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SSERC Biology BGS has reproduced 2D and 3D maps of geology and surrounding islands within the world of Minecraft. SSERC Technicians

How Scotland's geological foundations came together, Green Infrastructure Eligibility Guidance, Rocks formed since the foundations joined, the chain of volcanic islands that had formed in the ocean was nearest – it was heading towards the foundations of the Grampian Highlands, Eastern Avalonia, the continent that contained England, lay behind the island chain, on the far shore of the ocean, Baltica, the continent containing Scandinavian Europe, lay further east – it was set to collide with the Northern Highlands. Rocks are composed of minerals. View geology data on a mobile device using the iGeology app where you can also share your geological observations and photographs including points of interest and outcrops. Rocks and Minerals Chris Lloyd 2018-08-21T10:21:14+01:00 This is a series of activities that uses simple materials to model the formation of the three main types of rock: sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic. The Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom is a free informational and educational guide to rocks, minerals, gemstones, and jewelry. flood-prevention schemes, riverbank protection and coastal defences. Continue browsing if you consent to this, or view our Cookie Policy. SSERC Primary Hear about SISI project officer James Symonds' vital work controlling invasive species along our rivers.

YouTube: Siccar Point – the birthplace of modern geology – British Geological Survey, Rocks and landforms in Rum – © Laurie Campbell, – Scottish Natural Heritage, Creag Meagaidh - © Copyright Lorne Gill - Scottish Natural Heritage. As yet there are very few local geodiversity action plans (LGAPs) in Scotland.

Rocks, minerals and fossils and other geological specimens all available here for purchase. Make-a-map – customisable map of the rock units that are of interest to you – for amateur geologists, students and teachers. SSERC Chemistry

Scotland’s landforms have been shaped over time by: The advance and retreat of glaciers have created many of the landforms we see today, such as: crag-and-tail hills on which Edinburgh and Stirling Castles sit. This map shows the OS map data on the surface and the rough position of real geology beneath, repeated down to the bedrock. About 500 million years ago, the same forces began to close the ocean once more, bringing together Scotland and England.

Legislation only provides limited protection to geodiversity outside SSSIs from the following activities: Geoparks, national parks, national nature reserves and local nature conservation sites also help protect rocks and landforms and marine protected areas (MPAs) help protect important seabed features. Registered Office – 5th Floor, Quartermile Two, 2 Lister Square, Edinburgh EH3 9GL. We use cookies to provide you with a better service.

The remains of this mountain range stretch from Norway to the Appalachian Mountains of North America. The upland environments of Scotland provide valuable ecosystem services, many of which are closely linked with geomorphology.

Case studies illustrate how individuals and organisations are working to maintain and celebrate Scotland’s geodiversity, and support Scotland’s Geodiversity Charter. This is called the Scandian Event. SSERC Chemistry

areas covered by petroleum exploration and development licences (PEDL). Email: There are around 895 important rock and landform sites in Scotland (identified by the Geological Conservation Review, GCR). Baltica collided with the Northern Highlands about 440 million years ago, pushing together the Northern Highlands and North-west Seaboard. British Geological Survey has reproduced the 2D geology of mainland Great Britain and surrounding islands within the world of Minecraft. SC131509) and a registered educational charity (Scottish Charity No. KY11 8UU, Tel: 01383 626070 Scotland is made up of a wide variety of rocks and sediments of different ages including: Rocks formed from sediments (such as sand and mud) and by volcanic activity, some of the oldest rocks in the world (hard rocks deformed by heat and pressure deep inside the Earth over 3 billion years ago), deposits left by glaciers a few thousand years ago. SSERC Official

Scottish Core Code (2011) – combats the growing problem of core holes defacing rock outcrops, provides guidance on responsible and environmentally-acceptable rock coring. Golden eagles translocated in 2018 and 2019 exhibiting potential courtship behaviours. Geoparks – celebrate our outstanding geological heritage and its links to culture, education and sustainable economic development. The Caledonian Orogeny occurred in three stages. Local GeoConservation – local groups work with local authorities to designate Local Geodiversity Sites, and work to raise awareness of sites and geodiversity through publicity such as leaflets, booklets, posters, interpretation boards and websites, and by developing access and educational usage of sites and trails. The Dalradian rocks of the Grampian Highlands were still only layers of sediment building up in the shallows of the Iapetus Ocean south of Laurentia. Understanding Scotland’s geology is increasingly important as the legacy of past industrial development, future land use and resource and energy pressures combine to create a highly sensitive subsurface environment.

They provide us with valuable economic resources  and naturally regulate hazards and flooding.

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