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It was 100 percent reliable, completely predictable, and allowed for precision when needed. You still have people regurgitating things like it’s a “100 yard rifle”. Call it the many faces of the MCX if you like, but each will be tested thoroughly as they would be used, call it an experiment in reality. $609.99. | Desarrollo Web INPQ, CARABINE SIG SAUER MCX VIRTUS PCP SSVIRTUS55, Dans le panier, vous obtiendrez toutes les informations, PCP Accesssoires pour le chargement d'air, La carabine à air comprimé la plus vendue. out of stock (0) sig mcx sbr 223rem 9 carbon hg thin fold stk. Dave Bahde – Dr. WT…? Reply. can you identify the case for me? Calibre : 12-76 Détente Eli Crane reviews the Sig Sauer MCX Rattler SBR Personal Defense Weapon. I need to do an offset for my virtus and this one looks nice. this tiny little thing isn’t going to break your back or be cumbersome loading in and out of vehicles or aircraft.

Sig Sauer SIG MCX Rattler SBR Firearms.

Prévenez-moi lorsque ce produit est en stock, FUSIL D'ASSAUT SIG SAUER MCX VIRTUS SBR C/5.56 NATO. 10 coups, CARCTERISTIQUES SIG Sauer MCX Rattler SBR 5.56 Feel free to Call Xtreme Guns and Ammo on all your SIG SAUER Rifle needs at 832-363-3783 or chat with us online during regular Chat hours. 22LR $105 Radian Raptor SD Charging Handle vs. Brownells Standard $20 Charging Handle. Of course not, but even with this 11 inch barrel it is a 300 meter rifle all day long and longer with the right ammunition and optic. Using the “suppressed” setting on the two position gas block gets you a softer rifle, but it runs either way. Ci-dessus, on trouve un rail Picatinny pour placer des optiques, telles que des points rouges ou des lunettes de visée. You will instantly get why SOCOM units are ordering them and why an old frogman can’t help but look back and think, “man I wish we had that thing back in the day!”. 2700g L’esthétique du MCX Virtus est une réplique de l’original, avec des finitions de haute qualité. Failure to watch for this would cause the bolt to close without a round. Voir toutes les accessoire de chasse et tir, Le PCP Sig Sauer MCX Virtus est la dernière extension de Sig Sauer à la ligne de précision SIG AIR de ses carabines. SIG’s new MCX Rattler Canebrake, so named because it’s the smallest of their Rattler family, is the suppressor-ready version of the MCX.

Ready to go where-ever it's needed, the MCX Rattler … The fact you can use it folded is a plus when deploying quickly or in tight spaces.