News: samsara room: secret level

Pick up a sunflower seed.

Use jar with water on it. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Take a candle. Drag the clock hands to set the time to 8:25. Click to open the window. Samsara Room Walkthrough guide will help you to enjoy game more by avoiding being frustrated during “stuck” mode. Click on broken dresser and pick up a pencil. Go right to the room with a clock.

Drag the clock hands to set the time to 7:25. Focus on the two papers, and note the writing.

Remember the time – 2:45. This turns the day forward to the morning. Go back and right to the room with a shrimp. Click on a mirror and pick up a water drop on it.

Samsara Room …

Go right to the room with a window and use the jar on the gecko to catch gecko. Click on smoky speaker and pick up a petal. Use a bottle to collect green liquid (elixir) from the mouth. Click on the hot air balloon to move it away. Remove a shrimp and put elixir instead.

Right, straight, left, straight, backwards. Drag the center circle left, and drag the gold lock down to unlock the box. Drag the reflection and note the symbol, the square with a horizontal line. Take the. Drag the clock hands to set the time to 2:45. Use the knife to rip the wallpaper, and drag it down to remove it completely. Take all stuff back from the scales. Set time to 7:25.Go back and pick up a sunflower from the nest. Look into the mirrors for the soul, the fish, the gecko, and the worm. Take the. Click the petal to move it across the screen.

Drag the four clouds around until they form shapes and turn white. By clicking on the cut, open it widely. Open a window, use knife on the top left corner to unroll a picture and click on the the roll to pull all of them down.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Did someone already find the secret level in Samsara Room? Take the egg (portal) and place it in the nest with the rest, crack them all then tap on the chicks: Sunflower: Set clock to 7:25 and take it from the nest, Paper Plane (right): tap on it, get the feather (inside) and the clue (rise up), Drawers: Take the weight and the pieces of paper with clues, Pick up the receiver (phone), spell RISEUP and tap the balloon, Clock: tap the balloon, light fire and cut the sack off (knife), Zoom off, open the sach, get the sand and scales, Place the sand in the planter, add the sunflower, move the sun up and get the sunflower seed, Weigh everything against the weigh and you will get some values, if you use the clue from the drawer, Worm Heart : Gecko Fish = 04:15, so set the clock to 04:15, Tap on the Owl, zoom on the moon, cut the slit with the knife, move the eye to the 4 corners and see 4 constellations (4 clues for the next step), Open the box by the clock using the constellations clue, Fix the gears of the watch inside to get the time 7:45, Drawer > Owl Notes, note the directions and make the owl turn his head in the same directions, then get the feather, Tap on heron and feed itthe worm, gecko, heart and fish, tap on it and get the baby, Feather: Give the sunflower seed to the squirrel, Portal: Place the baby and the 4 feathers and go through.

Click to remove all of the cube's walls, and finally the floor. Click on the right side of the clock where a nail sticking out. Click on blue dark hole and click twice on white cube. Use a … Add the "seed of sacrifice" and water to the flower pot. Go back and click on the clock. Solve the puzzle by moving arrows to the right position (see picture below or watch video at 14:49 time for more details) to reveal an egg.

Take a triangle key. Go back and click on a mirror, move figure in the mirror to the left to see a sign (will need it unlock an egg). Open window and remove the heart and use the gecko instead. The weight equals 1.

Click to open his mouth, and continue down inside. Defocus, and focus on the locked cabinet. Go right to the room with a clock.

Pick it up. Use the key to open the cabinet, and click on the jar to open it. Click on the box and solve the puzzle (watch video at 00:44 for more details). Click on blue dark hole and click twice on white cube. Click on the circles until they are both facing to the lower-left. Set time to 3:55. Drag the clock hands to set the time to 7:45. Use an eye to move to each corner to reveal signs. Drag the hands representing the four transformations to their symbols. Head forward. Remove the shrimp’s head by dragging it to the left.

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