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Which according to Burkhardt & Nathaniel (2014) is integral to the profession of nursing alongside with the value of curing. All the work should be used in accordance with the appropriate policies and applicable laws. This was followed by a deeper exploration of studies and theories regarding what is currently known or believed about the origins of professional identity, and the continuum of its development in the nurse, from student, look like. We cannot ignore the need for timely psychological support and care specialised for those affected, psychiatric treatments and appropriate mental health services need to be provided. Work stress among Chinese nurses to support Wuhan in fighting against COVID‐19 epidemic. Interestingly, limited attention was being given to the effectiveness of wearing a surgical facemask in the face of viral infection.

Nurses who can increase their resilience usually feel naturally energised, motivated, and capable of taking on more responsibilities. Healthcare professionals have not been exempt from such expression of hatred and racism, the BBC reported one Filipino cardiac nurse in England being asked to “stop spreading the virus” whilst on public transportation (BBC, 2020b). Three of the factors are compassion fatigue, burnout, and secondary trauma.3 Compassion fatigue is a tense feeling that develops when a nurse experiences stress related to repeated exposure to high acuity and high patient volumes.4 Gradually, the fatigue starts to impact the quality of care that nurses can provide, leading to d… The stress is caused by long working hours that take away the resting time needed to refresh a nurses mind and body.

The WHO has warned the world to brace itself in preparation for a pandemic (BBC, 2020e). Nurses’ experiences regarding shift patterns in isolation wards during the COVID‐19 pandemic in China: A qualitative study. This paper discusses the principles of mental health promotion in relation to the mental health of refugees. Once more, we witnessed dreadful humanitarian images that looked like footage from a science fiction movie, sick people being heralded into makeshift camps by individuals in protective suits. With the emergence of COVID‐19, that was about to be tested. The CFIM is not a list of interventions, but strategies to determine the effectiveness of the nursing interventions offered to families. Preview text. However, there have been numerous reports of shortages of even the basic personal protective equipment, such as masks and protective suits (ICN, 2020). Promoting Resilience in Nursing. The articles that I have read on resilience have made me learn more about coping and different qualities that individuals who are resilient posses. The potential middle range theory that can be of great help in promoting family resilience is the, Resilience Theory Applied to A Chance in the World Providing these aspects of care at this capricious time, our clinical nursing colleagues in China and around the world are working under enormous pressure to battle this life‐threatening viral infection.

The latter, which was badly affected by MERS outbreak in 2012, is now on its highest alert. In a moving narrative, she expressed her strong devotion to care for those with the virus, reporting long working shifts “at the end of the shift, when we take off our suits, we find our clothes are completely wet with sweat” and exhaustion “nursing staff would collapse at the end of their shift and they were too tired to walk home.” Despite working in such adversity, Nurse Yao chose to highlight the positive aspects of her work with her nursing colleagues “the virus brings us all together, it unites us.” (BBC, 2020a). Sorry, but it's not possible to copy the text due to security reasons. Strategies for the development of personal and professional resilience within the emergency care role will be identified. From “coronavirus student parties” to the outright ban of people of Chinese ethnicity from many restaurants, it would appear once again that the fear of pandemic has further stoked a pandemic of fear.

It was impossible to turn on the television without being told about the importance wearing surgical masks, how to wear surgical masks, the surgical masks celebrities were wearing and the danger of wearing “fake” surgical masks. A Cross-sectional Study. By reading and looking at the title Resilience, I feel motivated, empowered and confident of achieving my goals in life including in school and later in my working place. The history of nursing initially begins with Florence Nightingale. is a custom writing service that provides online on-demand writing work for assistance purposes. “Masking the evidence”: Perspectives of the COVID‐19 pandemic. Nurses and Doctors Heroes? Another important lesson that should have been learnt from previous experience, such as the SARS outbreak, is the need for appropriate psychological support for the healthcare professionals. Such levels of xenophobia and racial profiling are utterly abhorrent and have no place in a modern civilised society. The COVID-19 Crisis: Skills That Are Paramount to Build into Nursing Programs for Future Global Health Crisis. Hopefully, this outbreak will provide scope and impetus for nurse researchers to address some of the key questions that have been thrown up by the current epidemic and we need to do this in a collaborative way and from an international perspective. The word resilience is used a lot these days, and it has become something of a buzzword in nursing, leading to criticism from within and out with our profession.

