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You won’t be disappointed, just try to think about how many things you need to fit in the cooler, and all the different times you may use it: if you can manage the extra space and weight, go with the 110qt.

That was when I went to the RTIC website and realized that they have changed their warranty to just 30 days .

8+ days in the sun and the drinks are still cold, Reviewed in the United States on September 12, 2018. ice doesn’t stay as cold as some other soft-sided coolers. You may have noticed by now that this article only includes RTIC Cooler Reviews. The design, features, and material are all a great value for your money. It didn’t really come in handy until hurricane Michael hit us here in the panhandle. Although I have only used it in the fall at temps below 70 degrees, ice has lasted more than a week. If you want to have the extra space, the 65qt is probably a better choice. The primary reason for buying coolers is to keep your food and drinks fresh and safe.

It can successfully withstand harsh environments and rough handling. RTIC 45 White - Via A fully loaded ice box can be extremely heavy, especially if you opt for one of the larger models. I bought this cooler thinking it would out perform the cheap igloo that we have had for years. RTIC has basically done away with their warranty. They went from one of the best warranties to one of the worst. Drain out any water that was produced from this ice and you’re good to go! RTIC is already selling at the lowest price the company can offer, so currently, they only offer discounts for bulk purchases. My name is James Kennedy, and I've certainly enjoyed writing about my favorite outdoor gear over the years. Won’t buy another RTIC product again. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. With the Rotomolding process, the handles are also seamlessly cast into the body, which increases the durability of the cooler. You can carry about 36 cans or about 40 pounds of ice. I received my RTIC cooler via Prime Shipping and was thoroughly disappointed. It also has what some of those brands don’t: more than 9 days of ice retention, and at a lower price.

So when it’s filled with ice, cans, your quarry or a bunch of fish, it’s even heavier. In fact, the company has tried its best to strike a perfect balance between performance and price. They can also be used as tie-downs. It’s also big enough to hold your catch of the day if you use it for fishing. So again, they’re not the biggest soft cooler you can get, but that’s not what they’re for. The thick (up to 3″ thick), sealed walls make the coolers virtually indestructible. You’ll probably want a larger cooler if you need ice that long, but it’s good to know you can get that kind of life! It weighs about 25 pounds just by itself, so this isn’t designed for light, everyday use. The design, features, and material are all a great value for your money.

RTIC recently released a new and improved design of their rotomolded coolers to improve on a few weak points that they had. Day Coolers are lunchbox style coolers good for day to day use. This cooler is perfect for your short and long trips.

These cookies do not store any personal information. After watching multiple videos on youtube, I decided to become a turncoat and go from this lookalike. The rugged design of this cooler makes it rough and tough.

The average temperature outside ranging from 100-105 degrees until about 6pm with evening lows of 85-90; the car was never parked in the shade. This capacity can perfectly cater from 2 to 4 people. The lid and body are molded so that the two front corners have a small hole which can be secured with a padlock, keeping your goods safe and secure from other people, or animals. While they last, these budget-friendly clones of the Yeti are a blessing for the camper who values the freedom to pinch their pennies and still have access to products of the highest quality. The locking aluminum handle with rubber handhold makes it easy to transport from point A to B. Sure, you need more to initially fill the cooler, but how often are you running to the gas station to replace it with your current cooler? This cooler has everything the other more expensive brands of cooler have: the indestructible rotomolded construction, marine grade rope handles, and heavy duty rubber latches and components.

Of course, it makes the perfect hunting and fishing cooler, but not only because of the larger size. What better way to, Your email address will not be published. The RTIC 45 cooler are Rotomolded and yet are extremely affordable. The shoulder strap is comfortable, and a heavy-duty polyester carry handle gives you a second option for either connecting to other bags or carrying. You can still see all customer reviews for the product.

After a weekend at the lake with the same conditions we had water while they still had a substantial amount of ice. Here’s how to decide. You’ve also probably looked at some other roto-molded coolers and wondered how they could possibly be so expensive.

But, the insulation is quite thick and provides surprisingly good performance – we’ve seen up to 3 days of ice. If you don’t mind the extra weight of the RTIC 110 qt, and it can fit in your car or boat comfortably, you’ll definitely at some point be glad you have the extra space – especially in the event of an extended power outage, if you have (or plan to have) a large family, or if you fish and/or hunt. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. There are a variety of sizes including a small lunch box, 20 can size, 30 can size, and 40 can size. They all have an easy access lid so you can reach the contents regardless of the cooler size, and antibacterial liners resist mold and mildew. Very disappointed. To ease your task, we carried out an extensive review of various coolers in the market. It’s also better insulated with commercial grade insulation inside. Last month we found our readers a 30% off coupon for a brand new roto-molded cooler! The resulting “roto-molded cooler” has no seals by which heat can seep into, or that wear and tear can expose the insulation. Let’s break it all down in our RTIC cooler review. Here are a few viable alternatives to whet your pallet. Similarly to the 110 (above), people rave and rave about their 145 quart cooler, for a few main reasons. After watching multiple videos on youtube, I decided to become a turncoat and go from this lookalike. . The plastic cools while rotating, and as you add more molten plastic, you can produce thick, uniform walls with no seals.

You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Reviewed in the United States on August 14, 2018. so i purchased my Rtic January 5th 2017 and as you can see in the picture and the video I have not miss treated my cooler but the lid as Rtic stated started bubbling up and they would not cover the cooler because it was over 7 months old. But, there are some pretty awesome “after-market” wheel kits you can buy that will save your back – you can thank us later. The cooler can easily accommodate 11.25 gallons or 45 quarts of liquid. Apart from this, you can also use it as a tabletop, stool, bench, and non-skid lid can serve as a cutting board too. Your email address will not be published. Any of the sizes of hard cooler we’ve covered above will definitely have you covered for a weekend camping trip. On the other hand, it outperforms many of the … It is because of this foam that the cooler prevents outside heat from getting inside, and thus, your food and drinks can stay cold for an extended duration. Since we first wrote this article, RTIC has improved on their manufacturing and added a few great features as well. The heavy-duty freezer style rubber gasket mounted inside the lid produces a tight seal, keeping in the cold more effectively than other, cheaper coolers. Reviewed in the United States on January 7, 2017.

After watching multiple videos on youtube, I decided to become a turncoat and go from this lookalike.

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