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So long as the other markers line up with this free space, you only need four markers to make a sequence. Once you've played your card and any Jacks (which will be explained in a moment), draw a card from the draw deck to end your turn. NOTA: El tablero tiene fichas impresas en las cuatro esquinas. A sequence is achieved when you have a row of five chips of the same color. This row can horizontal, vertical or diagonal -- what matters is that it's an unbroken line of five markers. 2 jugadores — 7 naipes c/u. Más de un jugador puede usar la misma esquina como parte de la Secuencia. With so many players and some crafty rules regarding the game's equipment and card values, mastering the game can take a bit of practice. To play a one-eyed Jack, place it on your discard pile and remove one marker chip from the game board belonging to your opponent. These spaces are bonus spaces. Only chips that are not part, of a completed sequence may be removed from the board.

6 jugadores — 5 naipes c/u. If playing in teams be sure to divide the, players evenly.

The number of players must be divisible by two or three to ensure all teams have an equal number of players. PREPARACIÓN:?Coloque el tablero de juego en una superficie plana con suficiente espacio a su alrededor para el grupo de naipes, las fichas y los naipes descartados de cada jugador. 10 jugadores — 3 naipes c/u. Para 2 jugadores o 2 equipos: Un jugador o un equipo debe obtener DOS SECUENCIAS antes que sus rivales. Jacks are used in two ways in Sequence, depending on the Jack itself. It is played in the same manner as two players except only one sequence strand is necessary to win. El juego continua hacia la derecha hasta que un jugador o equipo logre la cantidad requerida de SECUENCIAS; en ese momento el jugador o equipo gana el juego. Alternate, players around the board, so that teammates are sitting, Before you begin, lay the board out in front of all the players. On your turn, discard. Two-eyed Jacks are considered wild cards, and can be used to place a marker chip on any open space on the game board. More than one player may use the same corner as part of a Sequence. For 12 players 3 cards each Para 3 jugadores o 3 equipos: Un jugador o un equipo debe obtener UNA SECUENCIA antes que sus rivales. For 3 players or 3 teams: Team players must divide evenly into three teams. Para 2 jugadores o 2 equipos: Los jugadores deben dividirse en dos equipos iguales. To play a two-eyed Jack, place it on your discard pile and place one of your marker chips on any open space on the game board. SECUENCIA: Una serie conectada de cinco fichas del mismo color en línea recta, hacia arriba o hacia abajo, cruzada o en diagonal en la superficie de juego. You may play either one of the Jacks whenever they work best for your strategy, during your turn. Or, they may be anywhere else on the board. More than one player may use the same corner as part of a Sequence. When two players or teams are playing, use only blue and green marker chips. When it is your turn, place the dead card on your discard pile, announce that you are turning in a Dead Card and take a replacement card (one card per turn).

A connected series of five of the same colored chip either up or down, across or diagonally on the playing surface. If you hold a card in your hand which does not have an open space on the game board because both spaces representing that card are covered by a marker chip, you are holding a DEAD CARD and you may turn it in for a new card. Para jugar un naipe Jota de dos ojos, colóquelo en su pila de descarte y ponga una de sus fichas en el espacio libre en el tablero. The number of cards dealt depends on the number of players. 6 cards. Si uno de ellos dice algo que alerta a otro que está a punto de hacer algo que no debieran, cada miembro de ese equipo debe renunciar a un naipe de su elección que tenga en sus manos colocándolo en la pila de descarte de naipes. More than one player can use the, same corner space. 8 jugadores — 4 naipes c/u. Each player or team should. This puts the whole team at a disadvantage, since all have a lesser change to get a useful or needed card during play. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. All Rights Reserved. In the sequence game rules it states that if you fail to take a card before the next.

For 2 players or 2 teams: One player or team must score TWO SEQUENCES before their opponents. When using a corner, only four of your marker chips are needed to complete a Sequence. Una vez que un jugador o equipo logre una SECUENCIA , no puede separarse. First, select a card from your hand that is vacant on the board. Two sequences are needed for two-team games and one sequence for three-team games. The dealer should shuffle the cards and deal out the same number of cards to each player (see table below for proper number of cards to be dealt). Los 4 naipes Jota de UN OJO son anticomodín. You cannot place one of your marker chips on that same space during this turn. If a teammate says anything that alerts a fellow teammate to the fact that they are about to do something that they shouldn’t, every member of that team must forfeit one card of their choice from their hand placing it on their discard pile. You may use any one of the spaces from one sequence in the second sequence. Play continues until one of the teams gets the required number of sequences to win. Or, they may be anywhere else on the board. Cuando sea su turno, coloque el naipe muerto en la pila de descarte, anuncie que está devolviendo un Naipe Muerto y tome uno de reemplazo (un naipe por turno). Place the jack in the discard pile and remove the.

