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In Brazil, Kardec's ideas are embraced by many followers today. Im deutschsprachigen Raum spielte vor allem der Mesmerismus eine große Rolle, dessen Methoden zu ähnlichen Phänomenen wie bei den spiritistischen Seancen führen sollte. Nonetheless, belief in the ability to communicate with the dead grew rapidly, becoming a religious movement called Spiritualism, which contributed significantly to Kardec's ideas. In his work Apocalypse Explained, #1182.4, he wrote, "Many persons believe that man can be taught by the Lord by means of spirits speaking with him. These two beliefs—that contact with spirits is possible, and that spirits are more advanced than humans—lead spiritualists to a third belief: that spirits are capable of providing useful knowledge about moral and ethical issues, as well as about the nature of God. [citation needed] Interest in Mesmerism also contributed to early Spiritism. ", "A spirit is not an abstract, undefined being, only to be conceived of by our thought; it is a real, circumscribed being, which, in certain cases, is appreciable by the senses of sight, hearing, and touch. Video and Images of the original Fox Family historic home site. Spiritism is a religion, self-described as a spiritualistic philosophy, that started in the 19th century by the French educator Hippolyte Léon Denizard Rivail, who, under the pen name Allan Kardec, wrote books on "the nature, origin, and destiny of spirits, and their relation with the corporeal world". Damit verbunden war ursprünglich die Überzeugung, dass die Existenz der Seelen oder Geister mittels wissenschaftlicher Experimente nachgewiesen werden könne. [72], The Spiritualism also inspired the pioneering abstract art of Vasily Kandinsky, Piet Mondrian, Kasimir Malevich and Frantisek Kupka.[73]. [75] The SPR's investigations into Spiritualism exposed many fraudulent mediums which contributed to the decline of interest in physical mediumship. The movement quickly spread throughout the world; though only in the United Kingdom did it become as widespread as in the United States. At 56, he claimed to have experienced visions of the spiritual world and talked with angels, devils, and spirits by visiting heaven and hell. Mr. Darwin's theory does not in the least militate against ours—we think it necessitates it; he simply does not deal with our side of the subject. [1], Spiritism is currently represented in 35 countries by the International Spiritist Council. Mai 2020 um 19:31 Uhr bearbeitet. Hoskins, Janet Alison 2015. In the United States the spiritualist churches are primarily affiliated either with the National Spiritualist Association of Churches or the loosely allied group of denominations known as the spiritual church movement; in the U.K. the predominant organization is the Spiritualists' National Union, founded in 1890.

[10] Spiritistische Ideen waren dabei oft verflochten mit sozialreformerischen Ideen, vor allem mit denjenigen der französischen Frühsozialisten. [2] Dieser neu entdeckte Begriff wurde im Laufe des 19. Jahrhunderts aufgeteilt, sodass auf der einen Seite der Geistbegriff innerhalb der Philosophie unter anderem als Weltgeist, Zeitgeist oder Volksgeist im Diskurs vorkam. [57] Duncan was later tested by Harry Price at the National Laboratory of Psychical Research; photographs revealed Duncan's ectoplasm to be made from cheesecloth, rubber gloves, and cut-out heads from magazine covers. On investigation, all these things were found to be products of trickery. But those who believe this, and desire to do so, are not aware that it is associated with danger to their souls. Hopps claimed humanity had started off imperfect "out of the animal's darkness" but would rise into the "angel's marvellous light". [45], In the 1920s many "psychic" books were published of varied quality. [3], Another famous woman Spiritualist was Achsa W. Sprague, who was born November 17, 1827, in Plymouth Notch, Vermont. The following works contain concepts related to Spiritist beliefs: In Brazil, a number of soap operas have plots incorporating Spiritism. Das Wort Geister wurde in dieser Zeit vor allem dadurch bekannt, dass es als Übersetzung verschiedener griechischer Wörter genutzt wurde, ohne einen direkten deutschsprachigen Inhalt zu haben. In Deutschland fasste die spiritistische Bewegung relativ langsam Fuß und entwickelte sich nicht zu einer Massenbewegung, stieß andererseits aber stärker als in anderen Ländern auf Interesse in intellektuellen und wissenschaftlichen Kreisen, wobei einflussreiche Wissenschaftler teils vehemente Gegner waren. Swedenborg, however, warned against seeking contact with spirits. Many believers therefore speak of "spirit guides"—specific spirits, often contacted, and relied upon for worldly and spiritual guidance. They purportedly included poetry, novels, and even scientific treatises, some of which are considered by Brazilian Spiritist followers to be fundamental for the comprehension of the practical and theoretical aspects of Allan Kardec's doctrine. [2][3] Showmanship became an increasingly important part of spiritualism, and the visible, audible, and tangible evidence of spirits escalated as mediums competed for paying audiences.

An extremely popular trance lecturer, she traveled about the United States until her death in 1861. For the spiritualist doctrine of Allan Kardec, see. [36] Brazilian Spiritist, Hernani Guimarães Andrade, has in turn written rebuttals to these criticisms.[35]. [60], The Spiritualists' view of evolution did not stop at death.

2007, S. 929f. [24], Als die Ikone des Spiritismus, Margaret Fox, vierzig Jahre nach den Ereignissen in Hydesville, öffentlich zugab, den ganzen Spuk und die Klopfgeräusche mit ihren Schwestern selbst herbeigeführt zu haben, und als sich viele andere der vermeintlichen Geistkommunikationen ebenfalls als Betrügerei entpuppten, verlor die spiritistische Bewegung ihr Ansehen in der Bevölkerung. Scientific skeptics also frequently target Spiritism in books, media appearances, and online forums, identifying it as a pseudoscience. ): Dictionary of Gnosis and Western Esotericism, Leiden 2005, S. 1080f. Prominent investigators who exposed cases of fraud came from a variety of backgrounds, including professional researchers such as Frank Podmore of the Society for Psychical Research and Harry Price of the National Laboratory of Psychical Research, and professional conjurers such as John Nevil Maskelyne. This symbol represents the journey out of darkness and into transformation. Until his death, Kardec continued to address these issues in various books and in his periodical, the Revue Spirite.

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