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Treasure Carp is an enemy in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.A Treasure Carp is characterized as a large orange fish that is agile and quick to escape once it is found. I really have no idea., Anyone have an idea as to what the last 2 scales are used for ive collected all the scales and gave them all to the pot noble in hopes to let him finaly live his dream of being a bigger fishy but im left with 2 after buying everything. 40 required to buy out each merchant, plus 2 leftover (unless there are more obtainable in a single playthrough that I'm not aware of), so this page is missing one scale. Treasure Carp quickly swim away when they are alerted. Helps to wait until they're near the walls if you can, so you get some time to swim up after they see you. It's better to stay down and try to catch where they're coming from so you can exploit it. Treasure Carp Scales are used to in trade for unique items sold by the merchants. Another way is Using Sheruken. There are at least two fish in there, but they don't appear to be treasure carp. Life is neither cruel nor precious. Travel to the Flower Viewing Stage, then enter the Mibu House, and kill the 2 or 3 old okami there. 1x found as a pickup in the castle moat beneath the idol. Will he de-aggro after some time or am I S.O.L.? One attacks you. Same problem here. #5. 3x found in a small sunken house beneath the area's main body of water. Collecting special scales and the term "everlasting" are details associated with the Dragons of Dark Souls, while imperfection is a trait linked to serpents, which are considered imperfect Dragons. 1x found in the castle moat. is exactly what I am missing for the mask. Treasure Carp Scale Usage. 1x found on the riverbank to the left of the bridge before crossing. it'll make sense. Treasure Carps do not respawn if the player rests or travel between Sculptor's Idols, meaning they are limited enemies and will be permanently killed in that specific playthrough. Four are looted from large carp swimming to the right side of the long bridge, around the vendor in the pot. Does enhancing attack power/vitality slow down the xp gain? Treasure Carp spawning too deep in the water to attack. Diving is required. Initially it was showing an overall of 42 scales available, which was missing one (since there is definitely 43 scales available in the game), and I was checking in every day to see whether the mission one was discovered, and instead I see now that someone edited the list for it to contain just 41, one less than before, and two less than actually is in the game. The fight is the same as the chained ogres, So glad I checked this page before NG+, "5x found by giving the Mibu Village priest Water of the Palace, then reloading the area to find him transformed into an enemy which will drop the scales upon being killed."

Try swimming behind them then dashing in for the killing blow. later on you'll have something that let swim under water. For this reason, collecting them could be worthwhile. fills there posture to 100% so they cant move then you can swim right up to them, use Loaded Spear, always hits when theyre near the surface and is way more reliable then charge attacking, This might be a spoiler for some, but at a certain point in the game you'll get a technique that lets you swim underwater and get them pretty easily, so don't waste your time and get back to them once you that skill. Having played all the Soulsborne games this is a dumb question but one can hope. I haven't gotten the mask piece yet. In the early game, the trick here is to HOLD attack and NOT to tap it. For Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Treasure Carp spawning too deep in the water to attack? All you have to do is stalk them and wait, they eventually swim up to the surface where you can get the charged stab on them. The list now correctly shows 42 scales again. However, it will respawn within about 10 seconds, and in the same spot every time. Upon successfully capturing and killing one, these enemies drop an important item called Treasure Carp Scales, which serves as a currency that can be traded in for a variety of unique items at the merchants, Pot Noble Harunaga and Pot Noble Koremori. Contributions to Fextralife Wikis are licensed under a, Treasure Carp Scale - Sekiro Shadows Die Twice.

The Treasure Carp have no attacks, but they will try to escape when approached. The second might be a treasure carp, but I could never get it to attack or flee, so unconfirmed. Red Eyed Carp are considered incomplete creatures that lack the ideal number of scales, but their eyes are everlasting. The treasure carp I always see floating on top, I believe the 5x scales from the village priest is written twice, once in the Ashina Depths section and another in Sunken Valley, these two are referring to the same thing, right? Treasure carp scales bugged? Give the Village Priest the water to drink. Note: they may not respawn if the player is in the exact spot they spawn, so try moving over a bit if it doesn't spawn.

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