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Use these levels to learn the ins and outs of the game and get used to the controls (there are a lot of them!). Bosses Dragon Eggs are the eggs that hatch into dragons in the Spyro series.

This. All twelve eggs are in the hands of Egg Thieves that have stolen them all. Midnight Mountain is the final set of levels in the game.

Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon is the third game of the franchise. In this game, the eggs are either found lying about, or rewarded after completing a task or mini-game. It can be accessed in the Midnight Mountain homeworld after collecting all 15,000 gems and all 149 Dragon Eggs from the other realms. Console Chapters Presented by - Paid for by Biden for President, The Most Messed Up Moments in the Comic Book Version of ‘The Boys’, The Best Anime Fanfiction Where the Hero Is a Villain, Daily Deals: Preorder Cyberpunk 2077 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or PC and Save 17% Off, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You.

Kaitlin asks Spyro to help find her missing egg. 3DS Realms When Spyro enters this realm, which is revealed as mountainous and snowy with poisonous pink acid all around, he is greeted by Bianca, who tells him that this place is where the Sorceress stashed all her treasure. In this door, Hunter will tell Spyro that h… Note that the level listing below matches that of the main Walkthrough, not the in-game Atlas. While things are generally still friendly, you'll begin to encounter trickier level designs and enemy setups. 150 Dragon Eggs were brought to the Dragon Realms for the Year of the Dragon. This opens the final door. Once you completed a full set, you were given a special prize which was dependent on which set you collected. However, if you do succeed in winning first place, you will win a full treasure chest containing 1,250 Gems! The eggs in this game are light blue with dark blue speckles. In this door, Hunter will tell Spyro that he fixed up an old submarine than he can ride in to take out the Rhynoc Submarines in the water. Cynder - Terrafin - Stealth Elf - Chop Chop (Legendary) - Eruptor - Ignitor - Prism Break - Stump Smash - Flameslinger - Zap - Ghost Roaster - Voodood - Bash (Legendary) - Sonic Boom - Drobot - Boomer - Whirlwind - Dino-Rang - Zook - Wrecking Ball - Sunburn - Camo - Wham-Shell - Slam Bam - Drill Sergeant - Lightning Rod - Warnado - Double Trouble - Hex

Midnight Mountain There are seven in total. Original (Spyro 3) Spyro was asked by Mrs. Shoutfire to find the missing Dragon Eggs that had been stolen once again by Egg Thieves. One of the buildings outside of the arena in the original game seems to have a "portal". Reaching it via hacking reveals that it is nothing but a solid wall, however. Non-Playable Characters

To unlock it, you'll need to not only defeat the Sorceress in Sorceress's Lair, but also achieve 100% by collecting all 149 Eggs and all 15,000 Gems from all the previous levels in the game. Spyro the Dragon Spyro: Year of the Dragon Spyro: A Hero's Tail Spyro: Shadow Legacy Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Spyro Reignited Trilogy. When she shoots at you, her fireball isn't easy to dodge. We have 148 eggs, and 15000 gems, we only have to find one more egg till we can get into the last level.

