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Upon discovering the chest of prize money didn't contain the full intended amount of $1,000, he threw in a radio, a rug, a conqueror's helmet prop, and his wristwatch to equal up to the total amount. Buster Moon Chuck | Eddie Tina Nelson | Buster Moon the characters are relatable and all so lovable ,, i’d really recommend seeing it ! : Managing showsCar washing skills Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Cheesy pop's not exactly my style. We just witnessed the birth of a genuine rock star! :

Buster's theater is built on 551 Echo Drive.

: Type of Hero

Donna Lou Who. (Release date has been changed to TBA) (Y/N) is a female anthropomorphic koala living in Calatonia (I think that's where the movie takes place). Residence : 1 Buster Moonplayed Kuzco (Human) in The Koala's New Groove (Amzy Yzma) 2 Buster Moon plays Wattson in Pokemon Advanced Generation (DinosaurKingRockz Animal Style) 3 Buster Moon plays Woody (In Outtakes) With (Eddie)in A Cartoon's Life … He scrapes together $1,000 for the winner, but thanks to Buster’s doddering old lizard assistant due to her glass eye popping out and bouncing off her keyboard, the flyers go out proclaiming a $100,000 prize instead, causing a stir in the animal world. Gray and white furUnbuttoned blue suit covering white shirt and red bowtieBrown and gold wristwatchBlack beltBrown shoes Buster Moon

Personal Information Hoo! | Release Dates : In Buster's introduction, a diploma from the Modern Drama Institute can be seen on his office walls.

Sing (2016) Matthew McConaughey as Buster Moon.

Buster Moon is the third Illumination protagonist to be an animal, after. Frog Owner of Moon TheaterProducer Buster Moon Allies Buster has fun at the ice rink while "Sleigh Ride" plays. Gunter Buster Moon is an anthropomorphic koala, and the main protagonist of Illumination's 7th feature film Sing. Chloe | Mr. Bunny | We met at Eddie's graduation. Eddie Noodleman (best friend)Miss Crawly MeenaRosita AshJohnnyMikeGunterNana Noodleman Meena Buster Moon Likes Later, Mizuki finds Buster and Miss Crawly attempting to fix the circuit board. Buster, come on. He rallies the troops, they throw together a workable open-air theater, and perform for free, each of his singers pulling off spectacular performances that redeems Buster in the eyes of the public as well as Nana Noodleman, the theater actress who was partly responsible for inspiring Buster to love theater, that she buys back the theater property and restores it to its former glory, allowing Buster to hold a grand re-opening and truly start his career as a successful theater producer. Wow! –Buster Moon, quickly realizing the burden of having to use a megaphone to communicate with Daniel would drive him nuts, dismisses him from the competition and selects Johnny instead. He is at least 36 years old. : … [pointing to another bucket]  Buster Moon (Matthew McConaughey) is een erg enthousiaste en optimistische koala die de eigenaar is van een slecht draaiend theater. Buster Moon When Buster was a child, he wanted to be the first koala astronaut, but this dream changed after his father took him to see the play Epiphany. [Ash finishes her set]  Oh yes I'm fine, thank you... How are you? However, Buster is also pushy and opportunistic, willing to lie to steal electricity and water for his theater, and lie to his contestants about the prize money. I gotta think. Pre-Show Buster addresses the audience, welcoming them to the opening night of Sing on Tour. Enemies In his introduction scene, it is shown that he has a diploma from the Modern Drama Institute. Buster Moon | [Hears Meena singing 'Hallelujah' on her headphones]  the characters are relatable and all so lovable ,, i’d really recommend seeing it ! It's melting my eyes. Bears Ultimately, six acts pass the audition, but after one is injured and a second disbands early, Buster allows Meena, a failed contestant turned stagehand, to join.


