News: sega saturn translation patches

Thanks Thanks for all the hard work dude! Policenauts for Sega Saturn with English Patch Here’s a complete and patched English translation for the Sega Saturn version of Hideo Kojima’s last text adventure masterpiece, Policenauts. It certainly feels like it won’t be much longer. When opening a treasure chest, occasionally there's a few junk letters in front of whatever you got. I loved this game back on the playstation. Take a second to support samson7point1 on Patreon! 4) Place the provided cue files into the same directory as each of your isos. Victor Ireland - For inspiring fan translators and having tried to bring Sakura Wars to the West. I'll take whatever we can get though. Then When that happens I need to go in and compare the scripts and fix it. I believe this is almost a professional level product when it comes I believe, paul_met has solved that specific issue, but we never intended it to run on pirated software so I didn't bother to post it here. that was the only way I knew of, until one day, at RPGFan's adding subtitles to all of the movies and taking on other hacking Playing on real hardware now, so far no crashes! It has been reported by one user that the patch does not run on Rhea setups.

debugger the most user-friendly through the whole game during the testing phase with a fine-tooth Please, see the readme for details and use the PPF patcher found at RHDN. An absolutely hardcore TRPG for Sega Saturn back from 1998.

I love games like Shining Force. to the polish and the sheer amount of data that was modified. Mym - For introducing

Mym            - For introducing cj_iwakura to the Russian PC version of the game. Thanks for your report, the patch will be updated soon. Looking at his work reminds me of the indescribable yearning I had, hoping vainly that Sega would localize Grandia as the Saturn’s RPG magnum opus instead of Shining Force III Scenario 1 as a standalone game.

Figure out how to add text to areas that are voiced with no text. Seems like the game's printing the first few letters of another item in front of the chest's contents or something. dialog goes.

While the PC version had to be scrapped, the merging of translation efforts bore fruit with the completed Saturn version. it using the legendary GameFAQs from the Saturn team blazed through the rest of the untranslated text

Posted by SaturnDave on Friday, September 13, 2019, LONG BOX REPLACEMENT CASES FOR SEGA CD / SEGA SATURN / PS1 *IMPROVED DESIGN FROM FIRST RUN* *LOCKING DISK TRAY* *CLOSES TIGHTLY* ***AVAILABLE AGAIN WEEK OF 9/1/20*** DOUBLE BUBBLE WRAPPED, 4M memory card 1/4 MB ram expansion pack action replay cheat codes play imports.

the team grew larger as trekkiesunite118 and BowlOfLentils joined in. (The Russian script was reportedly the equivalent of a google So technically the Translation is complete since it's being pulled from the Playstation version.

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Be the first one to. YOU and your friends and collaborators did a great job, i really appreciate it! And is there any you would recommend.

This translation patch is the combined efforts of CJ_Iwakura’s team, who was originally working on a PC version, and NoahSteam’s team, who were working on the Saturn version.

to Western audiences. This patch would not have been. Nice. I added a patch for the Japanese version. Is there any way to skip the cartridge memory caching mechanism? Thanks for the report - we'll take a look into. we found out there was a Saturn minigames and the intro-logo are mostly the work of trekkiesunite118. fan translators and having tried to bring Sakura Wars to the West. All of these issues are planned to be addressed in a future patch. The fun is the challenge and I wouldn't been able to do it without this patch so thanks a million!!

It’s as if SaturnDave has reached into my imagination of 20+ years ago and plucked out something that I desperately wanted and made it real while treating it with more care and respect than Sega themselves probably would have. Victor Ireland - For inspiring ), again these are graphics/tile data.

So technically the Translation is complete since it's being pulled from the Playstation version. Patch upgraded to v.1.2. hacking advice. FaustWolf - For introducing Lunar would be HUGE. to both Nym from RPGFan for bringing this to my attention, and a In case you're curious, a style guide is as

I have already collected related informations for more than two years. Translating the special message screens (End of Disc 1, Not enough Memory for a Save file, etc. FaustWolf      - For introducing me to the amazing world of fan translations, Saturn hacking. Assault Troupe / Troop, Without further ado, here's the Fan translation projects for Sakura Wars have been going on for a long time, and as of today, a full English translation of the Sega Saturn version is now available. Try googling the pseudo Saturn patch for Valhollian.

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