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That makes the "bought there, brought here" instruments more of a challenge to nail down concerning origin. A silver flute with standard wall thickness (or medium wall) tends to have a brilliant, responsive sound.

The G-A Trill is available by special order on all models. Machine engraving: At Sankyo Flutes, we have succeeded in using a machine to recreate the aesthetic properties of engravings created in the hands of craftsmen. Sankyo flute models 201, 301, 401, 501 and 701 have drawn toneholes. The B footjoint extends the range of the flute down to low B. Instrument Serial : OK. ABOUT ME Sankyo Etude Open Hole Flute. To counteract the additional resistance of the B footjoint, the high C facilitator (commonly referred to as the "gizmo key") closes the low B tonehole to improve the response of the 4th octave C. The high C facilitator is standard on each Sankyo B footjoint. The D# and C# footjoint rollers facilitate movement of the right-hand 4th finger on the footjoint keys. The G-A trill key is located next to the D trill key.

Serial number is 11164. Please include your current mailing address in your message. It is 4 digits. In addition, use of the C# trill key when playing open C# dramatically improves pitch and clarity.

B-C# (first and second octaves): Finger B and trill the C# key.C-C# (first and second octaves): Finger C and trill the C# key.High F#-G#: Finger high F# and trill the C# key.High G-Ab: Finger high G and trill the C# key.High G-A: Finger high G and trill the C# trill key and D trill key in unison.High Ab-Bb: Finger high Ab and trill the C# trill key, the D trill key and the D# trill key in unison. It's a Sankyo serial number 23***. Gold is a more dense material than silver, thus the tubing thicknesses are not as heavy. The lever is connected to a long rod which vents an additional key cup. Moderators: Classitar, pied_piper, Phineas, Post Altus 907, Muramatsu EX, Miyazawa 202, and Sankyo CF401 Artist. It facilitates a high E that speaks easily without the conventional split-E mechanism. Playing a flute with open holes requires good hand position and finger accuracy.

For insurance appraisal inquiries, please email The versatile C# trill key simplifies many awkward trill and tremolo fingerings. Sterling Silver Headjoint, w/Case This is a vintage Sankyo flute(made in Japan) possibly made in the 60’s or 70’s. It appears to be an intermediate/advanced model by the standards of its' day.

by Kaylyn » Tue Aug 27, 2013 7:12 pm, Post By playing this key together with the D trill key mounted next to it, the high G-A trill is made easy. • The increased resistance of the tubing compliments players who tend to overpower a thinner walled flute, bringing ease of response with rich color. A pilot hole is placed where the tonehole will be located and the tonehole is soldered onto the tube. Closed holes, also known as plateau keys, are available by special order only in many markets. In the first octave, tremolo to C# from G, Ab, A, Bb, B or C by trilling the C# trill key.In the second octave, tremolo to C# from A, Bb, B or C by trilling the C# trill key.In the first octave, tremolo to D from G, Ab, A, Bb or B by trilling the C# trill key and the D trill key in unison.In the first octave, tremolo to D# from G, Ab, A, Bb or B by trilling the C# trill key and the D# trill key in unison. The 10k, 14k and 18k gold models are available with drawn or soldered toneholes. Soldered toneholes are indicative of the highest level of flutemaking because of the time and skill involved.

On the head part and the main body it has 925 in tiny writing

The NEL is built into the Sankyo flute tube in the lower G tonehole making the opening smaller.

by Silversorcerer » Sat Aug 31, 2013 3:56 pm, Return to “Flute History and Instruments”, Powered by phpBB® Forum Software © phpBB Limited. It is exceedingly helpful in difficult technical passages. If there are unusual key mechanisms or other features, those might help identify the maker.

Closing the lower G key and fingering high E decreases venting and brings more stability to the note with a faster response. But we don’t have an exact date for it. If the sonority is above all a question of personal choice, the technical qualities of a flute could be judged by a very objective way and it is also in this point that SANKYO … by tresbaby529 » Thu Aug 22, 2013 12:25 pm, Post This mechanism employs a separate rod and must be made on the flute during the manufacturing process. When pressed, it activates two additional trill keys on the back of the flute.

Custom ergonomic footjoint cluster, gizmo and left thumb keys by renowned flute maker/customizer John Lunn. Some see this as positive while others prefer the ease of response on a C footjoint. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. Can anyone help me? • A silver flute with heavy wall tubing tends to have a darker, more powerful sound. In many countries, the country of origin is not engraved unless the instrument is built for export. It is a new flute with the same specs as the plain CF401 except that the Split E, C# trill key, and the C# roller are not available.

To help you identify whether or not you have a Sankyo Artist flute, this is how they are usually stamped: SANKYO FLUTE MFG. The NEL is standard on all Sankyo flutes.

The C# trill key is an option available on all Sankyo flutes models. CO., ARTIST SAYAMA JAPAN Followed by a serial number. ↳   Intermediate and Advanced Flute Topics, ↳   Intermediate Flute Playing Tips and Questions. A small hole is punched into the tube and a sphere of steel, similar to a ball bearing, is placed inside the tube below where the tonehole will be located. The model is rare, likely dating to the 1950s or earlier.

Nowadays SANKYO has 70 employees, who produce around 350 flutes per month; and 50% of this production is exported. By personalizing your flute with the hand-carved designs of proficient craftsmen you will certainly feel an ever deeper attachment to your instrument.

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