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831,070, This story has been shared 166,973 times. Read why this is the most important thing you can do. Thus, Lysiak continued, he believes that Drudge’s change-up in content fits the previous mold during the run-up to Obama’s eventual presidency. Too funny! Revolver briefly covered the Jigsaw program and its founder Jared Cohen in a recent piece as follows: Infamously biased anti-Trump Tech behemoth Google sponsors a project known as Jigsaw whose main purpose is to develop Artificial Intelligence capabilities to censor so-called “hate speech” online. I am sure you have noticed that in the two debates so far there has been no mention of the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms, or immigration, both issues where the President has shown strong leadership. This story has been shared 166,973 times. I’m sure your readers would love it if you did. Page, the Washington bureau chief for USA Today, followed in the footsteps of many of her predecessors by playing an outsize and inappropriate role. Matt Drudge is now firmly a man of the progressive Left.” As such, scores of Drudge’s former conservative readers have now left the site for another rising conservative aggregate, Revolver.News, the Fox News host added. That’s what people want to hear. Reasoning: Poor Sourcing, Lack of Transparency Their explanation reads like a reason for you to follow the site! “The past 30 days has been the most eyeballs in Drudge Report’s 26-year history.

Editorially, Revolver.News occasionally produces original content that aligns with the right and is generally favorable toward the Trump administration such as this While A Terrific Judge, Amy Coney Barrett May Create Electoral Pitfalls For Trump 2020. (2 days ago) Syndicated news and opinion website providing continuously updated headlines to top news and analysis sources. If you haven’t already given up on Drudge, it is way past time. And he becomes absolutely convinced that Matt is trying to steer coverage in a favorable way to then-Sen. Barack Obama,” Lysiak continued. If you haven’t already given up on Drudge, it is way past time. I feel so clean mow and my breath tastes minty-fresh. Pence seemed hesitant initially, but quickly rose to the moment and grew increasingly better at seizing openings and turning around biased questions from moderator Susan Page to go on offense. this week revolver news, claiming to replace the increasingly liberal anti-trump drudge, is promoting an exposé on the presidential debate commission by.

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Your email address will not be published. Instead, she asked what would happen to abortion rights if the court overturned Roe v. Wade. John McCain reaches back from the grave. Indeed, even Pence’s performance, good as it was, will not reshape the dynamics of the race. Fox News host Tucker Carlson said during his show on Friday that once-conservative news aggregator Matt Drudge of “The Drudge Report” is “now firmly a man of the progressive Left,” noting that his site has taken on a decidedly anti-President Trump bent in recent months. Unless otherwise noted, all bias ratings are based on online, written content, not broadcast, TV, or radio content. similar to last year, our methodology includes a combination of input from select liberty nation authors* coupled with extensive polling of conservative readers that has been running in the countdown to 2020. to keep our poll as representative of the conservative community as possible, we have used an algorithm that. Country: Unknown, Founded in 2020, Revolver.News is a conservative news aggregation/curation website that claims to be the new Drudge Report. He did it by nailing the inconsistencies of Biden’s varying positions on taxes, fracking and fossil fuels in ways that highlighted the ways the Democrats have created a fog about what they would do if they win. Funding.

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