK bar down, Remove Beneficial Effects on enemies, decrease ATK SPD. Equipping your monster with the right combination of runes totally changes the course of the battle; in fact, it's one of the factors that control or dictate the results of the battle. As your team is usually not fast, Bernard closes the gap with his utility skills. Although the only setback would be her skill 1 hitting 3 times, which may trigger the boss’ counterattack. S1: Single-target ATK break (hits 3 times) with Attack-bar (ATB) reduction, S2: Removes all harmful effects on ally target and heals scaling on ATK power, S3: AOE heal scaling on ATK power with 2 turn ATK buff and immunity, None of the Wind support monsters (i.e. The base stats increase dramatically at 6*, making the rune requirements lower. The Light Vagabond can be obtained also from a secret dungeon. Bernard) used in Giant B10. By now you may have noticed that the scenarios are limited in what runes they offer (at best, a random 5* rare rune from the boss level on hell mode or a 4*). to be 6 stars since they will have no significant effect on the dungeon runs. Belladeon, Bernard, Shannon all have second awakening versions of themselves but none are necessary for the completion of Giant B10 Team. An ideal GB10 Team must have the following skills: Cleansing Skills: Removing debuffs on your monsters is very important.

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