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Console commands are supported. Anybody have any ideas on how to fix this? SkyVRaan - Shimmering VR Water adds a fake reflection effect to Skyrim VR's outdoor water. Its story began about a year ago today, once upon a time - on a cold winter night. Thank you!! The second possibility - more work but possibly better chance of success - would be to shift position of every character in animation, based on the position of VR body.. and do this separately for every stage - to make sure that at all times the VR body is at the center point.

Compatible with Ordinator.

From version 37 on, debug spells are automatically enabled for player.

311 votes, 98 comments. Need to swap in the stunt double for position setting as well. Hopefully it'll remain compatible enough that many of the SL mods will be able to function with it.

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Dude you are the man!

I just found a bug when trying to holster a new weapon ("The hunter" bow) from the InsanitySorrow weapons pack. VRIK will display the player character's body in SkyrimVR and animate it to match your movements.

Please keep one very important thing in mind: while this mod for Sexlab seems to work pretty stably now, Sexlab does NOT officially support playing in VR at the moment. Also has improved realism and clarity of near water.

Its story began about a year ago today, once upon a time - on a cold winter night.

Try removing all gestures from the right hand and let me know if that fixes your interact button. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. EFF. Skyrim For Real is a curated mod list built specifically for Skyrim VR with the goal of making the game as realistic and immersive as possible.

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You can equip and/or unequip any set of armor / slot / weapons / spells / powers / shouts in a single motion. How could it be so? Going to give that a kick. Get index bindings from VRIK mod page at nexus, fixed physical sneaking not getting restored after animation finishes, this may have fixed some other obscure issues as well, checkbox toggle to reset VRIK body proportions during animation (e.g.

VRIK is a new SKSE plugin for Skyrim VR which adds an analytical inverse kinematics solver for the player's arms while using the VR Body mod. Small problem I am having. Further down the line - if I have time - would be nice to add support for flags that would mark some animations as compatible to 1st person view.. so that the view mode could be picked per animation based on those. Nexus link:

Also with the clone I suspect (but have not confirmed) that the stats are being done for the clone and not the player. You sir are an inspiration. So, question. I've been trying to keep up with this conversation while simultaneously knowing almost literally nothing about programming, and thank yall both for the effort and collaboration that's going into this by the way, I'd tip my hat to you if I was wearing one. VRIK Rift-Index-WMR Controller Bindings V2.1.0. I don't see a huge difference between running SL Llight (with patch) on VR or SL Full (with patch) on VR honestly - neither of those approaches is officially supported on SL thread. No issues since. I just fired it up and played around. SL will also maintain internally a list of up to 5 NPCs you've last selected (the list will be emptied and any selected target wiped, if you haven't selected another NPC within 60 seconds.

WIP, and requires SKSE. VRIK requires SKSEVR and SkyUI-VR. Select Skyrim VR. I downloaded the archive from the first post and loaded it after the SL full but can't get to MCM - only Install is an option even after I have installed several times. Allows you to see your character in VR and also to edit your character's looks safely. Spells or shouts can be cast with any number of words. Can't wait to see what it's like when the animation issues get worked out. Just kidding! Bit late but yeah, I've had the same problem as you but wasn't able to rectify it. User account menu.

MageVR has you drawing complex runes in the air to conjure up spells in a really cool way. Go to SteamVR Settings -> Devices -> Controller Settings.

Currently fixes nearly all of the crafting perk bugs, such as advanced lab, advanced workshop, gem dust/arcane nexus, and Spellscribe/Power Echoes; as well as the archery tree. Creature animations do work, and SLAL works - I believe it already lets you use SLAL to load up animations (including creature ones).

That mod seemed so great for immersion until the shoulders stretched out. IF YOU ARE USING INDEX CONTROLLERS, MAKE SURE TO GET THE BINDINGS FILE TO HELP YOU SET UP CONTROL BINDINGS - OTHERWISE GESTURE CONTROLS WILL NOT WORK. . I've recalibrated my VR's native standing and the mod's config using the power to calibrate to no success. Do the shocker to shock her! Sometimes I get as far as setting the VR body to animation location... and attaching the viewpoint to roughly the same location.. and it can look really good.

