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Bell grew up in a traditional Christian environment. He appears to see “humility” not as the gracious stance of someone who has tasted and seen the Lord is good, but as the willingness to hold doctrines loosely, as if certainty and humility can’t coincide. “This is because conviction and humility, like faith and doubt, are not opposites; they’re dance partners. Key is nature of gospel, justification by grace through faith above all Far from being distant and removed, he says, God is present in our lives. They believed that all humanity comprises the image of the God who is Trinity therefore salvation must include all of the human community.

The paradoxes of traditional Christianity multiply in ways that stimulate the imagination. The Season of Creation restores the focus of our essential interconnectedness to all life on the earth and offers the opportunity to offer a response […], What if life is an endless invitation? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The question is, does Bell’s vision of spirituality have the doctrinal bone structure to sustain faith for two thousand years? © 2013 Jason Micheli, Tamed Cynic. Not all of them, sure.

But God is ahead of us, beckoning us forward to the new world that is coming. ), Text formatting is available via select HTML. The Confessions are silent on how it is inspired — Lutherans are not bound to any theory of inspiration. Then look at the imagery of the divorce, the picture of two people taking off their rings. The quote comes as part of a larger summary of Heidegger et al whose influence over the definition of being has led modern theology to abandon the metaphysical principles of the patristics. What though does this mean? He is positioning himself more an artist than theologian, more poet than preacher. Same criticism Yoder et al made of Barth’s atonement theology. I’m afraid not. Today, now that secularism is the consensus, Bell turns the tables and casts the scientific skeptic as the closed-minded logician who fails to leave room for the mysterious, the mystical, and the soul. “Somewhere in our conversation the full force of what he was saying hit me — divorce, the effect on their kids, the image of both of them at some point taking off their wedding rings.”.

Bell’s book goes down easy, kind of like whipped cream without the cake. Knowing always takes place in the middle of unknowing. It’s been two years since the release of “Love Wins,” a book that challenged traditional evangelical conceptions of hell and eternity. Size: 1.9MB. He’s not afraid of throwing elbows or rhetorical largesse to make a point. I wince at the quote “Biblical theology is really just mythology.” This statement is a broad stroke indicating a lack in understanding of Biblical myth. Rob Bell got into a hot water for the wrong thing a few years ago. Reviews. Anyways, here’s DBH weighing in on my side: ‘The God of scripture is infinite precisely as the God who loves and acts, and who can be loved in turn; infinite precisely because he will be what and where he will be. Email:, Parking Located at rear of building. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. This column first appeared at, a Gospel Coalition blog. 83 Nerang St, Southport As Lutherans (of the ELCA, can’t speak for LCMS), we are taught that sola scriptura means scripture alone, not scripture only. FIRST-PERSON: What's the Big Deal About Baptism? I don’t think it’s a clever trick. Nothing would cause me to rethink and renege on my certainty than facing a lion in a coliseum. All goes well, for a time, but the hidden springs eventually bubble up and erupt through the pavement. Especially if that person is really, really confident (or really, really cool). For those of you who will feel about DBH as I did back in the day, I offer you this precis. The gist of Bell’s new book is that the world is humming with spirituality. People who talk with too much certainty about God are attractive because people want to be right, but we should resist the allure of the religious know-it-all, he says. Even with the evolutionary anthropology he assumes, Bell shows the weirdness of the world and why we ought to be amazed at life. For example, scripture- because its the narrative of a People- speaks often of God’s wrath and violence. Rob is a speaker and author of ten books, including his latest, "Everything is Spiritual" where he explores his own faith journey and […] Professor of Religious Studies, Elon University. That said, his poetry preaches. So I think the original concept of sola scriptura fits within this construct. Come on! We have to leave the door open for mystery, he says.

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