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well until Harry starts having dreams of a young boy who looks strangely alike to himself. By animeftwx3amy ongoing updated may 11 2013. Naruto calls bullshit on this whole reincarnation thing because sasuke couldnt possibly be madaras reincarnation if he was standing in front of them and trying to single handedly take over the world right. She has a personality like naruto in canon, she isn't as cold as u show her to be.

Hey guys i am new in writing fanfiction so cut me some slack. Lilian DuFleur is born with hair the colour blood and a destiny on her shoulders she couldn't possibly understand; and when she stares down at the child in her arms, the memories of Lily Evans threaten to drown her. again. Madara closes his eyes resigned to loss. Madara uchiha and hashirama senju. The uchiha and senju. This idea has been itching at me for a few years so enjoy. Language: English Words: 426 Chapters: 2/2 Collections: 1 Comments: 3 Kudos: 62 Bookmarks: 3 Hits: 1147 Harry James Potter, died on the 1st August, at 1 A.M in the lost forest of Scotland, due to an anti-magic ball in his head, that had entered at the same place as his scar, at 38 years old. As the wedding of Helaine Baratheon and Robb Stark grows closer, the pack grows stronger. Blessed Are They Who Linger in The Dark.Words to live by, as a young boy's destiny is derailed by the spirit of a immortal being that's entirely too comfortable with the immortal business.Having died and been brought back once again, our favorite Avatar of Death finds himself in the Wild West, having to find his way in a rough land, and having to find a way to do good when friends and enemies all expect him to sin.Can a good man survive in a bad land? Kushina is way out of character for my taste, I don't like it. Now being reincarnated as a guy is wellok but being reincarnated as sasukes twin brother well thats. Reincarnated as madara fanfiction. Robert Baratheon's first sight of his daughter. Neville is the Chosen One but FemHarry is a horcrux. To what lengths will Harry have to go to find out who this young man is, and when the truth finally comes out will Harry be able to cope with it? So Harriet, bored and wanting something new, reincarnated herself.

AU. Welcome to your nightmare, "Master of Death", A betrothal is negotiated between Houses Baratheon and Stark. Convincing Danny to possibly leave Amity Park was going to be tricky but then again it had been tricky to keep her son Harry alive in that one life while another life had her getting rescued by that same son from a troll. It was only a matter of time before some members of her family decided to consider artificial insemination.What Carine had not expected was the way vampiric genes would alter pregnancy, and even more important: the cause of mothers' death during childbirth. She is taken in as the student of ibiki morino all this while trying to figure out her life. Some folks say that through your dreams your subconscious speaks to you; Harry was never one of those folk. Well you know what they say new bodynew me i dont own naruto only my ocs and the pl. Jasper never gave thought to turning someone into a vampire, but sometimes Fate decides to shove her Destiny-filled nose into things.

What happens when he finds his One in the Heir to Isildur.

She is then reincarnated into the naruto universe by a mysterious council called the lol.

The 14 Craziest Forbidden Jutsu In Naruto History. But could Harry in Riku's shoes make a difference? After the last time went FUBAR, Harry learned how to ignore Jenova properly. She doesn't have a throne to conquer anymore but that won't stop her from having the Wizarding World bow before her. He loved being born into royalty, or born into large families, mostly born into excitement.Some of his lives were boring, some exciting, some horrific.This one is... odd.This life is... strange.And it is finally over. Harry Potter had lived and died a thousand times.He would live and die a thousand more.He would never rest.He had played so many roles over all of his lives.He had created and destroyed a thousand worlds.In his latest, he was to be a brother.He wouldn't have to create or destroy any worlds, only help build a city.How easy that must seem, but one doesn't factor in common sense when building a city under the sea, now do they?

James was reincarnated as Thomas Wayne, Lily was reincarnated as Martha Kane.

She asks for one thing. But then she turns eighteen and her childhood is officially over.

Indra and asuras previous reincarnates. Then Luke stopped taking Ben with him on missions. She refused to become the masterpiece of his collection. Tobirama was a damaged and dark man, he was a soldier through and through. The Mummy (1999) and The Mummy Returns (2001) AU. AU. Followfav thats ridiculous madara. Harriet Potter was bemused, falling into Death's arms wasn't supposed to do this. It isn’t quite what she imagined, they are cold and distant and don’t really know how to act towards her. . This idea has been itching at me for a few years so enjoy. Naruto wears a red muscle shirt anbu stile black pants black shinobi sandals and has madaras hairstile. Could the Dark Seeker Saga be averted? Taken under Thanos' wing, Harry is molded and shaped into a weapon and now he faces his greatest challenge yet. Work Search:

Things were going well.Then Allen Avadonia reincarnated into Harry Potter with his memories intact.Not even the Gods could predict the changes that would bring.