I believe that after reading the above articles and different kinds of literature on resilience I have learned that people behave the way they do for different reasons. The influence of experiences of involvement in the COVID‐19 rescue task on the professional identity among Chinese nurses: A qualitative study. As nurses, we possess invaluable information on how to deal effectively with public health issues, as Professor Kitson urged we should not be afraid to speak out on those issues. Most resilient people have an aptitude for self-development.

COVID-19 Information Sources and the Relationship with Attitudes in Battling the Pandemic: A Cross-Sectional Survey Among the Malaysian Public (Preprint).

The CFIM focuses on the strengths and resilience of families and promotes effective family function over three domains: cognitive, affective and behavioural. Effectively practising resilience can help nurses rise through the ranks in their career all while enjoying their job and being able to exercise good judgement (2).

Resilience is a skill that people need to learn to feel empowered to achieve their goals in life. The Journal of Clinical Nursing reported increased levels of post‐traumatic stress disorders, anxiety and depression in nurses after the SARS outbreak (Thompson, Lopez, Lee, & Twinn, 2004). Learn more. 2015) Resilience in nursing is not only associated with nurses but also to the way patients positively adjust to illnesses. July 27, 1921 was the official opening of the nursing register, there are currently, topic of professional identity meaning, components, formation and development as a context for the study. Throughout the essay the situation will be defined and analysis of my role within the situation will be provided. Conceivably, COVID‐19 will provide an opportunity to put into practice some of the lessons we learn from studies of social media during this outbreak, specifically in relation to the dynamics of online heroisation and blame. The intent to prevent another SARS‐like infection in Hong Kong is clear for all to see; however, that all changed at the end of last year with the emergence of novel coronavirus in Mainland China, Quickly, cases were confirmed in Hong Kong and the fear of another pandemic lead rapidly to a pandemic of fear. This reflection has increased my knowledge of the title that has made me more conscious when it comes to encouraging others and learning to appreciate people around me. Human catastrophes are not just the result of natural phenomenon; they are linked to political, social and economic factors that create vulnerability to risk. ICN COVID‐2019 update: Data on infected healthcare workers and access to protective equipment in the prevention of the virus, Personal resilience as a strategy for surviving and thriving in the face of workplace adversity: A literature review, Rising from the ashes: Affirming the spirit of courage, community resilience, compassion and caring, SARS – a perspective from a school of nursing in Hong Kong, Director‐General’s remarks at the media briefing on 2019 novel coronavirus on 8th February 2020. Self-esteem is one of the personalities.

In her excellent editorial, “Rising from the ashes: affirming the spirit of courage, community resilience, compassion and caring,” Professor Alison Kitson raised several pertinent issues around caring in and for the world that we live in, set against the devastation caused by the Australian bushfires (Kitson, 2020). However, if we view resilience as “the ability of an individual to withstand adversity” (Jackson, Firtko, & Edenborough, 2007 p3), then Nurse Yao embodies what it is to have resilience in nursing. The full text of this article hosted at is unavailable due to technical difficulties. Resilience can be noted as a trait within an individual as well as a process through which a person undergoes during adversity (Jacelon, 1997).

Gillespie, B. M., Chaboyer, W., & Wallis, M. (January 01, 2009). These topics and titles have made me learn and look at nursing as a practice in a specific perspective. Mental health promotion refers to the development of positive mental health for, and with communities and individuals, experiencing mental health issues (Wand 2011, p. 131). ), wearing multiple surgical masks and self‐medicating with antibiotics. As outlined in this editorial, it has already posed many challenges to our profession and international research community. Resilience individuals have some specific personality that makes them be classified as resilient. Resilience is attached t the theory of attachment that was developed by … According to, Family Interventions Sometimes being a nurse can be so tiring and frustrating especially in a busy working environment.

Confidence, hope, and optimism are other personalities related to individual prone to resilience. This requires a dedicated focus and commitment to letting go of some of the “noise” or extras that consume our thoughts, energy, and time. According to the theory when there is a strong and good bond between a child and their parent then the child grows to be confident and has a strong sense of security that plays an imperative role when it comes to facing adversity, separation and challenges later in life. During the last few weeks, there have been unprecedented levels of misinformation, conspiracy theories, fake news and rumours related to COVID‐19, these can only be counterproductive in the fight against the current epidemic. I can relate to this because I have a high self-esteem and sometimes can be mistaken for arrogance, but it helps me express myself and always believe I can find a solution to a problem. Hopefully, we and the general public can gain some reassurance because the WHO are using their Information Network for Epidemics platform to track for false information in numerous languages and are working with social media providers, including Facebook, Twitter and Weibo (a Chinese blog platform) to help filter out such misinformation.

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