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Like the Troika and Mulcher, it uses a cooling system that can flush the weapon with coolant should it overheat. Despite its impressive firepower, the weapon had several notable limitations, specifically the high rate of energy pack consumption, significant weight, and powerful recoil.

At least one more was wielded during the Separatist invasion of Coruscant in 19 BBY in order to defend Sector Four against masses of battle droids. On the other hand, the sheer firepower of the weapon compensates for this in most instances; as few enemies can withstand the number of blaster shots it fires, even hero units.

The ability to rally nearby units and empower them with a temporary defense increase is an invaluable asset in a heated firefight.

Also, while the Blaster Pistol carried by Clone Commanders can be used against single opponents, it cannot be used for prolonged fighting, except for in the case of the Precision Pistol, which provides the player with a potentially lethal combination of weaponry. A member of the Muunilinst 10 operated a Z-6 cannon during the mission to rescue a Jedi from General Grievous on Hypori during the Clone Wars, as the weapon was usually issued to ARC heavy gunners. The galven circuitry used in the blaster meant that the Z-6 had both a high cyclic discharge rate and good cooling, allowing for a tremendous sustained rate of fire (up to roughly 166 discrete full-powered shots per second).

Target- The chaingun is large, and it sits on an elevated platform, making it and its operator an easy target.

[4], The Rebel Alliance also made use of Z-6 rotary blasters.[5]. Clone Commanders are equipped with a large, shoulder-worn Z-6 Chaingun, and even though they take a moment to charge up and will overheat after prolonged firing, they release a dense stream of blaster bolts that few enemies can withstand. [3] A clone rookie named Hevy used a Z-6 as his weapon of choice.

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However, there was originally supposed to be a phase 1 variant on Geonosis, but this was cut out of the game.

It is unknown what type of chaingun they used.

Another example of a chaingun was the LS-150 Heavy Accelerated Charged Particle Repeater Gun, used by Trandoshan mercenaries on Kashyyyk. How to make a Lego Star Wars Chaingun.

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Merr-Sonn Munitions, Inc.[1]

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See the request on the listing or on this article's talk page. Master Kota, who was distrustful of the Clone Army during the Clone Wars, chose to make use of his own specially trained militia. The clone troopers of the Grand Army of the Republic used the Z-6 rotary blaster cannon during the Clone Wars.

Even though the weapon takes a moment to charge up and will overheat after prolonged firing, the Chaingun gives its user an immense level of firepower on the battlefield. The Clone Commander's Recon Droid can often give an edge to him, revealing enemy positions, given the tactical nature of Commanders.

Affiliation Clone trooper Hevy used the Z-6 during his training as well as on the Rishi moon outpost. While this unit gives an advantage in both offence and defence, the Clone Commander is more of an offensive-oriented unit. The Chaingun which the Commander carries is a rapid-fire weapon and is one of the most powerful weapons in the game against infantry. The blaster chaingun was highly erratic, spraying blaster rounds in an unpredictable fashion, yet the blaster shots were quite powerful in themselves usually taking one well aimed shot or a few rounds to take out the toughest of enemies. Skip navigation Sign in.

The Z-6 rotary blaster cannon was a heavy weapon that fired a massive spray of blaster bolts at a target. LEGO STAR WARS - Bala-Tik - Mini Fig / Mini Figure.

An older skin for the Clone Commander is seen on a loading screen for the Tantive IV where it has white boots, gloves, and helmet accessories.

Many of these elite soldiers would effectively utilize the Z-6 repeating blaster in many of their raids after the Great Jedi Purge, including the Battle of the TIE Fighter Construction Facility above Nar Shaddaa.

Cost The Chain Gun was the COG answer to the Locust Troika. A planet was the location of a battle during the Clone Wars. The Z-6 rotary blaster cannon was a powerful rotating blaster cannon chaingun developed by Merr-Sonn Munitions and used during the Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil War. Yoda Merge into that rotary cannon in the CW cartoon, Z-6 I think it was? In the Star Wars Battlefront II Clone action figure pack from the. Locations Despite its awesome firepower, it is too old and too valuable to ever see combat again under any circumstances- period. Loading... Close. You're my only hope.

Furthermore, a Chaingun user should always switch to another weapon, or head for cover while his Chaingun is cooling down.