Ben Solo spent his childhood learning about the Force at Luke’s side until he founded his temple and Luke’s attention was less than equally divided with over a dozen other kids. Who knows what will happen? Morgana Pendragon, the most powerful dark witch that ever lived and the last high priestess of the old religion, is reincarnated as Morgan Potter, the girl-who-lived.

Parents that will live through her childhood. Reincarnation (転生, Tensei) is a process through which the chakra and soul of a deceased individual are reborn in a new living vessel, referred to as a "reincarnate" (転生者, tensei-sha). He was killed by the squib leader of the anti-magic rebellion, Thomas Riddle, who shot himself after killing the Savior. After dying and being reincarnated krista knew she was in a badly written fanfiction.

After being reincarnated into an elfling Harry is adopted by the Lord and Lady of Lothlórien.

It's a mixture of both. Morgana Pendragon, the most powerful dark witch that ever lived and the last high priestess of the old religion, is reincarnated as Morgan Potter, the girl-who-lived. Voldemort/FemHarry(Morgana). ___________Title is a reference for later :^). This was the last time the elemental nations had naruto uzumaki anbu captain at the age of 9 in their borders. Seven Thousand Years after his Ascension, The Avatar of Death is reborn once again, this time as the second son of a legendary Demon and the closest thing to a savior that humanity has.A shame though, that he just can't be bothered anymore, but there's always a reason to get up and do something.With blade in hand, he will save mankind... if people could only stop stabbing him... Our favorite Immortal has been reborn once again, but now into a land plagued by war and a fear of the dark.When creatures lurk both on the battleground and in society, he must navigate the trials of an ancient bloodline, and the path Destiny has set forth.The script has been written, but the Avatar of Death does not comply easily.Especially when they call him the Chosen King... Harry Potter always had kinds of lives that he enjoyed living, and those that he didn't. The Fourth Period had started. Voldemort/FemHarry(Morgana). During the warring states period they were reborn into madara uchiha and hashirama senju who continued the brothers. Harry Potter had been a lot of people.Normally the greatest threat to him came from monsters or demons, or men that passed as such.In Life Twenty-Six, however... the greatest threat to him, is from within himself.When reborn as the most dangerous man to ever walk the Earth, Harry must maintain his sanity, and his morals, while being trapped inside the mind of a psychopath.But, one doesn't exactly remain sane, when trapped with the Joker...Or when one is the Joker... Jazz Fenton watched in horror as yet another of their parent's inventions hurt her little brother. Carine had not needed to be a seer to know it. This was the last time the elemental nations had naruto uzumaki anbu captain at the age of 9 in their borders. Will he continue to serve his father, or betray him for a much more tempting offer? Harry always knew that life was insane, but having your own father as a soulmate and ending up in the past was so far beyond normal it wasn't fair. thirty-three, if she remembered correctly. If only the Cullens could understand and accept that fact.

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. A girl from our world dies after a chemical explosion. Reincarnated as madara fanfiction.

That is all that she wanted, all she asked for. For a millennium after their deaths the chakra and souls of the sons of the sage of six paths indra and asura otsutsuki were continuously reincarnated into their descendants. Could light prevail before the fated summit? but definitely the last) that Itachi is finally certain of something very important. They were leaving. Please consider turning it on!

Elly doesn’t make it easy on him by going through life fangs first, but Jasper can’t help being protective of his child. After all she was reincarnated into this world where everyone had these superpowers called quirks and she just so happened to have this overly powerful quirk she called god quirk. Once upon a time, there was a boy named Harry Potter. Fanfiction unleash. This was kidnapping number . After being put on team gai and after complications team 7 lie feels as if.

Sakuras playing the middle ground tobirama and madara are on opposite sides and hashirama as per usual was the deciding factor.

tip: lex m/m (mature OR explicit), After living a life of frost and war, Harry is reborn as a girl in a peaceful time. It was a dimention traveling jutsu left by kaguya ootsutsuki. Then he started hearing whispers in the Force and found himself seeing more logic in the dark side. Madara isnt a fool hashirama is kind hearted but he wouldnt put tobirama in danger not with something he may not be able to handle. Harry dies, but is given a second chance by the Fates to live as Dick Grayson. Boredom can really be the curse of worlds or even universes. Just story ideas that I've come up with, some I might write on a later date, but all ideas are adoptable if you want to continue the story, or even base a different story on the ideas within. She doesn't have a throne to conquer anymore but that won't stop her from having the Wizarding World bow before her. Harry Potter is the immortal pawn of Death itself. Cersei Lannister gives birth to two children, one dead and one living. James was reincarnated as Thomas Wayne, Lily was reincarnated as Martha Kane. That is uchiha obito uchiha madaras orange wearing ramen obsessed gender confused prank pulling pyromaniac older brother who it was said used to play fetch with the nine tailed fox nearly burned down the newly built konoha twice when the promised ramen stand was both too far from the uchiha district and not.

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