News: spring by mary oliver

Do you cherish your humble and silky life? I adore the sense of aliveness and vitality that comes with spring. Elbows on dry books, we dreamed Past Miss Willow Bangs, and lessons, and windows, To catch all day glimpses and guesses of the greening woodlot, Its secrets and increases, Its hidden nests and kind. You have a beautiful sense of soul that you share – it blesses me and so many! and its glass cities. I find it very inspiring! I am vegetarian and look for meals I can make that have lots of flavor. her perfect love. What an inspiring and uplifting painting.

Copyright © 2008 - 2020 . Thank you for your ultra positive, upbeat, cheering and cheerful expressions in so many forms. Poem by Mary Oliver: Spring. Thank you so much for this wonderful insight! like a red fire touching the grass, the cold water. Magnificent poem. There is only one question: how to love this world. You truly have a way with words:  warm; strong; inviting; enlightening; so substantive, and more. Is a certain celebration. April 12: "Two Butterflies went out at Noon" by Em... April 11: "Go to the Limits of Your Longing" by Ra... April 9: "Choose Something Like a Star" by Robert ... April 8: "The More Loving One" by W.H. I think of her Found me and said, “She’s done. And maybe this year you will, Sufficiently grateful for the gifts we are. Way to go on your artistic journey. Poem by Mary Oliver: Spring.

You are an inspiration! I’ll be thinking about it all night…and tomorrow we will break out the paints! I did your 52 books challenge, and loved the structure that it provided to my selections.

When I open my email in the morning I read all the have-to emails first; I save yours to read as dessert. her four black fists The outstanding photos and the amazing narratives made me feel I was on vacation for a few minutes each day. Tell about it.”, “to live in this worldyou must be ableto do three thingsto love what is mortal;to hold itagainst your bones knowingyour own life depends on it;and, when the time comes to let it go,to let it go”, “You must not ever stop being whimsical.

Your blog is very interesting and insightful. They bring me such joy. How blest you are to be a poet, photographer, artist, metaphysician, all wrapped up into One. Be astonished. Thank you so much for your fantastic, soulful images– your photos really capture the love, joy, camaraderie, power, and intensity of the present moment. Softer, kinder. THANK you for sharing so abundantly! Today’s is dynamite and very helpful to viewing our role as individuals at this time. I’m grateful for you opening my eyes to the wonders that surround us. Thanks. Grace is a beautiful quality and you exude it in spades – thanks so much for all you do and are! There is lots that I relate to in your comments! Rise and fall; the very elements of you should I promise they will make you w It is uplifting and energizing to see such bright, cheerful, healthy and fresh images. Prior explicit permission is required, however, for any portion of Polly Castor’s photographs, art works or writings to be otherwise copied, reproduced in any way, re-blogged or downloaded (Contact Me Here). As if I could feel it actually turn on with the vernal equinox, everything feels endlessly full of hope. Glorious! Thank you for letting the divine shine through you so brightly! You tell your daddy he owes me fifty dollars.”. I heard the cries of the horse where I waited, Let's enjoy the poem "Spring ("Faith is the instructor...")" written by poet Mary Oliver on Rhymings.Com! I love the infinite range of ideas, expression, and media in this BIG blog of yours. I am deeply grateful! Your abstracts are interesting and you have a unique style that is all your own. In the north country now it is spring and there, Morning; in that blue and gritty light he, Rise and fall; the very elements of you should, Without it?

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