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Possessed with only a few small teeth, they depend on their speed and running-back agility to outmaneuver the baitfish on which they feed. Yatorana can grow upwards of 15-pounds.

You can target them during any season, but local guides suggest that the period between March until the end of May is the best time to go after them. Sardinata attack in zig-zagging rushes, scooping their prey into the gaping mouth. The most common and widespread peacock species, the butterfly peacock The huge pectoral fins aid in propelling these fish rapidly upward when attacking their prey. google_color_text = "000000"; Note the distinct lump on the head of this mature male peacock. Peacock Bass Log. Over the years, they have adapted to their new home, and have earned their place in the hearts of local anglers. The smallest species is the Royal Peacock Bass, and they can grow to a maximum length of 10 inches. These ‘golden freshwater tarpon’ typically reside in fast water and will take both flies and lures with reckless abandon. Traira, members of the characoid sub-family, A third species, the ‘gray bar’ or ‘fire belly (. Many of the larger species of Amazonian catfish are migratory, extremely active and aggressive predators that live in fast water and actively feed with the other previously-mentioned gamefish. The speckled peacock has reportedly a fairly uniform, continuous growth rate until it dies of old age. google_ad_format = "120x90_0ads_al"; When it comes to fishing in Florida, there’s a lot to say. Within seconds they’re out of the water and flying through the air. var dc_AdLinkColor = 'blue';

Of all the incredible gamefish in the Amazon basin, the one that has received the most press is the peacock bass. The aruanã, with two fleshy barbels on its lower jaw is a mouth brooder. Zara spooks and popping-type surface baits are best for these scrappers.Fly casters have the best luck throwing 2/0 Gaine’s-style poppers on an 8-weight rod spooled with a weight-forward floating line. Although mostly a marine family, the Amazon has more than ten species of these freshwater adapted schooling fish. One of the few remaining examples of fish surviving from the Jurassic period, they give observers a peek into an ancient prehistoric world. Although all peacock bass species are highly temperature sensitive fish, some have been successfully introduced in tropical areas from Panama to Hawaii. . It is important to note that these catfish are nothing like our local ‘cats’ which tend to be bottom-feeding and rather lethargic. Fry will move to insects and tiny freshwater shrimp, where available, for their food source. The smallest species is the Royal Peacock Bass, and they can grow to a maximum length of 10 inches. The pulsative nature of Amazonia’s lowland rivers creates vast flooded forests during the region’s long rainy seasons.

Although not a particularly powerful fish, they are highly prized as a gamefish in Brazil.

The most mature, usually a male with pronounced hump, and most aggressive fingerling will generally be the leader of the school. Let’s have a look at some of the premier fishing spots you can explore in the Sunshine State. The Peacock Bass originates from South America, specifically the Amazon and Orinoco river basins. FishingBooker, excerpt posted on, June 6, 2020. Their diet will change to include more small, shallow-swimming minnows. We have tried to bring you the most updated information available. A third species, the ‘gray bar’ or ‘fire belly (Cichla monoculus)’ exhibits three black triangular-shaped markings along the back, with a distinct inkblot pattern above the belly. Return to: Information Central Article Contents, Read related article: Spawning & Post Spawn Behavior. Readily taken on flies, they are a pugnacious light-tackle target. Their complex hinged jaw opens immediately in front of their eyes and is canted at approximately a 30-degree angle from the water’s surface. The waters, forced their way through the eastern lowlands and found their way to the Atlantic. They take a bait by opening their cargo-door mouth. Biologists have reported that the With patience and persistence, pirarucú can be taken on tarpon-sized conventional tackle, especially using 7-inch jerk baits (CD-14-18 Rapalas), although a large live baitfish (7/0 circle hook) dropped under a heavy cork is the best bet. neighborhood with a terrifying rush. var dc_UnitID = 14; Larry Larsen. var dc_isBoldActive= 'no'; Their remarkable, explosive topwater strike, combined with an astonishing ability to break heavy lines/leaders and straighten even stout saltwater hooks, makes them one of the most sought after species in the Amazon basin.

Our world-class customer support is available 7 days a week, and will make sure that planning your next fishing trip is quick, fun and hassle-free. For more information: Jungle Bass. This fish is considered an ‘incidental’ species that is sometimes taken on deep-diving crank baits, jigs and/or streamers fished deep for other fast water species. There are several Amazonian catfish that will aggressively take a fly, including several species collectively called bagre rayado (Pseudoplatystoma sp.). flowers and fruits, with an unlucky bug occasionally joining the menu. It’s an incredible sight to witness a wave, made entirely of fleeing silvery baitfish bodies, form itself in perfectly still water. They move into shallow Sardinata look a lot like a small tarpon, except they have a brilliant golden holographic coloration, reminiscent of the freshwater dorado. natural river habitat, which is seldom larger than 9.5 pounds.

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