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When justice finally stretches out her arms to catch him, he is already gone and in God’s hands, if you still believe in him. Under Franco’s rule Spain did as much as it could to support the Nazis in their quest for world domination and, when things didn’t exactly pan out as Hitler had hoped, helped scores of Nazis escape Europe and the wrath of Allied Forces.

Bernardus Andreas Riphagen (here played by Jeroen van Koningsbrugge) was born in 7 September 1909. Powered by, Badges  |  [1], In 2010 two Dutch journalists and employees of the newspaper Het Parool, Bart Middelburg and René ter Steege published the book 'Riphagen, 'Al Capone', één van Nederlands grootste oorlogsmisdadigers' (Riphagen, 'Al Capone': One of the Netherlands' Greatest War Criminals). In this period, it is likely that he developed his American habits that lead to him receiving the nickname ‘Al Capone’.

& STEEGE, R. TER, Riphagen, 'Al Capone', één van Nederlands grootste oorlogsmisdadigers, L.J. The majority of the Jews were sent to Nazi concentration camps and, for the most part, the people, including the Dutch police and civil service collaborated with the Nazis. In 2016 the film Ripha­gen by di­rec­tor Pieter Kui­jpers was pro­duced in the Nether­lands, the main char­ac­ter being por­tray…

“He was a very strong guy and a fighter as well.

The majority of the Jews were sent to Nazi concentration camps and, for the most part, the people, including the Dutch police and civil service collaborated with the Nazis. Even when Perón was deposed by a coup in 1955 and had to flee to Spain, Riphagen still enjoyed his protection. When the Argentine dictator returned to his country to resume power in 1973, Riphagen began making plans to rejoin his protector. van Voorst tot Voorst, was informed by the Tribunal Supremo that all efforts to arrest Riphagen had failed. If he didn’t like something about you, he would punch you without hesitation.”. As always, the only way to get crucial intelligence was to flip the enemy and use him first as a spy and then as the pawn that lures his or her colleagues into the hands of the Nazis and on to certain death. He had landed in Argentina, another favorite destination for Nazis, and quickly established a bond with the country’s ruler, dictator Juan Perón. It was in this environment that he met Andries Riphagen who like him was a fugitive. From Belgium he spent three months travelling to Spain by bicycle, according to his son Rob. During his first raid, he arrested 21 Jews.

Indeed this is what happened. In 2016 the film Riphagen by director Pieter Kuijpers was produced in the Netherlands, the main character being portrayed by actor Jeroen van Koningsbrugge. He fled and started to box for a living under the pseudonym of Jack Olij.

She’s also not hateful enough that one derives any pleasure at the thought of her being punished.

The movie is based a 2010 book by Bart Middleburg and René ter Steege (“Riphagen: The Amsterdam Underworld 1940-1945”) as well as accounts by his son, Rob Riphagen. Bernardus Andreas Riphagen (here played by Jeroen van Koningsbrugge) was born in 7 September 1909. He became one of the foremost figures of the Amsterdam underworld, known among the pimps on the Rembrandtplein, and developed a taste for jewellery, precious stones and gambling, and dealing in used — sometimes stolen — cars. Fock in London. The movie is based a 2010 book by Bart Middleburg and René ter Steege  (“Riphagen: The Amsterdam Underworld 1940-1945”) as well as accounts by his son, Rob Riphagen. “The Father” deals with universals that transcend gender and culture; it is one of those few plays that is improved by its transition to cinema. Kerkhoven offered a way out. He was imprisoned, but on the intervention of a Jesuit priest he was released on bail, under the order to get his papers rectified.

Film fan. Though upbeat about going back to the Nazi paradise in South America, Riphagen did not feel like it. Riphagen had settled in Buenos Aires, in the neighbourhood of Belgrano and ran a press photo agency. In the years 1923 and 1924, he became an ordinary seaman and after his training he chooses to go into cargo shipping. In Argentina, the Dutch ambassador F.C.A. The website has become even bigger and better! With his cold-blooded, ruthless soul, his underworld contacts, and his knowledge of the things needed to live off the grid, he was the perfect man for the job.

He stayed in contact with Riphagen who sometimes pretended to be a Danish and sometimes a Dutch national. In the end, we learn what happens to all the main players. Privacy statement, cookies, disclaimer and copyright. Nieuwsblad van het Noorden, 04-10-1948, ‘Bloedhond in Schaap(s)vel’. Nederlands Dagbladpers te Batavia, 11-05-1948, Jodin hoort de doodstraf tegen zich eisen. He was pressed to act as an informant (V-Mann) for Kriminalsekretär Wenski, section contraband and black market. By then, cancer was eating away at his body. Traveling under an Argentine passport he settled in West-Berlin, Germany, in the late 1950s. They were all moved to concentration camps where they were murdered. By the time of World War II, he was married to Greetje (Lisa Zweerman). The Riphagens have been reunited with four gold rings that disappeared when their daughter, Margot, now 31 and living in Portland, Oregon, threw a party when she was 16.

