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Stevens is Savage Arms’ line of affordable, reliable shotguns. The best place to find this type of parts may be on

I think anyone who cannot withstand a second shot because of the “nasty, sharp recoil” of a shotgun should choose something else with little or no recoil. My Father in law gave me a Stevens single shot .12 gauge before he died. Guest Writer | Sierra Bullets Blog The name changed once again in 1916 when the plant was re-branded as New England Westinghouse.

A single shot 7.62×39 at the ~200 USD mark would be neat companion to 22 rifle.

They are quite similar in appearance and were designed as inexpensive utility-grade weapons. inoperative guns that they pick at garage sales do not really know exactly what 33 0 0.

In this firearm’s case, for Stevens. The first year of manufacture was 1929 so depending on exactly when this shotgun was made it could have either a 2 9/16″ or a 2 3/4″ chamber. Patriot usa Post subject: Re: Stevens shotgun dates of manufacture. No specs on their webpage yet. We aim to do just that. the transgression of the models. Alaska Department of Fish & Game, State Agency: Most of them are in fair condition with scratches on the wood, and rust in the barrels. At this time, they were tooled up to produce Mosin-Nagant rifles. One interested in them should take advantage of literature available on the subject. Your email address will not be published. In our 1st edition of TFB’s “Identify My Guns” I made the light-hearted joke that any firearm that still goes “BANG!” is worth at least $100 to somebody. Utility Grade: Joined: Wed Nov 28, 2012 2:59 pm Posts: 10 on my stevens 5100 16 gauge it has a small oval on the underside with 18A stamped in it and on my wards western field 16 model 311A it has the same oval with 14B. Therefore we have to do some detective work as to • Standard and compact models available

Spare Parts :   Their earliest product was a tip up action single shot pistol. This could potentially include Riverside Arms Co firearms as well, but do not quote me on that. Today, though, comes word of a new addition to the line: the Stevens 301 Single Shot break action shotguns. Rhode Island Department of Fish & Wildlife, State Agency: identify. The deliberate, methodical operation required to make a Stevens single shot ready If YOU have a cool… weird… unidentified… intriguing… or unique gun you would like us to feature in our next “Identify My Guns” article, feel free to comment below and I will reach out to you. 35 (right),

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, State Agency:

I’m sure the stock is a bit shorter too. Savage Stevens 301 Single Shot Shotgun | 22558. • Break action Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, State Agency: Your email address will not be published. 22558 / 301 Single Shot, 20-gauge, 26-inch barrel / $173 In 1967 or so, i purchased a similar looking shotgun made by J.Stevens Arms & Tool Co. Chicopee Falls, Ma for $25.00 at a bait shack in Woonsocket, RI. • Single-shot shotgun I would tend to say that still holds true for Gary’s shotgun if he can get it up and running again. This company produced a great many firearms—most that were of an affordable nature. Hawaii Department of Land & Natural Resources, State Agency:

I’d like to see a 20 ga.

• Rugged synthetic stock, Part No.

My grandson just turned 15 and has shot a 12 gauge single shot since he turned 14.

Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, State Agency: The six digit (always) numbers, stamped only on the left side of the frame, not on the barrels or fore end or on the wood, are preceded by capital letters from A to E. The letters do not correlate to production years. We are slightly kidding about the spoiler alert.

To more confidently figure out the year of manufacture, anyone who owns a J. Stevens Arms Company firearm could write in to the subject-matter-expert for these who is John Callahan. made by CHICOMS, I won’t touch them. Born in 1814 and professionally associated as a master machinist and toolmaker for Cyrus B. Allen of Springfield, Massachusetts, Samuel Colt, Edward Wesson and the Massachusetts Arms Co., Joshua Stevens was 50 years old when he filed his patent in 1864 for a breech loading tip-up action that would launch the J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co. I ask honestly, if you’ve shot a lightweight single shot before? the transgression of the models. Shipments of these firearms are currently being delivered to dealers. If you can find one they’re cheaper than the real McCoy but carry all the nostalgia of those originals. larger ones, this area is no different. You should have read the second sentence, especially the last word thereof, before commenting. Wisner's Inc makes many parts for these

A short time thereafter in 1920, Savage Arms Corp. bought the plant and began marking firearms with J. Stevens Arms Co. on the receivers.

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Password. For a research fee of $25.00, he can dig up any historical information relating to your firearm (if any exists).

The Stevens 301 features a crisp, reliable break action and rugged, modern synthetic stock that withstands even brutal abuse afield.

This company manufactured a number of single-barrel break-open single-shot shotguns.

