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He attacks Royce, knocking him to the ground, slugging him, and viciously tossing him around. Edit, With the fire masking his heat signature, Royce rushes the remaining Predator from all sides, disorienting him, so the Predator switches from tracking Royce's heat signal to tracking his heartbeat.

Cuchillo (Danny Trejo), a Los Zeta drug cartel enforcer from Baja, armed with two H&K MP5K submachineguns. Biographical Information

Edit, Simply put, yes, they can. Male

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The creature he described fit the description of the creatures they were fighting on the planet. The small projectile then expands within his body into two spikes that shoot out and impale him from the inside.Noland: After offering the group shelter in his hideout, he tries to kill them by smoke asphyxiation. Danny Trejo Cuchillo's actor's (Danny Trejo) height is 5ft 5 ¾ (167 cm), so that is also how tall Cuchillo would have been. Status Royce's assumption was correct, because the Tracker predator infiltrates the hideout and breaks open the entrance to the room in which they were trapped and then leaves in order to let them escape. He says to her, "Don't worry, it's not fatal. So the Predator proceeds to get careless and doesn't take notice to the large tree trunk that was set as the counter-weight to the original trap, which lands on it, forcing the Predator to activate a bomb on its wrist.Predator 2: This Predator is shot a dozen times, has his arm sliced off, then during the final duel with Harrigan, he believes he has mortally wounded Harrigan and once again, the Predator gets careless and savours the moment before striking the final blow, which presents an opportunity for Harrigan to kill the Predator with its own throwing-disc.Predators: "Tracker" is killed after sticking Nikolai in the gut and raising him off the ground with its wrist-blade. This one seems more likely as he often speaks in medical terminology and carried a small medical kit on his person.

They hear him calling for help and find him in a clearing sitting on the ground with his back to them. As the Berserker makes his way to the camp, he finds Edwin laying face down but sees he is still alive, so he turns him over setting off a booby-trap that Royce had set up, killing Edwin and wounding↓ the Berserker Predator.A total of eight of ten humans, and three of three Super Predators. Engraving Form, American Owned and Operated - 100% American Based Customer Service - Custom Sword Engraving - No Accounts Required. The Predators seek the most dangerous creatures from around the universe and place them on this planet for the purpose of hunting. He also crossed himself when the group encountered the corpse of Drake. In the deleted scenes of Predators he appears to be misogynistic, as he repeatedly referred to Isabelle as "bitch" and generally had a poor attitude towards her, making comments along the lines of "I thought bitches weren't allowed to be snipers." Edit, Isabelle is an Israeli Defence Force sniper who is also working for the CIA. External Reviews Isabelle (Alice Braga), a CIA Sniper equipped with a Blaser R93 LRS2 precision rifle mounted with an Elcan DigitalHunter scope and an HK45 sidearm with compensator as her sidearm. It seems to be a common misconception that the Predator's mask is used for breathing, yet no other part of their equipment shows to be air tanks (though this doesn't rule out the possibility that the mask uses some sort of air-filtration unit, seeing as how it appears to be airtight). Black Berserker is never actually seen "controlling" the ship. Portrayed by

There is also a small dagger, which separates with the push of a button.

Where can I find Hemingway's quote "There is no hunting like the hunting of a man..."? Also, Classic may have been tied up for some time so he may have been severely weakened and malnourished and he still put up a decent fight. Edit, There are four Predator characters in the movie: (1) Mr. Black/Berserker (the lead predator with the jawbone attached to his mask), (2) Falconer (the one with the unique mask that has the small aerial reconnaissance drone), (3) Tracker (the one with the tusks on his mask who also controls the predator hounds), and (4) the classic Predator. Come on! He was toying with Dutch and brutally beating on him instead of killing him.

Royce realizes it's a trap and the group decides to leave him, Isabelle shoots Cuchillo in the back to put him out of his misery.

He was third on the FBI's most wanted list, suspected of killing 38 people, and is armed with a shiv, much to his own chagrin.4. Though other parts of his conversations such as "...back home I was a murderer...a freak...but here amongst the monsters, I'm normal, I like it here, I want to stay" imply that he was simply going to murder her as he thought the Predators brought him there to hunt with them and be an equal to the Predators themselves. There are two possibilities: (1) days on that planet simply last longer, and Royce meant that the sun's movement is barely noticeable, not that it stays in one spot permanently, (2) one of the many planetoids we see shortly thereafter moves in front of the sun at some point and causes an eclipse. Also, this helps explain why sometimes the scenery switches from Jungle, to forest. To which Isabelle replies "Is that why they didn't take you?" Cuchillo states that, as bad as he may be, he kills only for money while Stans kills for nothing.

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The solid metal handle has an antique finish and features intricate engraving.

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