Also generally the VR body isn't facing exactly the right direction either - again this may be dependent on animation. - VRIK 18 has "close and open fist to cast spell" feature for index controllers, and ability to hide compass and display by turning your palm up (must be enabled in VRIK settings). So either I dropped the wrong bits or something is slightly tweaked in the integrate. It's finally ready! - Please ckeck the sticky posts - for FAQ and Guides, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser.

Weapons can be kept, drawn, and sheathed in up to 14 visible holsters on your body.

That's fine by me.

It's much more focused on magic, and VRIK doesn't do anything like that at all. These do actually work for creature animations (and includes a patch on SLAC to make it work properly), but it can cause thread timeouts, especially when you start using SLAL.

(Thinking of custom flag you can set on animations you want to play on 1st person, but I suppose an animation author could set it as well). - any effects during animation - I think there was a mod that simulates injuries from anything rough/non-con.

Thanks so much for testing this out and writing your feedback, its more helpful than you may even realize! The powerful open-source mod manager from Nexus Mods. I'd installed it earlier without the dll, and with different script changes.

Updated 05.jan.20 This is a list of mods, that have been made specifically for the VR version of Skyrim. Sexlab comes with regular papyrus utils, which will NOT work. The clone however is a different story.

Perhaps the head should be moved forward a little bit in the XP32 VRIK? 'Target' spell can be used to select an NPC for MCM menu options, for SL this lets you select voice, and look at NPCs journal stats.

I still have the problem that the viewpoint orbits a 'center point' depending on what direction you look into. That causes any mod that is listening for the two parameter event to not receive it.

The gesture itself works great but, for oculus, the gestures require you click and hold down the analog stick. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. Oh - but I do copy the player's equipment to the clone. Damn holidays! Have the ability to sit anywhere you choose while trekking through the wilderness? This is amazing, great work as always.

Any ideas? Automatically unequips your arrows after shooting them, then reequips the arrow after pressing the trigger (MCM configurable) over your shoulder. Merry VRIKsmas!


Having more perks would cause an instant CTD. Intended as a stopgap measure until Bethesda comes out with a better solution. In other words, I haven't been able to tie the viewpoint itself into the animation, no matter what I do. It should be in your overwrite\SKSE\Plugins folder. So.. it worked for me. it's optional, you can enable/disable it and set it on/off by default, jumping is disabled during animation, so it no longer accidentally breaks animations, disabled interacting with objects, and sneaking during animation, disabled most of the logging from VR patch to VRIK log, because things seem to be working, moved anim disable/enable to right paragraph on MCM for visibility, added haptic pulse on stage shift in debug mode, hide gesture info during animation when gestures are disabled, replaced by clicky text to enable them, always enable collision on game load (prevents being locked to no-collision if you load a save during animation), fixed light orgasm whiteout (actual whiteout instead of brief flashes), push stage auto-advance when enabled, to ensure it actually starts (gesture didn't always start it, this hopefully fixes it), gray out disabled controls in MCM in victim role (some gestures are disabled if you select "disable victim controls" in animation settings page), 'height adjust speed' setting in SL MCM (explained in notes at bottom of page), There's 'reset to defaults' preset that should reset all VR patch settings to reasonable, working defaults - use it first if things seem to not work right, Added better testing for install requirements.

This would still require being able to actually move the viewpoint around though - but I'm pretty sure at one point I had settings that would have worked with this approach.

Many new things are here, such as a full set of input functions intended for use by external mods.

This now also affects the height of the head, not just position. Keep in mind that this isn't just an early first release - it's also my first mod for Skyrim, so please be a bit patient with me if you run into trouble. That's a lot of papyrus on those race functions : ). What I have right now, pretty much works for everything I need it to (through the clone approach), but I've also seen how much the 1st person approach can actually improve -some- animations, so I want to at least put some effort to seeing how far that can go at the moment. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. This was made for VR version in mind but I am 99% sure it will work with regular Skyrim Special Edition as well. @reikiriĀ - if you could incorporate the "dress the clone" (makes sure jewlery and what not are on the clone...or horns etc at some point...) and what you think would be appropriate for the sexstats adjustment that I have here into yours that would be great. VRIK requires SKSEVR and SkyUI-VR.

One possibility that comes to mind, would be to rewrite slalLoader.psc - functions registerCategoryAnimations and registerAnimations to just push the animIDs into an array, and then fire up onUpdate that starts working on that array - calling registerAnimIfEnabled for one animation at time.

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