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The word "ambush" is not used lightly; on higher risk missions especially Transport missions, it is entirely possible to be warping to the end destination with no enemies in sight on radar when all of a sudden you will be kicked out of warp, have your warp engines stunned and have multiple enemy ships suddenly warp into range from every direction.

This variable speed is especially important if you are chasing a Pirate Lord; while far away at your top speed you can easily catch up to them, but once you get within close radar range your ship will slow down significantly. These events start before the invader (or militia in case of embargoes) reach the destination. Your faction standing with both the Rebels and Empire is listed on your Character Sheet (CTRL + C) .

Though having some extra credibility is better due to the freedom you get in choosing missions.

They will offer to buy random stuff, so if you get the chance drop any cheap cargo first constraining them to buy expensive or illegal commodities and then pick your cargo again. However, know that Bountied pirates never fly alone so make sure you hunt them with a good ship. Keep in mind that will still only increase affiliation with Mercenaries Guild, not the respective employer.

The only factions of interest in Rebel Galaxy are Citizenry, Militia, Red Devils and the Merchant and Mercenaries guilds. Pay: obviously, take the best paying jobs that satisfy your priorities but unless you really need the cash don't use the pay as the main choice factor. When paying a bartender don't do it at a far off station.

more time spent). The way to get good with Citizenry is by completing missions (if you have access to their stations) or helping out miners/traders if you're hostile to them.

As expected, letting reputation get too low will result in less-than-fortunate events, while increasing standings will result in more friendly interactions.

DEFLECTORS are an additional type of shield that can, on command, absorb a notable amount of damage for a short duration before entering a cooldown period. Kevin Tucker is a core component of Shacknews' powerful guide development team.

Quite low on tech though.

Rebel Galaxy Patch to version 1.06 - - 2015/10/29 18:58. This is one of your best sources of potential income, although it can be tricky. The Mercenary Guild offers a lot of such missions. Gaining affiliation with Militia means completing missions for them. Change ships when it can give you an edge, don't stay overly attached to a piece of junk! I was thinking ships/equipment become available upon hitting friendly, but not seeing anything yet for Militia in the starter system.

These are good to use when expecting a hit from a missile salvo or to give your main shields some precious few seconds to regenerate if they were close to dropping.

Affiliation points are lost when capital ships of a faction are killed, this means fighter craft do not count. The other factions don't matter as they don't have any stations, hence you can't buy any of their ships and equipment and they don't give out any missions so there's no chance of improving relations with them (these include Double Jacks, Korian Outsiders, Greel Syndicate, Murath Scavangers and Viriax).

Note that the game automatically saves your progress every time you undock from a station.

Otherwise, feel free to be a monster and ruin all their best laid plans, and watch your reputation plummet into dangerous territories.

Note that you cannot fire weapons while your Deflectors are active. Your only options are to either catch him when he's close to a station and therefore not in warp (a very rare occurance) or predict his route, get in front of him and stop, so he effectively almost crashes into you.

Doing the cooldown and both built-in weapon delays simultaneously like this can really speed up your damage output over time, and with a turret-heavy ship like the Scarab you can put quite extreme damage on a target. Start early, finish early. In more realistic combat at longer ranges with smaller targets, the actual DPS rate is the damage-per-shot divided by the Charge time; you need a full charge to be able to hit anything smaller than a Destroyer at any kind of decent range. Sometimes the transponders are defended (i.e.

These are guilds that you need to pay a one-off fee to become a member of. The Famine is the more likely event to stop once the NPC relief ship reaches it, but for as long as those two events are going you should literally drop what you're doing and trade between those stations as much as possible; if you catch the events early you should be able to make six figures worth of income in under an hour. Best to focus on missions in one system before moving on to the next. One of the absolutely best situations for making a lot of money quickly is if you have one station with a high-demand event like Famine, and another close-by station with a wide variety of goods (preferably Scientific) with a Market Glut event. Though you could still go there for the bounty.

Most of them are better than the same, generally available, component or weapon. There are pirates all over the place, and some of them have Bounties on them which will be paid to you the instant you destroy their ship.

Not only is this increased money drain unwelcome, in a prolonged firefight you could run out and there's also the problem that missiles can be shot down or countered with Deflectors. In this instance, the bartender provides information about a bounty. Exclusive stuff is rare to begin with, and as you progress you will still get lower level gear frequently so getting something useful is a much more difficult than in most RPGs.

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