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Played by Marj Hogarth; appears in "Dug", "Hoaliday" and "One in One Out". Victor seems to be slightly more intelligent than Jack, sometimes correcting Jack or cutting him off when he begins to ramble by saying: "That's plenty, Jack." In the episode "Swottin'", he auditioned for the role of quizmaster, but was not chosen. With Shamshad Akhtar, Mark Cox, Claire Gray Wilson, Greg Hemphill. Big Arthur (2003-2007) Another Clansman regular, often seen helping out Jack, Victor, Winston or Tam.

Jack moves in with his best friend Victor when the old.

His mother, Margaret, warned him that if he didn't behave, he wouldn't be coming on holiday with them. He has been best friends with Jack for sixty years, who also lives on the same floor at Osprey Heights. Appears in "Job". Jack and Victor go with Isa to visit her recently-widowed friend Ella, who looks like Ken Dodd and whose husband was hired as a wedding chauffeur the following weekend. In a sketch on the sister programme Chewin' the Fat, his surname was given as McAlpine.

He is played by Jamie Quinn.

Isa worked out that Pete 'the Jakey' was missing from the photo and he must have had sex with Jenny.

It was an emergency attempt to take all the bottles of Midori away before Big Innes came. don @ minifie-1.

Charlie (2006-2007) A very large man, seemingly obese, enough even to make the Osprey Heights lift break. He appears in "The Fall Guy". A good friend of Jack and Victor's, Winston Ingram is played by Paul Riley. Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist.

Chris Howden (2005) A property developer.

They succeeded but Kevin, seeing the three old men, insults Winston. She has a hunchback, numerous moles, and misshapen teeth.

In "Hot Seat" it is revealed that he served in the fire service and the navy. She had made a reappearance in “Small Change” Series 7, and then again in "Dead Leg: Part Two". In all other episodes, his age is stated as 72. Because Frances is busy at the library, Tam has to show Molly around Craiglang. Winston expresses an interest in moving to Finport by the sea, which he believes to be a playground for merry widows. John McDade (2004) Victor and Betty's son. The episode centres on Navid and Boaby swapping jobs, and young Fergie's marriage. Contains adult humour. Winston maintains this is her way of keeping in touch with people to 'keep on tap with everyone's business.' Vince claimed that he had changed his ways but Winston does not trust him. In "Hot Seat" she strikes up a conversation with a man as ugly as she is and they discuss past sexual encounters. Mrs Begg (2003) Played by Celia Imrie. Winston wanted his friends to offer Joe as much support as possible. He appeared to be a handsome man with short hair and white teeth, but when Isa agrees to start a relationship with him, she is shocked to see that he is actually overweight and toothless, with long balding hair. Andy, an elderly worker, felt sorry for Kevin and took the fall for him. However, Thomas smuggled in a girl, a cannabis plant disguised as a tomato plant and his friends.

Jack and Victor go with Isa to visit her recently-widowed friend Ella, who looks like Ken Dodd and whose husband was hired as a wedding chauffeur the following weekend. Neither of them are successful, as the girl's dad is the boxer Jim Watt, who knocks both men out. In "Seconds Out," Stevie and Bobby fight each other for the girl who works in the Pizza shop.

Kevin is 24 and is extremely ageist. Despite her unflattering appearance, she seems to have no problems getting men in bed, once waking up in bed with Winston, and once more with Boabby. Victor is so annoyed with John, he sometimes refers to him as an "uncaring bastard". There are changes afoot in Craiglang. In 2004, his house was to be demolished so he came out his home for the first time in decades. Local Hero. Molly didn't manage to make it to Tam and Frances’ wedding. Sinead (2003, 2005–2006, 2016) The waitress at the local cafe, Sinead doesn't put much enthusiasm into her job. Molly Drummond (2006) Played by Dorothy Paul. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Fergie (possibly short for Ferguson), is a teenage boy who lives in Craiglang. Fiona He has a new nickname for Jack and Victor each time they enter The Clansman but Jack and Victor always have a wittier comeback, putting him in his place, often with the catchphrase "Two pints, prick!!".

Additionally, he is prone to malapropisms, such as saying "discretion" instead of "desecration." Jack and Barbara started a relationship during which Victor was left on his own. Vince was sacked but, years later, Winston confronted him and saw that he was running a mobile snack bar. During filming for Lassie, he had his penis bitten off by a dog.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. At first, people dismiss the stories as nonsense but suspicion grows when Eric drops dead shortly after Sheathing pats him on the arm. | Other recurring characters include: Chris the Postie, Stevie the Bookie and several other pub-goers. "Auld" Eric is played by James Martin.

Winston has his leg amputated at the end of the third series after his eighty-a-day cigarette habit catches up with him. Shug has a part-time job as an overnight security guard in Delanys department store. Winston often takes advantage of Isa's kindness and soft spot towards him in order to receive free food from her. Still Game is a Scottish sitcom series, following the lives of a group of pensioners who live in Craiglang, a fictional area of Glasgow. For an enhanced browsing experience, get the IMDb app on your smartphone or tablet.

9.2 (37 votes) Series 10 of Still Game Isn’t Picked Up by BBC One Current Show Status. However, she is forced to resume being Winston's home help after he, Jack and Victor discovered that she was having an affair with Bert Findlay. In the first episode, "Flittin'," Jack was said to be 74 years old, the same age as Victor. This FAQ is empty. In episode "Waddin", he was wrongly thought to have died in hospital (it was a younger man with the same name) and everything he had borrowed was claimed back by their rightful owners.

Furthermore, Pete has a letter from Jenny proving he is the father of Chris. He and his friends would hang outside Navid's shop and would hassle Joe Ingram to give them a box of sweets for free. A large man who is friendly with the Craiglang locals. don @ minifie-1. JavaScript seems to be disabled. She is known to have an 18-year-old son, Simon, who was charged with drunk driving at the age of 12.

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