News: remington 7400 problems

In the 7400 series rifles, this problem was eliminated by machining out a wider/shallow dovetail in the inside upper part of the receiver and inserting a hardened steel insert to guide the bolt lugs better. The fifth coil was the charm.. I gave it a good look over. Ive seen lots of 742's, 7400 etc with problems, but I've never seen a 760 that wasnt a reliable tack driver. If this works I owe ya one....I mounted a scope on this weapon and it shoots fantastic, if you manually pull the lever.

Thanks for the help, I am now looking at black handguards to make the switch to "evil black rifles"......ooops, now I got scared just saying that :0. I always liked the 740,742,7400 rifle series. If your auto loader is NOT ejecting a spent round then this fix is the solution to your problem, If your auto loader is ejecting the spent round but not driving a live cartridge home then this is not the remedy and you should first try a new clip and a thorough cleaning (with one exception which i will explain later.). Again, thanks to POPS for posting this info. wow i actualy like the looks of that alot i never figured you could get a shotgun stock to fit a rifle, i think u gave the 7400 a lil touch of the evil black gun look.

Just didnt look like it would hold for outdoor use around here. Local man has both a .270 and 30.06 7400 and wants to sell both at $325 each.Thinking about getting at least the .270 maybe both. A friend of mine had one of the 742's in 30-06. Minis benefit from reduced gas port bushings, and shortened barrels with compensators. He put the cross hairs on the buck and pulled the trigger.....Click. In "like new shape". The gun failing to project the bolt to its full travel is usually either a dirty/rusty chamber or insufficient gas being tapped into the system. With Rem 180 core locs I get about 1" - 1.5" at 100yds off a bench.

One of the problems with the rifle is its accuarcy degrades as it heats up. Guess what. White Wulf, I bought a 740(pre 1960) in 30'06 a few months ago at our new Gander Mountain Store for $215. I used to have a single shot New England shotgun when I was a kid that when it was really cold would occasionally just ding the primers. I was about to give up, but never had gotten the slide lever to mark the tape. It does stick a little after 30 -40 rounds w/o cleaning. The barrel bends up at the gas block, and the muzzel whips up slightly behind that.

As long as the spring clipping was stopped as the bolt fully reached the rear of the receiver you will have ample spring pressure to close the bolt and load a new round. The primer was dinged.

The wood stock was part of the appeal. I have repaired many 7400's and a couple of the new 750's with this method and the worst that can happen is you clip too many coils and have to replace the mainspring and start over. The Remington 7400 was the first RIFLE I ever wanted, and one I didn't get for a long time. He did this untill the mag was empty. Re: Remington 7400 accuracy? I actually got a full magazine to cycle throught the gun, and did mark the tape. Anymore Iam more concerned with the two legged variety of deer anyways.

I don't own a 7400 but looked at them.

It can happen to any firearm. Are they picky on ammo? JavaScript is disabled. Down right fun to shoot and shoot and shoot.

Founded by Frank Galli in 2014, Sniper’s Hide has been offering informational videos, podcasts, and other support to it’s users in one location. to the local hardware and measured bits until I found the exact right size drilled the orifice out replaced the restrictor ball re-assembled it and it shot great. Hand loads or factory and any bullet weight. After a very thorough cleaning (It was Filthy) and buffing the tube that is under the barrel it still would not fully cycle,..

No problems.

I cannot beleive that the spring length could be off that much. I love it. I can shoot 5 rnds very fast, but it has to be clean factory ammo. Although I am not wild about the fact they only sell a Sythetic model now.

My sales clerk has his Dads old 742 also 30'06 and said hundreds of rounds have been shot thru it. We where hunting in WV last year. Dad has a 742 in . When I got it, I had some ideas as to what it would be used for. Come join the discussion about hunting, fishing, survival, archery gunsmithing, optics, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! just cut one coil off the spring and will try the weapon first thing in the AM. I have worked on dozens of those as they were very popular here in years past, particularly years ago when hunting deer with dogs was still legal. Pops. Amazing. I was wondering what to do with it, now I got me an idea!!!

Looks like it would be fine for the hunters with only a few rounds fired per year. It worked great after that. I remover the little allen scerew removed the restrictor ball and cleaned the gas port very thoroughly (so I thought) after re-assembly T bolt still did not co,e all the way to the rear. I'd be more apt to get the pump action one in either .308 or .30/06 if it were me. I always use Rem 150gr cor lokts SPs and it has always functioned fine. And how about the aftermarket magazines? For FUN, I decided to do everything I SHOULDN'T do to it! If I was looking to buy a new Remington, I would go for the new 750. I have a .270 that is very relaible. You have just accurately described a culture of apathy. Have been thinking about getting a 7400 for the last few years. A buddy that shoots rarely, brought me his old 7400 to clean and sight in. Pretty big time fine here in western NC.

I found a fix for the feeding jams, can't remember where but here it is. The whole time the buck walked slowly acoss the field.

No pain is a good thang !!!! He racked out that round, then next one went click. Click.

Anyone with any info please let me know. With the magazine loaded and a cartridge on the right hand side (one or three in the mag) as the bolt tries to go back the lug on the bottom of the bolt gouges the shoulder and to a lesser extent the body of the case, resulting in a malfunction. Having said that, he has probably put.

The first thing you must determine is the type of jam you are experiencing. 30-06 as well thats been reliable as well. Its been great. It seemd fine.

I have heard both good and bad things about them, but you can hear good/bad things about any firearm.

These rounds are most accurate from cold barrels so I was curious myself about the semiauto design in these sizes. The weapon seems to be working but I could not believe that I had to take 5 coils out of the action spring. It works well enough on fast movers in the thick timber though, just ask the venison in my freezer. New stnd wood stock one are $569 retail. As dogging deer with beagles a good semi or pump 12 gauge works wonders with 00 buck and a high cap tube. But as to rapid fire I find myself doing the opposite with 270 and 3006 rounds. Now as I remember, the only FIX for a Remington Jam-O-Matic was to trade it in on a Browning Bar!!! They also changed the small multiple locking lugs on the bolt to less and larger lugs.

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