In this last room, the Sorceress is waiting, flying on her saucer above instant-death acid in this arena. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Finishing everything in there will also grant you a few percentages, if I remember correctly. Towersight Fields - The Proving Grounds - Flooded Viaducts - Radiant Fountain - Dreamgardens - Ashburrow - Magma Bank Island - Cinderstream Pass - Luminous Quarry - Lava Flow Grotto - Snowblind Hills - Frostsedge - Glacial Slopes - Icelight - Aurora Peak - Leaflook Village - Breakmarsh - Daystar Temple - Treetop Circle - Waterwalk Way - Sunblight Wood - Thundersquall - Whipwind Mountains - Stormseye - Galecrack Castle - Dark Mirror To get to these worlds, you'll need to complete the four Spyro levels and the side-character level in Sunrise Spring to pull down the balloon, then defeat Buzz in Buzz's Dungeon. The second-largest amount of gems to be recovered is. Mountainous and snowy realm of Super Bonus Round. When you defeat a thief, you'll get plenty of gems - about 300 or so in total! She is very hard to defeat, as she can speed up after a few moments, leaving little time for you to shoot at her. Spyro the Dragon (Dark) (Legendary) - Gill Grunt - Trigger Happy (Legendary) Dragon Eggs are the eggs that hatch into dragons in the Spyro series. Kaitlin teaches Spyro a spell to turn into an egg afterwards. Cyclops Square - Mushroom Grove - Aqueduct - Troll Factory Pirate Grotto - The Necropolis - Icicle Isle - There is a glitch which makes you get unlimited eggs and one to be rolling in water. It is very important to note that Year of the Dragon introduced Automated Challenge Tuning which, among other adjustments, replaces specified enemies with the Gems they drop if you die often enough, which is the game making things easier for you. In Spyro: Year of the Dragon, Spyro has got to make his way through 30 complicated levels to try and find 150 eggs! There are several thieves, and once you defeat all of them, a door which was previously locked due to a requirement (16,000 gems) will open.

However, thieves came and took some of it.

There are a group of Yetis known as the Sasquatch Six that are willing to race the purple dragon with their hover boards with a surprise for you if you beat them. Spyro: Year of the Dragon Spyro Reignited Trilogy Behind this door, Hunter will be waiting there once more, and tells Spyro that behind him is the fastest race track around. When you defeat a thief, you'll get plenty of gems - about 300 or so in total! 5000

By this point you are expected to be familiar with how the game works, as you get some rather tricky levels appearing here. To get here, you need to complete the four Spyro levels and the side-character level in Evening Lake to make the Rocket, then defeat Scorch in Scorch's Pit. Gems: The eggs have changed in appearance and are now white and gray with purple and pink speckles. There are 150 eggs (151 for the twins) to be rescued, the last of which hatches into twins.

Kaos - Hektore - The Darkness Console Battle Arenas Homeworld: AHT

Master Eon - Hugo - Flynn - Cali - Diggs - Sparx the Dragonfly - Auric - Gurglefin - Clam-tron 4000 - Arbo - General Robot - T-Bone - Weapon Master - Persephone - Snuckles - Rizzo - Nort - Blobbers - Jess LeGrand - Batterson - Gallant - Haldor - Flavius - Ramses - Fargus - Wendel - Esmerelle - Beaufort - Humfry - Tizwig, Ruins (Console) - Sanctuary (3DS) Shattered Island - Perilous Pastures - Sky Schooner Docks - Stormy Stronghold - Oilspill Island - Dark Water Cove - Leviathan Lagoon - Crystal Eye Castle - Stonetown - Treetop Terrace - Falling Forest - Troll Warehouse - Goo Factory - Battlefield - Crawling Catacombs - Cadaverous Crypt - Creepy Citadel - Molekin Mine - Lava Lakes Railway - Quicksilver Vault - Arkeyan Armory - Lair of Kaos Reignited This is one of the only realms in the series to contain a combo Superfly / Superflame power-up, the others being, Hunter will appear in this realm's sublevels, even if he's still trapped in the cage in, This is one of the only levels in the original series to not use the level's skybox in the loading screen when the player enters its portal.

This is the only realm in the game to not have an achievement/trophy reward associated with it. Realm To get here, you need to complete the four Spyro levels and the side-character level in Midday Gardens to repair the Whirligig, then defeat Spike in Spike's Arena. After he finds it, she tells him to find 30 more. Sunrise Spring is the opening set of worlds, and thus the most friendly. By now, you should have at least over 18,000 gems. If the Lost Gem Glitch should happen, and/or if one cannot obtain the egg in Honey Speedway, then this realm can only be accessed with a cheat. Adventure Pack Chapters There are four groups of levels in the Forgotten Worlds, each with a Home World, four normal levels, a Speedway level and a Spark level, all of which can be attempted in roughly any order you like.

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