He was friends with a member of the Supreme Court of Argentina, Rodolfo Valenzuela, who also served as secretary to President Juan Perón.

His helpers, V-mann or V-Frau, gained confidence and once trusted, handed them over to the Gestapo for a few guilders. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. View all posts by Jana J. Monji. His father Evert worked in the navy and had married for the second time. En aquel tiempo Rob no conocía casi nada sobre su padre. De Waarheid, 15-04-1947, Medewerkers van Ans van Dijk horen doodstraf eisen. The book is based on interviews with Dries Riphagen's son, Rob, and Betje Wery, who had collaborated with the Germans.[3]. Historical re-appraisal in the Netherlands, Dries Riphagen (1909–1973). The movie is based a 2010 book by Bart Middleburg and René ter Steege (“Riphagen: The Amsterdam Underworld 1940-1945”) as well as accounts by his son, Rob Riphagen. In the mid-1960s, Péron and Isabelita Perón exchanged many letters with Riphagen, who at that time was in Germany. De Jong was arrested while smuggling foreign currency over the border to Belgium. [1] Riphagen played an important role in 1944 in partially rolling-up the underground resistance organisation Identity Cards Centre (Persoonbewijzencentrale), in the course of which the Jewish-German resistance fighter Gerhard Badrian was shot. This investigation on Andries Riphagen forms part of a larger investigation into the Dutch “ratlines” to Latin America. After eight months he was released on bail on the condition that he would obtain the necessary documents within a time frame of two months. Some truly good people die because they can’t be ruthless even for the sake of justice. Riphagen tracked down Jews and property like no other. Yet according to accounts, he was a pimp in the 1930s, nicknamed Al Capone.

Many government officials and the royal family escaped to the UK. Riphagen's father worked for the Royal Dutch Navy, while his mother, a homemaker, died when he was six years old. Jan, Kees and Sam Olij were infamous for exposing Jews in hiding. Het Parool, 31-10 -1997, Riphagen hoorde tot de allerzwaarste gevallen.

There are no heroes, or at least, even the heroes have to compromise their beliefs. Change ). Riphagen escaped justice, but not without help. The movie Riphagen will never be able to depict the fear and terror Riphagen and his Jewhunting gang caused. Los hijos no son culpables de los pecados de los padres. The Dutch underground movement will cover me”. He was imprisoned, but on the intervention of a Jesuit priest he was released on bail, under the order to get his papers rectified.

Lacking any official identity papers, authorities threw him in jail, where he remained for eight months, until he was able to bribe his way out. Robert Riphagen Sr is on Facebook.

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Gamer. Gooi en Eemlander, 04-11-1947, Jonge Joodse vrouw verried velen aan de Duitsers.

In Argentina, the Dutch ambassador F.C.A. In Spain Riphagen met former Dutch boxer and Waffen SS volunteer Jan Olij.

Now, Riphagen’s reputation or gun didn’t mean shit anymore.

The latter also active as a smuggler of currency, gold, gems and silver to Antwerp, Belgium, was caught by members of the Devisenschutzcommando in 1943. Upon arrival he was registered under the name of Hans Olij. The Dutch Ambassador in Buenos Aires, Floris Carcilius Anne Baron van Pallandt, made a request for extradition, based on lesser offences such as vehicle theft and robbery and which, according to the Argentine judiciary, were already time-barred and for which the submitted evidence was inadequate. Their workplace remained Amsterdam. ( Log Out /  Rotterdam was bombed on 14 May and the Dutch soon surrendered. [4] The screenplay was written by Thomas van der Ree and Paul Jan Nelisse, based on the book by Middelburg and Ter Steege. The most important function of the DSK was to counteract the increasing instances of black market trading in shares. Chinese American filmmaker Hao Wu reached out and had virtual meetings with two Chinese reporters (Weixi Chen and Anonymous) and together this threesome made a documentary about the panicky 76 days in Wuhan, China in four […], British Pakistani actor Riz Ahmed stars in a movie about loss and discovery: “Sound of Metal.” As you can probably guess from the title, this is about heavy metal. In this capacity, Riphagen went looking for Jews who had managed to fly under the radar and evade the Nazis.

Though he knew the slim chances of survival for those who betrayed their own, Riphagen decided it was his only chance if he wanted to survive the oncoming slaughter when Allied Forces drove the Nazis out and the Dutch government was reinstalled. Video Essayist. Join Facebook to connect with Robert Riphagen Sr and others you may know. By then, Riphagen had become pretty familiar with treason. Finally the Henneicke Column was dissolved on the grounds of corruption. Todo el mundo lo sabe. When they reached the Spanish border they took a group photo. Yet according to accounts, he was a pimp in … Con siete … His last known address was in Madrid. Yet those moments of cinematic fire are few. This film is the perfect treat to watch while eating mooncakes with voices provided […], In the quieter moments of the 2020 Netflix adaptation of “Rebecca,” the chemistry between Lily James and Armie Hammer as newlyweds could set a house on fire and the malevolent spitefulness of Kristin Scott Thomas as the first wife’s bestie is pure poison.

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