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Im just quoting the article: And an expensive series of mishaps could cost hundreds of Swiss francs. Someone really was pissed with that shop. For lovers of contemporary design, the soft, modern lines of these asymmetric elliptical silhouettes make a sophisticated, fresh, and fun-loving way to set the table. According to Simon, the best glass to use for these sort of projects are the hardest kind, that doesn't break immediately upon the initial impacts, like a car's windshield.

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recipes chocolate chip cookies a la gesine. More info: | He once created a portrait from an upcycled calculator, showing us that even the most negligible 'waste' material can be turned into something special. Flat panes showcase the brilliance of the material, along with the artisan’s skill. Oh, and did we mention he also conducts workshops at the venue too! As a trained carpenter, he dexterously can handle carpentry tools to create stunning shattered glass art. Home » Art & Creative » Talented Artist Simon Berger Creates Unusual Works Of Art By Shattering Glass Into Portraits. Artist Smashes Glass Storefront With A Hammer And Creates Amazing Art - Artist Name: Simon Berger. Repeat. SHOP ASCUTNEY.

Handmade by a duo of master glassblowers working in tandem, each iconic globe-and-stem design is a testament to the power of teamwork and tradition. In fact, Berger believes that art can emerge from the destruction of the familiar. CELEBRATION COLLECTION. Only a few, however, take it to a whole new level. After the artist chooses a photo of a model he’ll be creating, he marks the outlines on the glass. A go-to for everything from mimosas to fine vintages.

In any case, I'm sharing his work which is done on store fronts too. Sip. People who've worked with glass using a hammer and a chisel might affirm to that.

The glass was his canvas and the hammer was his brush. How did he create this amazing glass portrait?

Delicate yet durable, the large collar and bell-shaped silhouette give traditional elegance and versatility. Which I thought was amazing. Created with artistic flourish, no two pieces will be exactly alike. But a closer look made them realize that the portrait was drawn by actual cracks on the glass pane.

Is there hope after destruction? WE'RE HARD AT WORK MAKING EVERYTHING BY HAND.

Carving these kinds of glass portraits is no easy feat, but Simon here, through his meticulous and innovative style has brought about a whole new perception of 'smashing glass' in certain places. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The strong, tapered base gives rise to a flat, flared rim that’s purpose-built to serve as a canvas for engraving life’s great moments. And photos of the extraordinary glass portrait scattered on social media like a wildfire. Cookies help us deliver our Services. save hide report. Simon Berger's innovative and meticulous style of art has drawn many an amazed vistor to his exhibition in Basel, Switzerland. In his quest to create the perfect Irish whiskey glass, Simon’s signature barware line features a solid base and wide rim, adding balance to every swirl, pour and sip. After a few master strokes and edits, he goes on to carefully chisel away the glass. Inspired by Paul Revere's iconic silver bowl, the timeless aesthetic of this collection features a stately round base, gentle curves and victorious rise to the brim. Simple perfection – and an invitation to enjoy the little things. Arts/Crafts. Of course, it needs to be captured and shared on the internet for the world to see. Simon Berger is an artist who works with a hammer and glass.


The re-engineered foot and seamless pulled stem are a pleasure to hold and swirl while tasting.

Also, it's mostly done on flat, long and thick glass panes, rather than blocks.

Re-used materials such as wood, sheet metal parts, glass and more are now the supporting elements for his new works. You might even call Simon a professional glass carpenter for that matter.

And Simon Berger has such good hands, he’s creating even when he’s destroying. The glass was his canvas and the hammer was his brush. Berger, in particular, chooses glass panes as his canvas. Simon begins his work by carefully examining the photo of the model he's required to craft. Only the most experienced artisans are tasked with creating these sculptural, contemporary works of functional art – each inherently one of a kind. “Human faces have always fascinated me,” the artist said.

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By smashing glass panes, this innovative artist creates remarkable portraits out of the glass cracks.

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