Jek brought his Z-6 to the Battle of Rugosa.

Efforts by Merr-Sonn to counteract its limitations were not completely successful, and variants that addressed those issues tended to end up being trade-offs. The Bryn'adûl | Barad Triad Chaingun OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a chaingun turret for use by the Bryn'adûl.

The chaingun was also highly effective at defending an area. Clone Commanders can indeed serve as a temporary defense, i.e defending a chokepoint near a friendly Command Post. Search. To further minimize the overheat problem, fire in controlled bursts and do not fire for longer than what is needed. 5,500 credits (available for military use only)[1] Untitled Obi-Wan Kenobi television series, How Wookieepedia treats Canon and Legends, LS-150 Heavy Accelerated Charged Particle Repeater Gun, Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption,, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function. The chaingun was often used for capturing fortified bases or for charging a closely-knit force of hostiles, as its devastating rate of fire would both intimidate and eliminate enemies.

Galactic Republic[1]Grand Army of the Republic[1]Galactic EmpireKota's MilitiaRebel Alliance Model It Belongs in a Museum- This is an ancient artifact from the Clone Wars.

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The Clone Commander uses a similar skin to the Galactic Marines, who are a purple coloured division of the Clone Cold Assault Troopers (the clone predecessor to the. The maker of their weapons is unknown as well. Working around a basic limitation in capabilities inherent in typical man-portable blaster weapons, the Z-6 incorporated a rotary assembly of six barrels, each with its own actuating chamber, wrapped around a coolant-lined core. Weight

The amount of time it takes for the weapon to charge up, however, makes it difficult for the Clone Commander to survive an ambush, (for which reason they are equipped also with a standard Republic issue DC-15s blaster pistol for self-defense) but does afford him superiority over enemy infantry in normal combat.

The Z-6 was large and unwieldy and required training to use effectively.[1].

The Clone Commander class also has a limit of four units in-game at any one time.

Other weapons include a recon droid, allowing surveillance of the battlefield from a safe distance. The Commander has low speed, so using it to spearhead an offensive is be impractical. Enter a galaxy of adventure and imagination with Star Wars Nerf Blasters! It can mow down entire groups of enemies and can even cause panic. The Z-6 is used by any unit in Star Wars: Battlefront: Elite Squadron by the customisable infantry.

Jedi Master Yoda defeated an entire Separatist army using only a giant chaingun. Yoda was also seen carrying a chaingun in a box on his back and used it to defend an unidentified planet.

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Working around a basic limitation in capabilities inherent in typical man-portable blaster weapons, the Z-6 incorporated a rot… AU $28.51 postage.

The citizens—who did not take too kindly to strangers—taunted the Jedi Master because of his unusual appearance, but Yoda did no…

AU $27.81. Chaingun Available only to the Clone Commander class of the Republic, or the Rail ARC Troopers of Kamino, the Chaingun is a large shoulder-worn weapon, which is particularly effective, and indeed intended for attacking infantry, especially droids. However, it takes a second to spin up and start firing, so enemies can use that to their advantage.

The commander is very useful against Droidekas as the Chaingun can make short work of both the shield and the Droideka itself.

Clone Commanders in mods differ depending on the maps and clone units associated with the maps.

The E-26 was the predecessor of the E-11 blaster cannon. The sound of a chaingun would horrify targets, as hundreds of blaster bolts struck their bodies. The E-26 Blaster Chaingun was a blaster chaingun that was in prominent use during the Conquest Era. Like most Officers the Clone Commander does not change his skin on any map. In the game Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes, the Z-6 rotary blaster cannon was also incorrectly called a minigun. Star Wars Battlefront Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Unopened! It was similar to a heavy repeating blaster, except it was light enough to be operated by a single heavy weapon specialistwithout a tripod. In general, the Chain Gun is functionally identical to the Troika.

Chainguns made short work of large groups of enemies, and operated off an automatically recharging power source, however it was a large, heavy, and unwieldy weapon. Help us.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. or Best Offer. During the Clone Wars, the Confederacy of Independent Systems arrived on a planet and began taking over local farms and enslaving local people.

This however, is somewhat inconvenient in certain environments, as cover is not always abundant.

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