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An international icon and transcendent artist, Bob Marley made reggae a staple for music lovers, delivering hit after hit of his percussive, catchy and beautifully uncomplicated arrangements. With a catchy chorus and some killer guitar parts to boot, this is an epic song. “The Middle” reflects on the time after Jimmy Eat World was dropped by their label and includes down-but-not-out lyrics like “don’t write yourself off yet” and “it’s only in your head / you feel left out or looked down on.”.

Use a guitar with humbuckers and turn up the gain for this one! In this tutorial from Fender Play instructor Nikki Stevens, you can use down strums or work up to a more percussive alternate strum through the three chords (E, A, and D major).

The guitars form a perfect bedrock for the lyrics - have a go at playing the lead guitar fills (with the bends) in the chorus. There are a lot of simple rock songs that you can learn in minutes from Fender Play. This is one of the most recognisable riffs in rock.

SOFT ROCK STAR Chords by Metric. A collection of 3000+ mostly old classic rock and pop songs with guitar chords MOST REQUESTED UKULELE SONG-BOOK, 400+ songs with lyrics and chords -great collection, with downloadable PDFs for printing LOVE SONG LYRICS Contemporary & classic, 2800 love songs with lyrics, chords and PDF for print out Top hit songs from the American music charts of 1930 to 1950, lyrics+ PDF and RTF versions A 12-bar bluesy rocker, it took John Lee Hooker’s rhythm approach and added modern hard rock picking and lead work. We recommend starting with two simple chords, such as Em and A7. Chord, note and key transposition - transposing chords in a song - useful examples and charts Please Note: All the song charts on this site represent our interpretation of each song, in a format aimed at teaching guitarists and musicians in general.

The result influenced a generation of guitarists - many of which are also featured in this list! “La Bamba” is an energetic combination of rock music and Latin riffs. That's why we've put together this HUMONGOUS list of 53. Guitarhabits - About - Privacy Policy - Do Not Sell My Personal Information - Cookie Policy, Knockin’ on Heavens door – Bob Dylan / Guns ‘n Roses, Up around the bend – Creedence Clearwater Revival, All along the watchtower – Bob Dylan / Jimi Hendrix. Again, we have an acoustic in the verse and an overdriven guitar for the chorus - this is an easy way to make the chorus stand out. Although it's the drums and vocals that really make this song special, the guitar is not to be overlooked. The intro to this song is really similar to "Feel Like Making Love", so if you master one then the other shouldn't give you too much trouble.

The solo is the only difficult bit here; with a bit of practice the riffs should be easy enough. The riff changes a couple of minutes into the song, giving a different feel and adding a nice sense of structure. Learn how to play "Knights of Cydonia” here.

As you begin to learn songs, you will start seeing rock guitar chord patterns in the chord progressions that keep coming back time after time. ©Copyright 2007-2020 Midlife Rocker Media ~ All rights reserved.

There's a change of tone for part of the verse, before going back to a distorted guitar tone for the chorus. Listen to how the two guitar parts interlink in this song; it's a key part of the sound. Great song, easy riff, and easy solo. The solo is the only part that should give you any trouble, so feel free to play the rhythm parts for now instead. Learn how to play "Knights of Cydonia” here, Learn how to play “(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction” here, Learn how to play “Blood & Roses” here. This was one of Black Sabbath's more popular hits. Featuring possibly the simplest riff in this whole list, "Satisfaction" is a killer-sounding and easy-to-play song.

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