Buster Moon is truly the optimist; he doesn't know when to quit, and believes in the concept that when you've hit rock bottom, the only way left to go is up. It's melting my eyes... Buster Moon Kevin, Stuart & Bob | Eddie Eddie (best friend)Miss CrawlyAshJohnnyMeenaRositaGunterNana Noodleman After Gunter switches the music track with his holiday dance remix of "Groove Is in the Heart", he catches Miss Crawly when she loses her balance and dances with her. Buster Moon Ash

Ow! Ted Wiggins | Music and lights bring magic to life. Audrey |

Buster Moon

| Buster tells his camerawoman, Mizuki, to introduce herself while he leaves to help Miss Crawly. At the end, he poses with the rest of the Sing cast. : His determination to save his theater from being shut down drives Buster to do anything and everything to do so, such as going to extreme lengths to avoid dealing with the bank, illegally siphoning power from a next-door business after his theater's electric bill shuts the power down, and stealing gallons of water from a water tower to set up a unique stage, and lying to his contestants about the $100,000 prize money (which was supposed to be only $1,000). Moon, you've... you've got some stuck here. Hu, Sing Buster weet nog net 1000 dollar bijeen te schrapen als prijzengeld voor de wedstrijd. The Lorax |

Just think, your neighbor, the-the-the grocery store manager, that-that-that-that chicken, right there. | Despicable Me/Minions Fred O'Hare | Alive : Buddy | He wears a white button-down shirt with a red bow tie covered by a blue suit jacket.

He has gray fur with white fur inside of his ears. Status Reblog. : He may be left handed as his wristwatch is seen on his left hand before he takes it off to put it in the prize chest. As a final effort to restore is theater's popularity, he decides to organize a singing competition, despite the misgivings of his best friend, Eddie Noodleman. Liam | He is wholly supportive of all his performers, and uses his managerial skills to draw out their talent.

Prior to wanting to have his own theater, Buster wanted to be the first koala in space. He loves his theater and won't give it up without a fight, not only because of his love for theater, but because his father worked so hard for so long to help Buster buy the theater in order to fulfill his son's dream, and Buster keeps the bucket his father used in his car-washing business to make that dream a reality as a cherished memento. Young Buster was so amazed by the play, and star Nana Noodleman's performance in particular, he developed a lifelong passion for theater. Origin When you've reached rock bottom, there's only one way to go, and that's up! : Buster Moon is a male koala who is the main protagonist of the movie Sing. : Just look at you, dear.

Young Buster was so amazed by the play, and star Nana Noodleman's performance in particular, he developed a lifelong passion for theater. Production Information I can't tell. He lives in the Moon Theater, sleeping in his desk drawer.

Age Do-Gooder

he is also a befriend of Rosita,Mike,Meena,Johnny And Ash. The Pink Berets | The Once-Ler | Friends/Allies : : sing Buster Moon koala rosita big daddy gorilla Illustration digital art visual development Garth Jennings illumination universal studios. Yes, and do you know why I have this bucket?

Hobby Physical Appearance All creatures great and small, welcome to the Moon Theater! Margo Gru | It's possible he may have wanted to say that "You are in my show, sleep well and start fresh tomorrow". Full Name But I'd like to try. He rallies his performers, ad together they stage an open-air concert in the ruins. Moon TheaterEddie's pool house (temporarily)

Everyone in the city gets a shot at being a star live on my stage!

: Ash : Buster Moon [embarrassed]  E.B. Save the Moon Theater (succeeded) | I've gotta think. Ash Heroic Animal, Mr. MoonPal (by Eddie Noodleman)Man (by Eddie Noodleman), Miss Crawly MeenaRosita AshJohnnyMikeGunterNana Noodleman, Judith (formerly) Nana Noodleman (formerly). When everything goes wrong and literally comes crashing down, Buster finally breaks and gives up, is unresponsive to his singers' support and encouragement, and is fully prepared to accept a fate of car-washing until he hears and is inspired by Meena's beautiful singing to take one last shot.

Sing Isn't this a great color for you? Isn't this a great colour for you? Tiberius |

You think you can sing like that?

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