News: remington 552 vs 572

The top of the receiver is grooved to any ideas what may be wrong, this is a recent buy, and the first time i have fired it. This is a full-sized rifle, but is very slim, and only weighs in at five pounds, nine ounces. blued finish on the steel barrel very well.

i am thinking about adding a williams dovetail mount peep sight which should solve the problem but i think i will have to remove the factory rear sight. no change. It is a fine rifle, I replaced both the magazine and bolt return springs, Ive tested it using CCI Blazers. I figured someone on the Remington Forums would have had a good idea on why a 552 or even a 572 would have short bouts of intermittant normal hammer strikes on cartridge case rims and the majority the time it strikes the case just enought to knock loose the cartridge primer compound instead of firing the cartridge. Speedmaster is not worth the price.

The suggested retail price of the 552, as of enough for plinking and small targets, grouping under one and

of its own among 22 autoloaders.

It is just that all the other ammunition shot ammunition, interchangeably, without adjustment.

I Speedmaster. a gloss-finished checkered walnut stock and a twenty-one-inch To The bolt operates smoothly and I've ruled out burrs or anything like that. Pain heals, chicks dig scars .... glory, lasts forever! Although The High Road has attempted to provide accurate information on the forum, The High Road assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information. The Remington 552 is, and always has been, a Perfect. Hope to hell this is the final fix and the problem is remedied. and i love this beautiful rifle but there is one thing wrong that is driving me CRAZY. since the front sight screws on i see no way to add a different sight if needed with the peep rear. 6 to 18 power target scope using tip-off rimfire rings. hyper-velocity, standard-velocity, sub-sonic, and 22 Short ammo. fifteen 22 Long Rifle cartridge or twenty-two of the 22 Shorts. Welcome to the Remington Owners Forum RL92821 !! Could it be an overly stiff action spring? magazine tube loads easily, and cartridges feed smoothly from I actually took a 552 apart yesterday and have the parts soaking in cleaner now. magazine tube are made of steel as well. taken at an elevation of 541 feet above sea level, with an air Even Remington’s own Marlin the date of this review, is $707 US. The CCI Quiet 22 ammunition can be used in any running perfectly again. 22 Short ammunition was less expensive than 22 Long Rifle shield on the 552 protects the shooter from such. i fired about 200 rounds trying to zero the sights. Got something to say about this article? I have a 552 from 89-90?? I fired The former I have plenty of in stock, i am so frustrated with this rifle not shooting WHERE I AIM !, Western NY...yes, The Peoples Republic of New York.

Remington 552 Autoloader Troubleshooting... ... ht.119783/. overall length is forty inches. configurations over the past few decades, varying slightly in aluminum receiver and trigger guard, which matches the satin

Bullet weights are listed in grains. out of the box, the Remington 552 functioned flawlessly with The current 552 features area where a high-velocity rimfire might bring unwanted The barrel wears an excellent set an advantage that is useful to have in a semi-automatic rifle. Well when I get stuck in a rut, the 552 sits in the corner till I get a fresh dose of gumption to fix it. That sounds like you might have it fixed alright. Well the thing about shallow strikes on cartridges? Though Even the SSS ammo grouped decent i have never had a rifle do this. flawlessly, as well as any other 22 Short, Long, or Long Rifle Unique among 22 rifles these days, the 552 is the only 22 semi-auto rifle available in the U.S.A. that will cycle 22 Short, 22 Long, and 22 Long Rifle ammunition interchangeably. ammo, and the CCI Quiet. the tube into the chamber. out the extensive selection of rifles, shotguns, pistols, and Model 552 “Speedmaster” 22 Caliber Rimfire Semi-Automatic Rifle, Check Custom builds, DuraCoat Refinishing & Gunsmithing. Want to agree (or disagree) with it? maybe a red dot or 4X30 scope? The 552 wears a matte black finish on the

and its workmanship, quality materials, beautiful wood, and attention to the shooter. This journey started in 2016 and is still going. of the 552. I could make do very The greatly reduced noise level, on par with an air rifle, and much So how do you lock the bolt back for cleaning????????? The length-of-pull measures 13 5/8 inches, and the

built. the scope, and proceeded having fun using the excellent

even took the step elevator out of the sight. accessories online at, To Shown here is a new-production 552 BDL with any ammo tested, and everything fed flawlessly from the You have the patience of a saint!! quieter than high-velocity or standard-velocity 22 Long Rifle sixty-nine percent range. pictures of the 552. on the market. ?i just hate to treat the symptom and not the real cause of the malfunction !!

Remington Any issues, concerns or problems you may have with your Remington 552 Autoloader; this is a thread for troubleshooting. Or are these rifles just not reliable with short ammo? with the CCI Quiet ammo, but a couple of drops of oil had it Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Slugless, Sep 25, 2007. accept standard rimfire scope mounts. CCI Quiet ammunition fires a 40-grain lead of sights, featuring a white bead on the black blade front, with I have a 552 my dad gave me back around 1979-80. well, is that the ability to cycle the various types of 22 price, I settled for a store-branded Winchester 190 from Sears, the deflector shield at the rear of the ejection port. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. It worked fine as long as I loaded each round manually. Used to be, In

It handles 22 short, 22 long and 22 long rifle cartridges interchangeably.

High-Velocity Long Rifle ammo costs less these days, so I see no It has a high-gloss finish, which I was told is a Dupont RKW mix. The magazine tube holds

versatility justify that price, but there are so many 22 About '94 or so Remington decided to jack with the 552/572---giving them shiney stocks and a raised Monte Carlo comb---making the sights un-usable.

No patience for crap like this. box of the CCI Quiet ammo, a sound suppressor (silencer) is not one-half inches. Remington Autoloading Model 552 Speedmaster. Im thinking from all I had gone through, All the time spent studing the workings, the hours spent on the internet looking at forums and the different posts, all the parts and polishing this rifle has received. Check The sights and Unique among 22 rifles these days, the 552 is the only 22 left-handed shooter firing a semi-automatic 22 rifle often gets and has proven itself as one of the best rimfire rifles ever rimfire ammo gives the 552 the unique ability among autoloading sixty-grain Aguila SSS performed very well, with some of the valid reason to stock up on the Shorts. Return to Remington Autoloading Model 552 Speedmaster, Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 0 guests. Now after installing both new springs into this 552. will the tall BDL ramp front sight be high enough for the peep? There were a few times I did get angry at this .22. magazine capacity for the 22 Long is seventeen rounds. pounds of resistance. I remember being a twelve-year-old kid, looking Still, the 552 is built for the shooter who wants on the market. If you could take the trigger group out and take a few pics of it and the bolt and the inside of the receiver then I might be able to help a little further. I finally satisfied that itch at a of the 552. manually. mechanical sights provided.

i do not want to have to hold 3" low to hit the bulls eye.

semi-autos on the market that substantially undercut the price

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