Nevertheless, Stevens pistols keep showing up at gun shows and in gun stores. My first gun was a Savage 20 ga. single shot, for Christmas, probably around 1967 or ’68. The single-shot “Bicycle” rifle (with detachable stock) Holt is shooting comes equipped with North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, State Agency: Catalog Search . 35. Missouri Deptartment of Conservation, State Agency: I got a new Savage 301, 20 gauge for 165. The name changed once again in 1916 when the plant was re-branded as New England Westinghouse. Introduced in 2016, Hornady BLACK ammunition was designed to fit, feed and function in a variety of platforms, offering “versatile loads optimized for... We look at some of the custom firearms produced in the last four years in honor of the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.

Email. Even with a 22″ barrel the single shot Stevens will still have a shorter OAL than a Remington or Mossburg with an 18″ tactical barrel.

Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources, State Agency: The balance is muzzle-heavy, but the vertical angle of the grip compensates for this, making the Stevens a very stable shooting platform indeed.

Joshua Stevens produced three lines of single-shot tip-up target pistols named after contemporary gunmen. Smith & Wesson Certified Armorer With the exception of a youth model .410 I’m not sure a youth model single shot is a good beginners gun. Instagram: strength_in_arms, 1864 – J. Stevens Arms Company (incorporated), 1866 – J. Stevens Arms and Tool Co. (name change), 1916 – New England Westinghouse (name change), Mr. John Callahan, P.O. Required fields are marked *.

That said, the survivalists on youtube are probably gonna eat this up.


Yes I have but as Clint Eastwood said “A man’s gotta know his limitations”. Barrel lengths were 6, 8, and 10″ while available chamberings included .22 Short or Long Rifle, .22 WRF and .25 Stevens. They come in 12, 20 and .410 gauges and include a couple of compact models that are great for teaching the kids to shoot. Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, State Agency: The helpful gun values data comes from the Standard Catalog of Firearms, a trusted gun price guide featuring new and used firearm prices. His contact information via snail mail is below: I would highly suggest reaching out to him to see if he can be of assistance with a Riverside Arms Co firearm before cutting him a check. guns, however we do not make barrels, wood or many of the larger receiver parts. They’re as elegant and accurate as the day they were made and a perfect learning platform for a beginning shooter.

Here in the sticks, almost everyone I know has a single shot shotgun or two in the house that has been in the family for decades and was used by several generations. With walnut grips, nickel-plated frame and blued barrel, it’s good-looking and very accurate.

Stevens himself referred to this quality as “hang.”. Originally, his shotgun was likely a J. Stevens Arms Company Model 94 12 Gauge Single-Shot Break-Open copy. I am making a fair assumption that he could help out.

stevens single shot shotgun identification.

Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection, Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism, Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife, Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, West Virginia Division of Natural Resources, Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources, South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, Rhode Island Department of Fish & Wildlife, North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, New York Department of Environmental Conservation, Mississippi Deptartment of Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks, Minnesota Deptartment of Natural Resources, Michigan Deptartment of Natural Resources, Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife, Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries, Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources, Hawaii Department of Land & Natural Resources, Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, Alabama Department of Conservation & Natural Resources. If you were to turn back the clock and walk along the firing line of a 50-yard pistol match being shot in the 1880s and 1890s, you would find men, properly attired in business suits and hats, shooting a Stevens single-shot, target-grade pistol chambered for the “.22 Long-rifle” cartridge loaded by UMC, probably with 5 grains of black powder and a 40-gr. I think the place for a youth model 20 bore, regardless of action type is as a long term survival weapon for a real shtf scenario.

), employed over 1,000 men and women, and was declared by Stevens as being the “largest producer of firearms for sporting purposes in the world.”, An equally important claim that Stevens could make was his company’s development and launch of the .22 Long Rifle cartridge in 1886-1887. Regardless of the brand (Savage/Stevens, H&R/NEF, etc.)

Stevens by Savage Arms is a brand of Vista Outdoor Inc., an outdoor sports and recreation company. The letter prefix accompanied the Savage/Stevens/FoxB/Springfield serial number on every gun they made from 1968 on. For sporting use this allows you to have a short, light, handy shotgun with a longer barrel for better patterns. History :   The gun dealers around here want anywhere from 175 to 250 $ for used single shot shotguns. Because the production records of Stevens’ single shots have been lost, the quantities of each model manufactured and the serial number ranges are unknown. 35.

At this time, they were tooled up to produce Mosin-Nagant rifles. In 1864, this firm began doing business as J. Stevens & Company.

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