No puede colocar una ficha que ya forme parte de una SECUENCIA. These are wild and may be used for any space on the board. player takes their turn you lose the right to draw a new card and must finish the game with less cards. Un jugador puede ocupar uno de los espacios de naipes con la condición que no esté cubierto con otra ficha. Once a marker chip has been played, it cannot be removed by an opponent except when using a one-eyed Jack as explained below. Three-team games follow the same principle, but with three-person patterns instead of two. Teammates communicating regarding play or coaching, called table talk, is strictly against the rules. This can occur in any direction, vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. A sequence is achieved when you have a row of five chips of the same color. For example, a Green player would be followed by a Blue player, then another Green player and so on. Each card is pictured twice on the game board. These jacks remove a chip from the board. On your turn, place the unusable in the discard pile. 3 jugadores — 6 naipes c/u. The game board has four special spaces. A sequence is a series of five markers, lined up in a row. A player can play on either one of the card spaces as long as it is not already covered by another marker chip. Aces are considered high in this situation, so a two is the lowest anyone can draw. Team members must alternate their physical positions every third player around the playing surface. If you fail to take a card before the next player makes a move AND takes his/her card, you lose the right to take a card and you must finish the game with less cards than the other players – a disadvantage.

Place the game board on a flat surface with enough room around the game board for placement of the draw deck of cards, marker chips and discards for each player. For example:  it can be used in both a horizontal sequence for one team and a diagonal, Four jacks have two eyes. No more than 3 teams can play. If all the cards in the draw deck are used before the game ends, every player's discard piles are combined and shuffled to be used as a new draw deck. Place a marker on one of the corresponding spaces on the board, so long as it isn't already occupied. Una vez que jugó la ficha, un jugador rival no puede quitarla, excepto cuando use un naipe Jota como se explica a continuación. While the sequence game rules are simple the game itself is one of strategy and skill.

Jokers aren't used in the game, so remove them from the decks. choose one color of chips. Game Board 50 Green Marker Chips 35 Red Marker Chips. Let everyone know that you are replacing an unusable card and take a new card from the deck. In games requiring two sequences to win, you can use any of the marked spaces from the first sequence to contribute to the second.

The red chips should only be used if you've got three teams in the game. For 6 players 5 cards each Para jugar un naipe Jota de un ojo, colóquelo en su pila de descarte y retire una ficha del tablero que pertenezca a su rival. © 2016 by Official Game Rules.

Pérdida de un naipe: Después de usar su turno y colocar su ficha en el tablero de juego, debe retirar un naipe de la pila de naipes. 4 jugadores — 6 naipes c/u. Always, begin the game with the player that drew the lowest card during the cut and continue in a clockwise. For 2 players or 2 teams: Team players must be evenly divided into two teams. Cuando la pila de naipes a jugar se agota durante el juego, todos los naipes descartados deben mezclarse para crear una pila más grande. As a result, you'll have to play with one less card in your hand for the rest of the game, which reduces your opportunity to make useful plays. NOTE: There are printed chips in the four corners of the game board. Cada naipe aparece dos veces en el tablero. Except via one-eyed Jacks, no markers can be removed from the board. One-eyed Jacks are anti-wild cards which remove another team's marker chip from the board when played. On your turn, select a card from your hand and place it face up in your discard pile. the wild jack and place your chip on any unoccupied space on the board. A card that you cannot play because it already has a chip on it is a dead card.

The exception is completed sequences, which can't be broken even by one-eyed Jacks. For 10 players 3 cards each

12 jugadores — 3 naipes c/u. For 4 players 6 cards each Naipe muerto: Si usted tiene en sus manos un naipe sin un espacio libre en el tablero porque los dos espacios representando ese naipe están cubiertos con una ficha, usted tendrá un NAIPE MUERTO y puede reemplazarlo con uno nuevo. En su turno,usted puede jugar uno de los naipes Jota cuando sea mejor para su estrategia. Cuando use una esquina, se necesitan sólo cuatro fichas para completar la Secuencia.

Third, place one of your colored chips on the matching space on, the game board.

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