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For example, the third person imperfect subjunctive conjugation of llover (to rain) is lloviera. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates. Tease her a bit and add a bit of romance with these love riddles for her. I guess you may be thinking I have definitely lost my mind. (He told me he would marry me). If not, have a look at it now! 5. It cannot get any simpler! Since then, not only has he learned how and when to use those powerful little words, but thanks to Maite he has also been able to overcome his fear of the past tenses and Spanish sentence structure. (If we had had money, we would have gotten married last year.). Amame cuando menos lo merezca, por que sera cuando mas lo necesite.Translation: Love me when I least deserve it, because it will be when I need it the most. “¿Y cuál es la clave?” (“And what is the password?”), “Tener dinero y pagarlo.” (To have money and pay the bill. Mother, you have a phone call!

Van dos cieguitos por la calle pasando calor y dicen (Two blind men walk down the street, feeling the heat of the day. Now you know how to conjugate the Spanish conditional tenses. Si me lo pidiera, me casaría con él. In Spanish, esperar can translate as the verb “to wish” or “to wait.” The prepositional phrase a que (that or for that) both clarifies and builds a bit of suspense for the punch line! cantaría       cantaríamos cantarías     cantaríais cantaría       cantarían, comería       comeríamos comerías     comeríais comería       comerían, viviría        viviríamos    vivirías      viviríais viviría        vivirían. Apart from realizing that they are both very romantic, I also realized that they were mostly using the conditional tenses during their conversation. ), Ayer me party la cara en la bicicleta. Prefiero un minuto contigo a una eternidad sin ti.Translation:  I prefer a minute with you than an eternity without you. ), Ser tu esposa sería maravilloso. “Hijo, por que vienes ebrio?” (“Son, why did you come home drunk?”), “Mamá, pero tu me dijiste EMBRIAGATE?” (Mom, but you told me, “Get yourself intoxicated? Now read the 25 clever jokes that will make you sound smart. If not, keep on reading this post, and afterwards you can go back to their dialogue and look closely at the verbs—you’ll surely spot the conditional then! Last time we heard about him, he was dealing with the prepositions por and para (and, to be honest, he was doing pretty well). 10 Popular Spanish Christmas Carols to Learn for the Holidays, 20 Best Spanish Horror Movies to Help You Learn Spanish, A Playlist of Romantic Spanish Love Songs You Can Listen for Free, 5 Lovely Spanish Poems with English Translation, Listen to this Free Playlist of Awesome Spanish Christmas Songs, 19 Surprising Facts to Strike up a Conversation about Spain. ), Michael: Si tuviera más dinero, nos casaríamos ahora mismo. “Cariño, creo que estás obsesionado con el fútbol y me haces falta.” (“My love, I think you’re obsessed with soccer and I miss you.”), “¡¿Qué falta?! Cute and romantic love riddle!. (What’s your English fluency level?

¡Se está quemando nuestra casa!” (“Darling, wake up! 4. As this article from The Guardian explains, there is more to understanding humor than just the vocabulary and grammar.

Tardé una hora en conocerte y solo un día en enamorarme. The conditional perfect is formed by the simple conditional of the verb haber (yeah, the one I just conjugated above) and the past participle of the main verb, and it means “would have ~ed.”. Me dijo que se casaría conmigo. Love Riddles We hope you enjoy our collection of love riddles and answers. The good news is that the endings are exactly the same as above, so you only need to learn them once. (If I had more money we would get married right away.

So… are you already convinced that the Spanish conditional tenses are not so frightening as they seem? This Spanish joke plays on the verb saluda (the third person singular present tense conjugation of saludar), which means “to greet” and the adverb saludable, which means healthy or healthfully. ), Seguramente habrían perdido el avión a París. She loves reading anything (including product labels). 1.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 7. This smile is mine, but the reason is you. ¿Nivel de inglés? Si hubiéramos tenido dinero, nos habríamos casado el año pasado. Let’s start with the simple conditional, which is what most people actually mean when they say the “conditional” tense. 1 . ¿Te casarías con él? The simple conditional has quite a few uses, but that doesn’t mean you will find any difficulties when learning it. The first person imperfect subjunctive conjugation of ver (to see) is viera. (They must have gotten married at 4 p.m.), Esa sería la razón por la que se enamoró de ella. Did you see it? Do you remember our friend Michael? Laugh Your Way to Fluency with These Funny Jokes in Spanish . To express softening or deference (usually with requests).

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