News: rockrider st100 manual

Turn on the screen by pressing the ON/OFF button. Rain Jackets…, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, 8347394) and 500 saddle bag (ref. As you use your bike and apply the brakes more and more, a fine film of rubber will form over the rims and the noise will gradually disappear. MADE FOR. It is equipped with a plastic cover at the back (a bumper) to protect from any potential impacts. > 1st LED is flashing: The battery is almost empty and needs to be charged. -Microshift FD-M20 front derailleur HOW OFTEN DO YOU NEED TO RECHARGE YOUR BATTERY? It cuts out after 20 minutes by default. 2. You can also use our help form to contact one of our specialist technicians who will be happy to answer your questions and help you resolve any problems.

No cost EMI available. 2. The ST 100 mountain bike exists with the same frame in a WOMEN'S version: fitted seat, narrower handlebar, shorter stem, fork with a more flexible spring, and brake levers that are closer together. If your foot slides on the pedal, there's less risk of injury. The ST100 can provide up to 4 different process variables. XS: between 1.40m and 1.54m We recommend you use the 700 mountain bike front mudguard. The ST 100 mountain bike exists with the same frame in a WOMEN'S version: fitted seat, narrower handlebar, shorter stem, fork with a more flexible spring, and brake levers that are closer together. 4. Our tips for before each ride: inflate the tires to the pressure indicated on the sidewall. > Check that the control screen connector is properly pushed in. It's important to check that there aren't any foreign bodies in the tyre and rim. ARE THE COMPONENTS WATERTIGHT? You can access these settings by simultaneously holding down the "UP" and "DOWN" buttons. 3. 3.6 /5 ★ \ 145. My son is happy! Squash…, Running, You must store and charge your battery in a cool (between 10°C and 25°C), dry place, out of direct sunlight. Adjust the stiffness: check the section "ADJUSTING THE STIFFNESS OF YOUR FORK". PRODUCT VIDEO PRODUCT VIDEO. We recommend the 300 bike rack for carrying your ST 100 mountain bike, whether you're cycling at home or on holiday.

Triathlon…, Roller Skating, > THE ASSISTANCE MODE USED: It is advisable to reduce the assistance mode when the battery charge is low. This mountain bike has no rear suspension. Shirts…, Pants, With a stem that tilts 10° upwards, the riding position of the ST 100 is raised, accessible, and comfortable. ROCKRIDER guarantees the frame, handlebar and stem of your mountain bike for life (in normal conditions of use). The recommended average tyre pressure is 2.5 bar. The electrical assistance will automatically cut off once the bike reaches a speed of 25 km/h; this is not a malfunction. Pull the saddle up or push it down to bring it level with your pelvis. Your bike (from size S upwards) is fitted with double-walled rims, which help make the wheels more solid.

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