News: shaw blue curve flashing green light

If the modem flashes back to green then it means it has lost signal or power. This is very annoying when on conference calls and I am the only one dropping off the call, especially since I upgraded to the 600mbps to this doesn't happen. Shaw support says it looks fine to them.

It can take up to 90 seconds for your receiver to load after a reboot. booster? Yes, wireless 802.11ac Wave 2 MU-MIMO (modes A, G, N, and AC).

Why does equipment from Shaw seem so LOUSY?? Look at the values for "Lease obtained" and "Lease expires". .

Key features of the BlueCurve Gateway include: The BlueCurve Gateway has a single light on the top to indicate the modem status. : September 14, 2019 7:42:20 AM. . I have had a few months now without any issues. If your BlueCurve is in "router" mode, its own lamp blinks, due to that same traffic. My neighbor used to be a Shaw installer and offered some... Hope you have better luck that I did. Keep me posted. . . . The signal in your area looks solid with no errors to report. All rights reserved. From a command-line prompt, enter:  IPCONFIG /ALL. Also, ensure the coax cable connections from the wall outlet, splitter, and modem are tightly seated. I went with the self install cause it's needed today and the earliest a tech can come is thursday.

Further, just happened again and when I did a "Test Connectivity" from the modem admin, I get.. Connectivity to the Internet:Inactive: Error_CannotResolveHostName. I've set up my account and whatnot with shaw, got everything I'm supposed to need, but my modem won't connect, the light just keeps flashing orange. As all the cable from the pole to my modem had been changed, I asked for someone to check (change) the connector at the pole.

All rights reserved. @robs113 Does the light on the top of the modem change when you're experiencing connection issues? If you have the modem plugged into a power bar, please plug it directly to a wall outlet. Lease Obtained. . The Shaw techs have access to data showing every time your link goes up or down. I will check the light next time it happens. . The light will be a solid white colour when the modem is up and running. What you are seeing is "100%-normal" TCP/IP traffic on Shaw's network.

There are also factory reset and WPS buttons for resetting the modem and connecting devices via WPS.

. This is a problem with the bluecurve modem, as the phone, also with Shaw, does not fail.

My neighbor used to be a Shaw installer and offered some insight. If your BlueCurve is "bridged", 100% of the incoming traffic passes-through the BlueCurve, and reaches your device, causing its lamp to blink very quickly. ©2020 Shaw Communications. If your BlueCurve is "bridged", 100% of the incoming traffic passes-through the BlueCurve, and reaches your device, causing its lamp to blink very quickly. The BlueCurve Gateway has a single light on the top to indicate the modem status. I am SERIOUSLY ready to jump ship from Shaw due to all the equipment problems! I even rest the modem of the factory settings. First couple of months new blue curve modem worked fine. Every one of modems, since the very first, years ago, has done this. Is this a known issue with Shaw, I am having the same things happening, brief freezes, unstable internet connection and then completely restores itself after a minute or so.

My only source of income right now revolves around my job for livestreaming for Amazon, I have been having to do so on WiFi (due to an outlet in the studio not working) but there is a huge mirror on the wall that seems to be interfering with the signal. Should not b... Light does not change, stays white. Anyone have any ideas (other than switching to Telus which I am currently looking into). To reset your receiver: Connections on the BlueCurve Gateway include: Specifications of the BlueCurve Gateway include: Not what you're looking for? But after I switch to bridge mode, it starts blinking fast. Should not be long as it has gone out 4 times in the last few hours. But, if your wrist-watch is, say, 5 minutes slow, you will show-up 5 minutes late, annoying your friend, but you will "connect". I have had contact with support but they do not see an issue as it has not happened while on call to them. . After I set BlueCurve Modem to bridge mode, I notice the network light on the modem blinking very fast event I have no so much traffic. . What you are seeing is "100%-normal" TCP/IP traffic on Shaw's network. . I will check the light next time it happens. I an looking for a resolution to this. With new blue curve, Internet connection lost for about 5 minutes every couple of hours. Connection comes back by itself after 5-10 min. If the modem flashes back to green then it means it has lost signal or power. . I have also noticed that the fan inside the Bluecurve modem does not speed up like it used to.

The BlueCurve Gateway has an updated design and comes equipped with the latest WiFi technology. Do you have any 3rd party routers/switches attached to the modem? After a minute or so, the connection comes back on. : August 9, 2019 5:42:13 AMLease Expires .

If the modem is reset, it will go through the following sequence of lights as it reboots: Available connections on the BlueCurve Gateway include two Ethernet ports for hardwired devices, and dual-band WiFi (2.4GHz and 5GHz).

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