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It was in my second year and I was being bullied by this muscle headed jerk and he had found out about me not getting into my hunter's school cleanly. "D-date?!" The next video was of Jaune running with the camera. It's far too late for that." It was Crocea Mors. She was frustrated, she wanted to scream, cry, hug this person, but she couldn't. Jaune was jogging over with a small smile on his face. He shoved Sky off of his knee and looked over to Dove. They stared at each other, the gap between them was immense. He walked forward slowly, quietly.

She began. Pyrrha countered by saying all his belongings were still in their room. He started to walk towards them. Team RWBY and JNPR dashed through the doors, banging them open in quick succession. He said slowly, "wanted to… make you… proud." I have to get them to trust me. As he was falling, Jaune swung Tourmentage Tordu down in a two handed swing. He was going to show all of them that he was worthy of going to Beacon. He looked younger, probably when he was a first year. Stopping Pyrrha and Borl. Their breaths mingled slightly, as they flew through the air, her backpedaling, him chasing after her. He was tall and built. It was scary. "Always better at everything." "Something like that." The miltiary? He looked back at their shocked expressions as he sheathed his sword. "Bring in the accused."

He raised his fist one last time to finish it. Here it goes, I know you guys would know that I'm not from this world, hell even from this universe. Blake stepped forward. Ruby blinked in surprise. Pyrrha's eyes were red. 'Oh Dammit, he's distracting me.' She took in his taste, his warmth, and this wonderful feeling. Jaune shook his head, looking annoyed. You are not to do anything hostile. he smirked as kissed her hair. They continued to dance quietly, the music from the hall echoing just enough so they could follow along.

he said in a cold voice. One hero had tried to tackle him down to get it back. "We used collars.

"There's a city, not too far from here, in the west. Pyrrha was about to speak but Jaune cut her off, "Don't bother apologizing. Jaune took a step forward before he was engulfed in a purple aura.

He had shoulder length blonde hair and tired blue eyes. Knowing, I died a hero. He started to try to distance himself from them as well. Tears started to form in Pyrrha's eyes.

Me being the nice guy didn't want anything for saving him. "Yes, Yes, we are Mr Arc." "Hey, Ruby."

", Ruby stepped beside her, "To be with us. But, CRDL were only on light duty, even after two years. It was heavy. Weiss interrupted. Close. He bit back. So long, and thanks for all the fish.] Team CRDL deserved a lot but nothing like this. "Together." Ruby just stared, just stood there and looked into blue eyes. The same softness from when he first helped her up, asked her out, and said …. "Really? Jaune slowly walked over to him. The cheery mood died instantly. Ruby stood up as well, looking up at the taller girl.

They were celebrating the end of the war, end of the terrorist group. "Yea." "We are moving him to a secure location.". Everyone was fighting the 'Mad Titan' but he had gotten the Gauntlet.

I wasn't going to leave until I was stronger. A count down timer.

Pyrrha stood up, walking towards Ruby.

"One last time?" Or it would be too awkward and nothing is worse than..." Jaune chuckles and mutters. He asked out loud, his voice filled with disbelief. A desire. Jaune never came back the night before.

I told them I hated hunters, hated the stupid system. They weren't on different sides. She was dressed in her usual attire, but carrying a large scroll, not her usual one. This one is an RWBY one where Jaune gets betrayed by everyone in Beacon and Remnant's Allfather had sent him to the MCU. I only did my job. Jaune easily lifted his shield and blocked the bullets. Heavier than a scroll should be.

Turns out I was the only one to think that. Nora was looking down, and Ren looked away.

The projector had been pulled down and Ruby saw that scroll again, the same one she had seen Goodwitch carrying in court. Come on. Ozpin was standing in the center with Goodwitch, he spoke up "I thank you all for coming today. The Judge, a gray haired man, walked to his podium and sat down. Do you understand?". "Yeah. He fed us information, sometimes through Glynda, sometimes through you. I cut Glynda off. Jaune remedied this by hitting him in the back of his head with the broadside of his sword, causing him to stumble forward. Pyrrha stopped angrily.

The others were in front of his desk with Pyrrha at this point. Weiss and Blake, who had come with Neptune and Sun, were already talking to him. Reaching over and gently taking a small rock in her hands, she flicked her wrist and watched it skim over the waters gently. They used it to counteract the collars that were controlling the grim. The person, the one Goodwitch had been talking to, turned the corner so that they could now see him. It skipped only a few times before sinking into the water, out of steam. Ozpin knelt down next to him, a hand on his shoulder.

They looked to see a cloth hiding something on his desk. An air of finality permeated between everyone. Pyrrha stood tall, proud, but her face filled with anger and pain. She was graceful as always, walked with confidence, but the anger on her face was plain to see. Jaune, with no restraints to speak of, was wearing a casual white T-shirt and blue jeans. But they didn't care so, I left.

The guy whose life he made a living hell just destroyed his teammates and now had his sights set on him. All she wanted was to go faster. "I wish things could stay like this forever. A small, tiny chuckle and everyone stopped. He looked down at her, eyes glimmering in the night. Injure but never cripple." They all flinched like they were hit. "Yea. "Kid, NO!" Why would Goodwitch? The other heroes started to rush him as Thanos's army was turning into dust.

Jaune parried Dove's sword with his own and caught Sky's halberd. "Their lives are worth it." "I'm returning home? "Are you sure?

Jaune appeared on screen again. Jaune just turned around and walked through the portal. Jaune just stuck his sword in the ground before sending his aura into it. No one will ever have to know but the people in charge.

Only the leaders of the Four Countries, Myself, Glynda, Ironwood know of this. There was a loud noise, someone was scraping a sword against the floor. "We're going to go see team CRDL.

Ruby laid her head against Jaune's chest, taking in his warmth. She had to stop thinking about him. Everyone started to talk about this development. "The president of Vale unofficially pardoned him didn't he?"

Is that correct?". Pain etched on his face as if someone had just died, and maybe someone had. [Gee, this is going to be a little tough. None of them knew what was going on. Sky blocked it with his weapon but the force created a crater under him and took away most of his aura. "Ruby! And now, I realize I-". Jaune asked. She shook her head and let out a long sigh. Ruby! It's secluded so he can live in peace, until he's ready to rejoin society. It's not." I am exempt by all four countries of all crimes I do from now until Headmaster Ozpin see fit." The hood was up, so no one saw his face. They laughed at that part, everyone was there representing every team that helped out. The only thing really covering them was the blankets from the hotel. She turned to Ruby and put a hand on her hip. His so called Friends had betrayed and left him, and his family has disowned him. He was in Ozpin's office again, though Ozpin and Glynda were no where to be seen. Ruby saw that Jaune's attention was drawn to the back of the room, and he looked surprised, shocked even. Ruby asked.

Once in a while, he would stop and bring up a piece of footage, a photograph, a report. He looked down to meet her eyes.

Jaune sighed as he pressed his lips against her forehead. Words slipped out. Jaune paused for a moment, before his face fell. It took a few seconds before Jaune turned to him and answered, "As I ever will be, Professor." He turned away from them and looked over the Emerald Forest. After that, Ren and Nora started to do the same, they felt betrayed by the person that was supposed to lead them. "Now I know something is wrong."

"The idiot's got worse intuition than Ozpin, and even Ozpin didn't know, I was working for Cinder, day one.". ", They were all quiet, "But that's when everything changed, when I changed." Ruby called out to him. The school, the students, CRDL, RWBY, his team and most of all, himself. "Ruby, go on ahead. I need to find a way to tip Ruby.

Nothing could get Jaune out of this, and everyone knew it. Jaune simply called his aura to cover his body, but it wasn't white. Jaune started, there was uncertainty in his voice. They couldn't see the person well, but they continued to walk forward. I knew there was a reason why I approved of him.". "This is classified information. As Cinder's liason. Weiss declared as she stood up. He also had on black boots, a black right glove, and a metallic left arm. "He made hard decisions. Thank you Ruby. Jaune didn't bother to move.

But, he didn't look back. After that, Ren and Nora started to do the same, they felt betrayed by the person that was supposed to lead them. When Jaune Arc's life goes to hell, he's desperate to gain back what he lost. Those are the rules. "That Jaune. My Tourmentage Tordu can absorb energy. Two, I need you to brief you on something.". Judge Rickson finally coughed. Important structures yea, but areas on the map that didnt' have a lot people on sensors.

There's a lot of things to look forward to!". Russel charged next, trying to deal a flurry of dagger slashes. Death isn't when your heart stops beating and you stop breathing. "But there was a difference between me and you. I-" He stumbled over his words. Pyrrha chuckled, though it felt bitter. " Borl tapped his scroll. (1), "Ohm," he said and bowed to him. You probably watched all my other videos, all my other files. The wood creaked underneath her feet, and Jaune shifted in his sitting position.

"For Posterity sake yes. Ruby felt her heart flutter, but her stomach drop. But, that only made Jaune laugh even more. The grim left immediately when they saw us. Huge fires, bodies on the ground, grim, wearing electronic collars, running amok. Pyrrha took hold of the hilt of Crocea Mors before her tears fell onto it.

Or, maybe he was looking at the person waiting for him. "And I am NOT Mr. Arc. I just believed the old jaune never existed.

And the ones to blame were themselves.

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